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  • Season 1
    • The Great Rock and the Girl
      Nakiami's wish has been granted and she goes into a 1,000 years sleep, to take in all the grief of the world. Akiyuki gives up his name to the Hiruken Emperor and subsequently turns to stone. Nine years later and everyone's lives are slowly returning to normal.
    • Nakiami and Sannova
      Akiyuki has finally blossomed as Xam'd of Lost Memories and faces up against the Hiruken Emperor, whose grief and hatred could consume everyone. Nakiami finally gets a chance to meet Lady Sannova in order to apologize and she completes her purification.
    • Voices From Beyond
      Voices From Beyond
      Episode 24
      Ishuu bombing the Diamond Tower has had the opposite effect and now the Hiruken Emperor is free. Midori, in her transformed state, has been let loose and she's forced to face up to some past memories.
    • Hiruken Emperor Born
      Nakiami is onboard Zeygend's ship, which is headed towards the Quickening Chamber but a fleet of Southern Continent ships is also heading there. Akiyuki and Haru are amidst all the chaos, with no where to go. Raigyo and Ishuu force their way into the chamber of the Hiruken Emperor.
    • Toujiro and Ryuuzo
      Toujiro and Ryuuzo
      Episode 22
      Raigyo and Ishuu join up with some forces in order to breach the Torotoge Gate and reach the chamber of the Hiruken Emperor. Akiyuki and Haru learn the truth behind the Quickening. Ryuuzo confronts Toujiro, at the memorial cemetery, to finally settle the score.
    • Sanctuary Breached
      Sanctuary Breached
      Episode 21
      Ryuuzo, the General and Jinichirou (Midori's Dad) decide to put their plan into action, by infiltrating the East Autonomy Military Facility and rescue Midori but the plan runs into a bit of a hitch. Akiyuki and Haru get closer to the Quickening Chamber, with an unknown white-haired boy as their guide.moreless
    • Watered With Tears
      Watered With Tears
      Episode 20
      Nakiami leaves her village, with Yango, in order to see Lady Sannova but at the same time the Tessik village is targeted by a fleet of Southern Continent airships. Meanwhile Akiyuki and Haru search for the entrance to the Quickening Chamber.
    • Sudden Outbreak: Romance Flowers Bloom
      Haru continues her journey to find Akiyuki, while Nakiami is unwilling to follow her sister's way of thinking. Akiyuki is still struggling to remember his name, whilst the mysterious floating creature coaxes him.
    • What Can you See From There?
      Haru escapes from the Far East Autonomy when she notices here sister, who has been participating in some experiments. As the Jibashiri boy told her, she heads to Ryuuzo's place to see Nazuna for further instructions on what to do. Akiyuki has been helping the elderly woman who bought him is still unable to remember his name and Nakiami learns of what her sister Kujireka has been plotting.moreless
    • Lambs to the Altar
      Lambs to the Altar
      Episode 17
      Ryuuzo is trying to muster up the courage to tell Fusa about what he's been doing and Haru is given a chance to escape confinement. After surviving the harsh blizzard, up on some mountain, Nakiami and Yango finally arrive at her home village and are welcomed by the new chief.
    • Burning in Our Wake
      Nakiami and Yango continue their journey to the Tessik village but are met with some trials along the way. Haru is being confined for her insubordination when all of a sudden she receives a message from the captured Jibashiri. Elsewhere an elderly woman is guided by some floating creature to purchase Akiyuki.moreless
    • Souls at Peace
      Souls at Peace
      Episode 15
      After managing to escape from his pursuers, Akiyuki has forgotten who he is and ends up captured by a slave trader. Nakiami is searching for Akiyuki when her Kayak runs out of fuel. She ends up in a nearby village, getting involved with a young Tessik boy who's a Xam'd.
    • Cerulean Skies
      Cerulean Skies
      Episode 14
      In the memorial cemetery, Furuichi confronts Akiyuki and to his surprise Akiyukia learns that Furuichi also has a Hiruko within him. However with all his hatred for Akiyuki overwhelming him, Furuichi's out of control Xam'd loses form, putting Haru's life in danger. Akiyuki must deal with him before it's too late.moreless
    • Running Barefoot
      Running Barefoot
      Episode 13
      Akiyuki, accompanied by Nakiami, returns to Sentan Island and he first goes to visit his dad. Haru soon learns of Akiyuki's return and she rushes off to see her little sister, when she is confronted by Nakiami. Akiyuki later goes to see his mother but the army and Furuichi are now aware that's he's on Sentan Island.moreless
    • Flowers Blooming in the Dark
      Following the battle with Humanforms the Zanbani is now stranded on some desolate wasteland and all they can do is wait, while repairs are being done. Nakiami later comes to her decision to return to Tessik Village and Akiyuki wants to come along with. On Sentan Island, Haru's attitude has changed and Furuichi is suffering from what looks to be related to the bus explosion incident.moreless
    • Assault: The Zanbani
      A Northern Humanform Dropship is headed towards the Zanbani and Raigyo forces Akiyuki into a lesson to protect his own hide, by fighting the Humanform but Nakiami gets involved. Just when they thought it was over, several more Northern Dropships appear and they seem to be after the two Xam'ds.
    • Moving On
      Moving On
      Episode 10
      Akiyuki hears from Akushiba, about when Raigyo was given Hiruko seed five years ago and how Nakiami risked her life to save him. For a change of pace Raigyo decides to take a picture of everyone together. Meanwhile on Sentan Island, Haru & Furuichi have both been formally inducted into the military and whilst Furuichi is excelling, Haru seems to have lost all motivation she once had.moreless
    • The Astonishing Raigyo
      The unexpected return of Raigyo has caused a stir amongst the people onboard the Zanbani and he also comes bearing gifts. With Raigyo being on everyone's minds, Akiyuki is back to square one, struggling to fit in. At the Far East Autonomy, a greenstone was recovered from Tsumebara Pass, which could be used to create anti-Humanform weapons.moreless
    • Showdown at Tsumebara Pass
      After losing the signal to Roppa's tracking device, Nakiami heads to Tsumebara Pass to look for Akiyuki, who is also currently headed that way with Kio and Zuizo. In the meantime Haru & Furuichi's Mainsoul division are on an expedition in the Tsumebara mines but instead of their orders, Haru is more concerned about whether she'll get to see Akiyuki again.moreless
    • Guardians of Stone
      The test-type Xam'd, in the Sentan Island research facility, has revived and is beginning to wreak havoc. Now that it poses a threat to the civilians, the combat training Haru & Furuichi are to supposed to have has become real but Haru is somewhat reluctant. Akiyuki receives Haru's letters, telling him that she'll be at Tsumebara Pass. So Akiyuki decides to head off to Tsumebara Pass along with his companion Roppa.moreless
    • Live Fire
      Live Fire
      Episode 6
      Haru & Furuichi decide to take the Mainsoul Exam and undertake military training, for the ASP Squad. Elsewhere Nakiami is forced to take Akiyuki along with her, to scout out the area ahead, when they find a half-dead Humanform Weapon. Haru finally receives the letter from Akiyuki and she informs his parents that he is alive.moreless
    • Shattered Bonds
      Shattered Bonds
      Episode 5
      The Free Zone military has been transferring to the newly established Far East Autonomy on Sentan Island and Haru & Furuichi are currently helping with the reconstruction work that's being done at the destroyed areas. In the meantime Akiyuki is still continuing with his secretarial work, whilst Nakiami goes onto the Tessik ship, even though she is still on bad terms with Ishuu.moreless
    • Enlightenment
      Episode 4
      Kondaral is under siege, so then the ASP Squad arrives to intercept the Humanform. Akiyuki has started to get used to life onboard the Zanbani and then Nakiami forces him to undergo some distinctive training, which involves performing tiresome errands, to keep his Hiruko in check.
    • The Way to Freedom
      The officials of Southern Continent Free Zone are having a meeting, discussing the incident in Sentan Island. Elsewhere Akiyuki finally wakes to find himself onboard the International Postal Ship 'Zanbani', being taken care of by Nakiami. Akiyuki has know recollection of what happened on Sentan Island and he wants to return to his family, but because his Hiruko may lose control Nakiami wants him to stay.moreless
    • Blackout on Sentan Island
      Following the bus explosion, Akiyuki is bestowed with some power by the white-haired girl who caused it all Nazuna, transforming into a creature (Xam'd). Subsequently some unknown Humanform Weapons attack the neutral Sentan Island and Xam'd engages with one of them. During the fight a red-haired foreign girl appears and is able to stop Xam'd.moreless
    • Xam`d at the Dawn of War
      It's a normal day for on Sentan Island, for Akiyuki Takehara and he's already running late for the school bus. But first his Mom Fusa tells him to go to his Father's office to give him his lunch before getting the bus. Somehow Akiyuki manages to get there on time, to meet up with his friends Haru and Furuichi. As an act of goodwill Akiyuki helps a strange girl to get on the bus however as they reach their destination they get caught in an explosion.moreless