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  • from Bad to Average and that's me being nice

    To me Blair is the only person on this show that I have respect for. First of all, when I when I learned about this show I was quiet entertained. A gaming show about the thing I love SIGN ME UP! But, that enthusiastic smile quickly turned into a disappointed frown as I eased myself into watching it. They can't seemed to decide on a personality for each other and it forces them into an unlikable position. Adam Sessler has this persona of trying to spice his reviews up with quick jabs of comedy rather it insults the game directly or a reference to other video games. The problem with that is he tries to keep it in a straight faced manner to were it comes off as a bland swing and a miss. Morgan . She's such a hypocrite in every way that never before has it been more blatant and in you face. she's one of those people who are openly objective towards how women are being portrayed in video games. I caught eye of this when she did the Metroid: other M review explaining how samus is one of the most "non sexualized female characters in gaming" and how she's constantly showing her ass every chance she gets. OK.... 1. you do realized before she got the zero suit redesign in Metroid Fusion she was only wearing a bikini. 2. What do you call those magazine covers that depict you in a bikini posing. And finally Blair which you know my opinion on him from the first sentence. When he cracks jokes while review at least he goes with the flow though it's not comedy gold it still hits the target precisely. He also gets more of the better games to review instead of all the bland mediocre ones and the abusive mainstream ones. The last closing argument I have and I see a few other reviews on this sight have the same issue is the rating system. It's like the bullshit moral choice system in games these days it's always one or the other and barely any middle ground. Either its the 1 for those games nobody will play, 2 for your barely functional but not completely broken game, 3 for your average joe medium, 4 to piss off most of your views because every other reviewer has given it 10s already and you want to be different and your 5 to start the flame wars in your forums because they're always given to those cookie cutter Fps' that have been in the internal hell of stagnation and thier fanbases hate any changes done to it. MadMetalCrimson sorry for my long reviews/rants and stay safe internet.
  • Tv's most watched and longest running video game show. Despite the changes it's gone though over the years.

    Tv's most watched and longest running video game show. Despite the changes it's gone though over the years. The show remains fun, well informed and well balanced when it comes to video games. The show got its start on basic cable cheesiness and poking fun at itself all along the way. The show survived a merger and take over by G4 network and multiple format changes. The show grew up a bit but even with a more serious tone the fun always remains and with Adam and Morgan being very likeable host. The show continues to have an appeal for those of us who have been there since the beginning and for those just discovering the great program.
  • Is okay but used to be alot better.

    Before the last couple of years this show used to be more interesting. Adam and Morgan used to tell more facts and tips about the games they reviewed instead of constantly trying to be funny. They do make me laugh sometimes but it seems like they're more focused on trying to be entertaining than discuss the games.

    Also I think X-Play has gotten more one-sided on their reviews meaning that nearly the only games that get great ratings are those of one genre or if the game has excellent graphics. The ratings seem to be more unfair to many games now that aren't extremely popular or overrated before they're even released.

    I'll still watch this show every now and then because I like any show that reviews or talks about games. I just believe that X-Play could be better than how it is now.
  • THese people dont know what gaming is about!!!!

    These people dont know games.
    They rarely give 5s.Try to be funny and rate games that nobody plays.
    And they gave solid snake 3 only a 4?????
    Are we mad then they try to be funny but they-re not.
    This show is bad, evil ......
    Bye a magazine then youll get better scores, comments and jokes.
  • If you like people talking about how good a game is with added humor, you should definitely change the channel so you see this.

    We people need to know when a game out there sucks or if it\'s worth buying. Although we could just read magazines, look at online reviews, and ask our friends to get opinions on a game, X-Play seems to get the job done with plenty of enjoyment and extras. As of now, the two hosts are Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb and they are very, very cool. And funny. They review games on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best. Although I don\'t agree with them all the time, its a damn good show. Plus there are some extras and comedy mixed into some parts. Not enough stuff is packed into one episode though, but totally worth it.
  • Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb review various video game with a sardonic wit.

    I don't care for this show. The reviewers seem to be very jaded against the industry they are evaluating. They constantly mock the fans that play these games. They give almost every game a 3 out 5. This tells you nothing. They will hate game yet give it a 3. They rarely give a game a 2 and I've never heard them give a game a 1.

    Morgan Webb says that she is sick of the objectification of woman in the video games. But Hello! Then I see Morgan is doing a spread for Maxim magazine in a bikini. Very hypocritical. I guess its okay to objectify women if it advances her career.

    Adam Sessler isn't funny. He is the worst reviewer ever. I don't expect him to like anime,the Japanese culture, or games based on movies or tv shows. But there are people that do. Movie critics love french films but can be fair in a review of the lastest American blockbuster. Its not secret that Sessler doesn't like Sony. His reviews show his bias. So my advice if you want to get a good review for a video game. Go to Gamespot.com its a much better and detailed review. I give X-Play a 1 out of 5.
  • This show has become sad. Really sad.

    Before Tech TV acquired G4TV to make G4TechTV which when became G4. X-Play actually had up-to-date game reviews and other game topics I thought were interesting.

    Now the show has resorted to filler, stupid inside jokes, and now a MUSICAL?!

    X-Play (despite it's revamed show intro) has begun sucking more and more.
  • Great video game show.

    This shows main purpose is reviewing the latest video games that come out. They also preview upcoming games too. Sometimes they will interview developers and go to game shows. The hosts are funny and know what they are talking about. There is one other show like this on tv but this is definitly the better one.
  • I hate you, G4.

    I liked this show better when it was called Extended Play - when TechTV was still around, Adam Sessler was a cool host instead of a boneheaded poser, when he didn't have Morgan Webb as a co-host, and when it actually focused on the world of gaming instead of being another vehicule for the MTV generation.

    As it stands now, it's still a decent show but NOT what it used to be. And the sad fact is that it's the very best that G4 has to offer in original programming, which shows just much of a garbage network they are.
  • Entertaining

    The thing with X Play that separates it from some other video game show whether web based or on television is that the show has entertaining hosts. I like the fact that the people who review the games have a lot of passion for gaming in this one. Some of the reviews are done well. Unlike the Judgment Day show, the games are reviewed out of five and not ten. The big issue with this show to me the rating system and sometimes the hosts in my opinion do not know enough with the games and can not provide enough detail. Judgment Day did those things. But this show is still good, since it had me watch it without getting bored or upset with it.
  • Yaaaa

    THis is a great game show hens x-play i love that there is a show like this it helpes me on some games that i am stuck on and do not now what to do and i love to see what is coming up in mouth our next week and they all was find a game to talk about and i love seing the ratings that they give the games i love to see a little review of the game to show me what is in the game our what you have to do and what it is about i love to see what games are coming.
  • A game show that rate videogames. The hosts are Adam Sessler and Morgan Web.

    In this game show the two hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Web rate todays video games like Super Mario Galaxy. They rate them outta 5 star and they also tell about video game news. They also go to video game conventions to see what kind of video games are coming and that are really great. The show is very awesome to watch and they are very good video game raters. I rate this show 10 outta 10 because one it is a video game show and 2 it is all about video games and video game news so if you like video games then you should watch this show because it is very awesome to watch.
  • Video games meet sketch comedy with Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb handling the controller (or the Wii remote)

    X-Play is a show that reviews video games or preview video games. The show starts with the "Gaming Update" then the segments like Hands On, Mr. Sark Challenge, Will Work for Games, and The Download. The Most-used segments are The Download, Will Work for Games, Zero Punctuation, X-List, Video Viewer Mail, Pro Tips and X-Play Trivia. The current cast include Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb (the show's hosts), Kristin Holt (host of Cheat! segment), Mr. Sark (makes challenges for players to win mods or upgrades) and TSquared (gives tips).

    Because of the show's humor, X-Play gets 5 stars out of 5.
  • a show where they review and talk about video games

    I like the show and there reviews do help but they simpley go off topic to much and the concentrate to much on there stupid gags and dont get men wrong most of them are funny and have alot to do with the show but others are just completly unnecessary and why cant they just review a game and give the good and the bad why do they always have to sneak in these little one liners but all and all a good show best game show on tv for now at least and what this about them not likeing mega man
  • Best gaming show on Television

    I was never was (and will never) be very tech-savvy. I don't know my firewalls from my fingernails, I don't know what a Trojan Horse actually does, and I thought a "cookie" was just a tasty treat. So, it should be no surprise that I usually dread any TV-show having anything to do with electronics, as I easily get lost in all the lingo and repetitive ideas.

    That being said, I do enjoy playing video games a whole lot. Since my early days, growing up in the 90's (I was born in '88), starting out with my older sister's Nintendo Entertainment System, through the Genesis and SNES, the 64 and PS1, and the PS2/Gamecube/X-Box triple hit, I have been gaming all along. Now, with my sights on a Nintendo Wii and X-Box 360 (at least until the PS3 price drops some more), I feel I should be more cautious in my choices.

    You see, I am not a hardcore gamer. In fact, I feel "casual gamer" might even be too harsh a term for me. I prefer "bare-bones at times" to describe my usual gaming habits. That is- I only really play a few games now and then anymore, and I don't spend a whole lot of time doing it, because of school and such. And because I don't really have what you could call a "substancial income", I have to limit my purchasing.

    So where could I possibly go to find out about the hot, cool new games being release? I'll tell you where! G4TV's "X-Play"! I first caught glance of this show about 18 months ago. I watched a couple episodes, checked out some reviews and that was it. I thought this show was all about reviews and nothing else. Then, I caught a glimpse (by accident) of their Halloween special. I was hooked from that point on, because I realized that not only was this a "review" show... it was also a show about just generally having fun! Let us start out with the hosts... Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb. This duo (who also serve as the reviewers) have the perfect combination of sass, wit, charm and general presence. Not only do they work for a general, unknowlegeable oaf like myself, but I think it is safe to assume they also appeal to the 350 pound goof balls living in their parents basements as well. With good humor and the ability to say what needs to be said (despite fans not always liking it), they are fantastic for the show.

    Onto the reviews themselves... This is where the show really takes off for me. Using a 1-5 star rating, the reviews are quick (but not too quick, clocking in at generally about 2 minutes or so it seems), silly and actually point out the good and the bad in a visual way that gaming magazines just can't pull off. A great method, to say the least.

    Finally, there is the other stuff on the show, which I adore. Consisting of skits, jokes and sometimes full-blown "special" episodes, I appreciate the change-up from time to time. Particularly funny was the "Scariest Games Ever" episode, as well as several of their skits, including "Drunken Link" and any of their Solid Snake parodies. It is this unnecessary dose of humor and variety that give the show a fresh coat of shine, setting it apart from anything similar.

    Now, all that praise being said, I do have some problems with the show. Occasionally jokes will fall flat, which can leave some unwanted and extended silences from the viewer. Also notable, their sometimes harsh complaints over trivial matters. Finally, I take issue with some of their decisions, especially during the special "ranking" episodes, such as the "X-Play" musical episode. I feel their judgment and attempts to be clever hurt that particular episode horribly in the end (No "Final Fantasy" music even mentioned on the list! And their number one pick was obvious and silly), but looking at the show as a whole, the good more than outweighs the bad... it literally crushes it.

    I would recommend "X-Play" to any fan of gaming in general, or even to regular folks (who actually have jobs and girlfriends), because it is just so much fun to watch! 9 out of 10

    EDIT (April 9, 2008): In light of the recent format change the show has gone through, I have decided to briefly address the newer aspects of the show, to give my review more accuracy.

    First off, much of the show is now devoted to gaming news, demos, and inside looks, which I appreciate, and I feel takes the show in an interesting (and surprisingly good) new direction. My only problem is that with some of the new content, the number and intimacy of the actual reviews has been cut down a few times, but overall, the improvements outweigh any negative repercussions.

    Secondly, I am a big fan of the apparent merging of the other G4 show "Cheat!" into X-Play. (For those who don't know, Kristin Holt, who hosted the later seasons of "Cheat!", now hosts a twice-a-week segment on "X-Play.") Holt, as always, does a good job informing gamers with tips and tricks, and the segment, like the reviews, sticks to the "short-but-sweet" mindset. While I would like to see "Cheat!" return as an actual show, at least now we aren't totally deprived of strategies and cheats, as we were in the months before the format change. So until it is its own show again, "Cheat!" is doing fine on X-Play.

    Finally, the visual style of the show itself has proved very good. From a trippy opening credit sequence to the revamped sets and graphic-animations, everything seems spiffy and new.

    So, basically, my review still stands at a near-perfect 10 out of 10. If you haven't had a chance to see the new "X-Play", check it out!
  • Man, I love this show!

    This show is all about reviewing games, but it also adds a little twist: comedy. This show is so funny, I love it. With every game review, they have soemthing funny to say about it, and, true or not, it is very funny. I love it. The hosts, Adam and Morgan, are hilarious, especially Adam. The show even occasionally has specials devoted to a particular genere of games, or one game, or a series of games, such as the mario series, or the legend of zelda series. They even have funny specials, like the X-play musical. Yeah, I konw it sounds like a rant of how funny the show is, but trust me, tune in, and you won't be dissapointed..
  • One of the best shows on tv.

    This is good show that has lots of originality. There reviews on games are really accruate and tell you which games you should get. They even have lots of humor which helps the show get ratings. this is all i have so have to say so i have to use nonsense words like this. shhagahw hdhah hdh d h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h hh h h hh h hh h hhh h h hh h hh h hh h hh h h hh h hh
  • X-Play Knows how to review games!!!!..... It's GAME TIME!!!!

    My 72nd after: "Code Monkeys"

    This show is about Adam S. And Morgan W. and they review games and they show previews of Games coming in the Future, and they hold up Events and they have like: Top 10 best and worst Gamecube, Ps2 and Xbox Games, Funniest *beep* Ever, Sex and Vilonce, and a whole lot more! Join them as they review games with stars and they are:

    ***** 5/5 Stars = Great!
    ****- 4/5 Stars = Good
    ***-- 3/5 Stars = Okay
    **--- 2/5 Stars = Bad
    *---- 1/5 Stars = Scary!

    This show gets 5 out of 5 stars and the grade is an A+! Here the results:

    Voice-acting: A++ 10.0/10.0 They have Lovely voices and it's my cup of tea!

    Graphics: A++ 9.5/10.0 Great Graphics on the editing on their reviews but a little lack on the Animation editing.

    Sound: A++ 10.0/10.0 Terrfic. They should release it on a CD Album.

    Dialouge: A++ 10.0/10.0 Wonderful and Funny. They curse with Beep sounds all the time.

    Lasting Appeal: A++ 9.8/10.0 Amazing.

    Overall: A+ 9.2/10.0 A great video game reviewing show and it's the only one Left! Watch new episodes of it weeknights @ 8pm only on G4! That's all!
  • A great video game show on G4.

    This show is one of the funniest, coolest, and most helpful video game show on G4TV. I think that all of their game reviews are right on the mark. They also have really funny jokes that are hillarious. During the reviews they sometimes make fun of the games. I really like the characters of the show. Such as Ratty the Puppet, Stan the Stanley Experience, and Drunk Link. X-Play also does special episodes such as The Tokyo Game Show, E3, and of course, just recently, the Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction episode. This show is a must see.
  • This has got to be the best show G4 has left along with Code Monkeys and AOTS and the other good stuff that still has to do with video games

    Seriously this show PWNS all the other G4 shows!It's a really cool show that involves video game reviews.I am normally bored by reality shows,but this show is one of thos exceptions.One thing I like about the sho is the hosts.Adam and Morgan aren't afraid to speak their minds!It's got some good comedy bits thrown into the mix as well.At least not all G4 stuff is complete garbage,weve got X Play to see us through those dark ages that is "The Man Show" and every other non video game related show.Let's just hope it lasts a little longer before it finally gets cancelled:)
  • Adam and Morgan are great at what they do.

    The opinions and reviews on this show are generally true and what they say usually turns out to be the case. If they say a game is bad, chances are it waon't be worth your time. The show also has many funny segments and it's funny when Adam is made fun of. It's also interesting to note that they use a 5 point scale instead of the more common 10 point scale. I think this makes the reviews better because your simply not relying on numbers to tell you whether a game is good or not. Instead you really have to listen to the review. I think this show is worth any gamer's time.
  • The only show about video games thats good!

    I really like this show!
    At times it can be really funny!
    And other times it's pretty informative!
    I usally by games depending on what Adam and Morgan rate them!
    But, sometimes they can be alittle too strong on rating some games!
    Very rarly do I ever disagree with their reviews!
    I have only disagreed with like 3 of their reviews!
    So, I say this show really tells you some of the good games that are out there and some of the games that just arn't worth your money!
    Before going out and buying a game that your not too sure about geting!
    I suggest seeing Adam and Morgan's review about the game!
    now for the funny part of the show!
    The funniest part of the show I would probly have to say is CRAZY ADAM!!!!
    He could make you laugh so hard you wet yourself!
    And, finaly the end of this review about X-Play!
  • Great Show

    This is a great show. They be talking about so good games and be giving them fair ratings. Sometimes they dont but hey it's still a great show for all the games that you like. So tune in to G4 everyday to see what games they are reviewing. You should be pleased. Some of the games they review are not so good but it's a good show anyway. And it's funny. They be saying some funny stuff on most of the shows and adam sessler and morgan webb are the best host for it too. that's all i have to say.
  • Adam and Morgan have a good chemistry. To bad its on the wrong channel.

    Adam and Morgan are great. Its so informative. I get most of my video game info from this. That and Game informer but, its one of the last video game shows on G4. Its a shame its on g4. g4 has become so lame in the past few years. They choose the right games to review. Instead of duds. Naruto and other game parodys are fun to watch. Games+comedy=fun.
  • Hosts Adam and Morgan review upcoming and recent games. All kinds of systems and computer games are covered in the show.

    If you want information on upcoming or already out games Xplay is the show for you. If you are looking for a way to see the basics of a game than watch Xplay. It provides both a summary of the game and a rateing. It will tell you the good points and bad points of the game. X-play adds humor to the show and mini characters so there isn't just reviews. The show is unfortuntly only 30mins long so you don't get many shows reviewed in one episode. The show doesn't always have new episodes out each week so be prepared to watch reruns...over all the show is great.
  • X-Play Reviews Games

    X-play Rocks! I record every episode. X-play helps me with what games to play and not to play. All the reveiws are good! Adam and Morgan are so stinking funny. I laughed my head off when Adam told the girl on a game bark like a dog and she said," A little dog wa-wa or a big dog rof-rof!" That was so funny! Splinter Cell Co-Op Theater is so funny and cool! Steve and bob rule! The marsh mellow ride one was so funny! This show should be noticed more than it is. Its a great show. They have awesome reviews and they also show you previews. This show is one of my favorites!
  • A great show with a few flaws.

    X-Play is a video game review show and a good one at that. It's funny, informative, and entertaining. I love watching episodes especially if they feature a game I like or a game I am interested in. The only problem for me is the cussing, violence, and sexual content. I know it's suppossed to be funny, but some things I can do without. Despite the content, X-Play is my favorite G4 TV show and my favorite video game show. I watch new episodes and I have the podcast. For some reason, I just don't find myself watching re-runs. X-Play is great and gets an 8.5 from me.
  • The best videogame review show out there.

    X-Play is the best videogame review show out there because it mixes brutally honest game reviews with toilet humour. It makes me laugh every time I watch it. Its better than any other videogame review show. It will make any videogame fan happy. Except for the anime fans. X-Play makes fun of their games. This show rocks.
  • X-Play is a game review show hosted by Adam Sessler, and Morgan Webb.

    I know most people think it's weird for a girl to play video games. Regardless of that, I still love to play them. I'm a fan of X-Play because I like seeing previews of upcoming games, and the reviews of already released games can be a great help. At least I know what to and what not to waste my money on. I'm also a fan of X-Play because the hosts of X-Play are very entertaining. I will admit that they make several lame jokes, but not all of them are that bad. Plus, I find Adam's and Morgan's sarcasm to be quite amusing.
  • The Last Thing G4 has that makes the Channel Watchable.

    X-play is a Reiview Show, taht Reiviews Video games, And If It's really bad (Aquaman for Example, They'll make fun of it, If it's good, They'll praise it. Simple right? But The Real Funnny Parts are when they go to Sketch Parts, (Way to many to list). What Makes the Show Funnier is that they have A LOT of Gag Characters (Drunk Link, That Squerl guy,A fat Solid Snake, Interns Etc. The Show Isn't Perfect, But It will make you laugh for a long time. The Show Also Has Many running Gags, Which Are hard to Explain right now As I'm running out of time in this Reivew).
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