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  • Two opposing forces battle to decide the fate of Earth and all those living on it. Kamui must decide which side to fight for. A nice character driven show with a somewhat disappointing ending that fits the story but was not as intense as I had hoped.

    This show kind of reminded me of the Matrix; people jumping across roofs from building to building, fighting a secret fight to decide the fate of everyone on Eath. It had interesting characters and a decent plot. It was nice getting to know each character a little more with each being the focus of at least one episode.

    It was also interesting to see the one-on-one battles between each side. Each person had a unique ability and it was fun to see why they were the way they are. 'X' also poses some interesting questions about doing what is right for the future or for those we know and care about now.

    While it was an enjoyable show, I was a little disappointed with the climax. The final showdown was not as intense as I had hoped but the way things wrapped up at least made sense within the context of the story.