Season 1 Episode 23


Full Episode: Betrayal


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Kamui, Sorata, Yuzuriha, and Aoki wonder why Arashi left. Yuzuriha wants to see Mr. Kusanagi, but is met by Nataku instead. Kamui confers to Sorata that he has discovered a secret about Princess Hinoto, and that she is plotting against the Dragons of Heaven. When Kamui and Sorata notice Yuzuriha's barrier field, the rush to her aid, but Hinoto traps them. Aoki also goes to help, but Mr. Kusanagi stops him and injures him. Hinoto's alternate personality rejoices for the Dragons of Heaven's demise, but the good side takes her life. Kamui and Sorata are freed. Kamui goes to see Princess Hinoto, and Sorata continues to help Yuzuriha. Nataku is about strike Yuzuriha down, but Kusanagi intervenes and tries to attack Nataku. Sorata arrives to see Arashi cruely strike down Kusanagi.moreless
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