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It's Game Time. Airing on G4, X-Play provides reviews and previews of the latest video games. Hosted by Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb, each episode rates new video games releases on a 5 point scale and previews soon to be released games with game trailers, clips and hands on demos with the game makers. Mixed with highbrow and lowbrow humor, it's "TV's gaming source, that feeds your daily gaming addiction."

Originally airing on the ZDTV network in 1998 as GameSpot TV, the show was hosted by Adam Sessler and Lauren Fielder for the first year and Sessler and Kate Botello afterwards. A typical episode began with an update of information posted on the GameSpot website then went into game reviews where games were ranked according to GameSpot's 0.1-10.0 scale. Other segments included interview game designers and hints and cheats on games. In 2001, TechTv acquired ZDTV and changed the name of the show to Extended Play. Much of the original format remained, but the rating scale was simplified to the 5 point scale. Botello remained with the show for a year, and Sessler would host on his own until 2003 when the name changed to X-Play and he would gain another Co-Host with Morgan Webb, formally of The Screen Savers.

With the inception of X-Play, the show became more comical and darker. Skits were added that included many of the crew of the show and became fan favorites. More mature games and subject matter were discussed and it wasn't unusual to see someone "die" in an episode (only to be revived in the next one). While the reviews and previews remained the show began to show some variety show elements which many fans enjoyed. Self depreciating humor and recurring characters helped make the show more than just a simple review show. During this time G4 merged with TechTV and later disbanded many of the networks former employees. X-Play survived the merge and would later become the only show that survived that period, including all of the original G4 shows. Eventually, the skits were removed, the humor was toned down, and X-Play became a streamlined show more like it's roots with game reviews, previews cheats and interviews with game designers and members of the gaming community. With additional correspondents (American Idol contestant and former G4 Cheat! host Kristin Adams and former Road Rules member Blair Herter) the occasional dirty reference and a wide library of games to choose from, X-Play has become one of the most watched shows on G4 and boasts to be the highest rated video game show on television.

On October 26, 2012, it was announced by G4 that X-Play (along with Attack of the Show) was canceled and would endproduction at the end of the year.This was due to G4 being rebranded in February 2013to the Equire Network, a channeldevoted to the"metrosexual" demographic. The final episode aired as a one hour special on Wednesday January 23, 2013.


    G4 Ditches Gaming Programming, Cancels Attack of the Show and X-Play

    Originally set up as a channel devoted to the culture of video games and the digital world, G4 today canceled the long-running shows in what is expected to be a rebranding of the channel.

  • Morgan Webb

    Morgan Webb


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    Blair Herter


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    Kristin Adams


    Adam Sessler

    Adam Sessler

    Co-Host (2003-2012)

    Jason Frankovitz

    Jason Frankovitz

    The Disembodied Voice (2003-2005)

    Brendan Hermes

    Brendan Hermes

    Disembodied Voice (2005-2008)

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    Fan Reviews (137)

    • from Bad to Average and that's me being nice

      To me Blair is the only person on this show that I have respect for. First of all, when I when I learned about this show I was quiet entertained. A gaming show about the thing I love SIGN ME UP! But, that enthusiastic smile quickly turned into a disappointed frown as I eased myself into watching it. They can't seemed to decide on a personality for each other and it forces them into an unlikable position. Adam Sessler has this persona of trying to spice his reviews up with quick jabs of comedy rather it insults the game directly or a reference to other video games. The problem with that is he tries to keep it in a straight faced manner to were it comes off as a bland swing and a miss. Morgan . She's such a hypocrite in every way that never before has it been more blatant and in you face. she's one of those people who are openly objective towards how women are being portrayed in video games. I caught eye of this when she did the Metroid: other M review explaining how samus is one of the most "non sexualized female characters in gaming" and how she's constantly showing her ass every chance she gets. OK.... 1. you do realized before she got the zero suit redesign in Metroid Fusion she was only wearing a bikini. 2. What do you call those magazine covers that depict you in a bikini posing. And finally Blair which you know my opinion on him from the first sentence. When he cracks jokes while review at least he goes with the flow though it's not comedy gold it still hits the target precisely. He also gets more of the better games to review instead of all the bland mediocre ones and the abusive mainstream ones. The last closing argument I have and I see a few other reviews on this sight have the same issue is the rating system. It's like the bullshit moral choice system in games these days it's always one or the other and barely any middle ground. Either its the 1 for those games nobody will play, 2 for your barely functional but not completely broken game, 3 for your average joe medium, 4 to piss off most of your views because every other reviewer has given it 10s already and you want to be different and your 5 to start the flame wars in your forums because they're always given to those cookie cutter Fps' that have been in the internal hell of stagnation and thier fanbases hate any changes done to it. MadMetalCrimson sorry for my long reviews/rants and stay safe internet.moreless
    • Tv's most watched and longest running video game show. Despite the changes it's gone though over the years.

      Tv's most watched and longest running video game show. Despite the changes it's gone though over the years. The show remains fun, well informed and well balanced when it comes to video games. The show got its start on basic cable cheesiness and poking fun at itself all along the way. The show survived a merger and take over by G4 network and multiple format changes. The show grew up a bit but even with a more serious tone the fun always remains and with Adam and Morgan being very likeable host. The show continues to have an appeal for those of us who have been there since the beginning and for those just discovering the great program.moreless
    • Is okay but used to be alot better.

      Before the last couple of years this show used to be more interesting. Adam and Morgan used to tell more facts and tips about the games they reviewed instead of constantly trying to be funny. They do make me laugh sometimes but it seems like they're more focused on trying to be entertaining than discuss the games.

      Also I think X-Play has gotten more one-sided on their reviews meaning that nearly the only games that get great ratings are those of one genre or if the game has excellent graphics. The ratings seem to be more unfair to many games now that aren't extremely popular or overrated before they're even released.

      I'll still watch this show every now and then because I like any show that reviews or talks about games. I just believe that X-Play could be better than how it is now.moreless
    • THese people dont know what gaming is about!!!!

      These people dont know games.

      They rarely give 5s.Try to be funny and rate games that nobody plays.

      And they gave solid snake 3 only a 4?????

      Are we mad then they try to be funny but they-re not.

      This show is bad, evil ......

      Bye a magazine then youll get better scores, comments and jokes.
    • If you like people talking about how good a game is with added humor, you should definitely change the channel so you see this.

      We people need to know when a game out there sucks or if it\'s worth buying. Although we could just read magazines, look at online reviews, and ask our friends to get opinions on a game, X-Play seems to get the job done with plenty of enjoyment and extras. As of now, the two hosts are Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb and they are very, very cool. And funny. They review games on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best. Although I don\'t agree with them all the time, its a damn good show. Plus there are some extras and comedy mixed into some parts. Not enough stuff is packed into one episode though, but totally worth it.moreless
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