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  • Kamui must choose whether to save the earth or save humanity, and the choice he makes brings great sadness to him and misfortune to those he loves.

    I've read the manga, and I have to say that to those who haven't read the manga--are missing out. The manga is actually one of my favorites. The anime doesn't do justice to the manga, but they certainly did a lot more than the movie. The story starts out really slow, and it doesn't get interesting until the last half of the series. It's not really the anime's fault because the manga starts out slow too--although not as much as the anime. Additionally, there's a lot of information that had to be shared to understand the story and the characters, but sadly it doesn't translate well into the tv series because it slows down the story. The second half of the series is done very well. The episodes are straight to the point and deliver some very bittersweet and tearjerker moments. Since the manga was incomplete (still is), the writers for the anime had to guess how the ending would be. They did very well, in my opinion, tying up everyone's story. While the last episode was anti-climatic, it was acceptable. What I like about the second half of the series is that it also provides a very realistic (anime-wise/manga-wise) end to the characters' stories, even to those reading the manga and wondering when it's going to end and how. This series is definitely not for the faint of heart though. While I like this anime, I would rather have people check out the manga first. To those who have watched the anime and disliked/hated it--please check out the manga. You won't be disappointed. To those who have loved this show--still check out the manga because you're missing out on a lot of subplots. Lastly, the anime is heavily censored compared to the manga.