Xavier: Renegade Angel

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Xavier: Renegade Angel

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Xavier wants to find out who he is and where he comes from. From his serpent arm to his backwards knees, beak, and six nipples, Xavier is different from most. Although Xavier means well he is often causing trouble wherever he goes in Xavier: Renegade Angel. The show is created by PFFR's John Lee and Vernon Chatman, the creators of MTV2's Wonder Showzen. PFFR is a band that John Lee and Vernon Chatman are in. PFFR also has 2 more members which make appearances in the show. Jim Tozzi is one and he plays the main character, Xavier. The other is Alyson Levy and she makes guest appearances in the show.

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    I am only giving it a 5 because it was funny to laugh at how bad it was.
  • Bad.

    I have to say this is the worst show on Adult Swim. It isn't at all funny and really makes me sick to my stomach. The humor on this show is too simple and raunchy. Basically, it is a show for those who like to laugh at sick things. The storylines go nowhere and the characters are very bland. The worst part is the graphics and hat is saying plenty. I don't think I could hwatch more than 2 minutes of this show. Overall, this is a bad show in which bad is a light way to describe it, at least. Thank you.moreless
  • I think this show, is awesome. One of the best shows on adult swim that i hope still continues.

    This show is a total mind-blinder. It is hilarious. It has the balls to do things no other shows dare to. How many shows do you know have a snake eating babies? Not many might I say, not many. I do not understand why people hate this show so much. One thing i hear the most for the reason why people hate it is just because of the animation. Does that really matter? As long as you have characters and you see whats going on, isn't that all that matters? Have a clear logical reason why you hate this show. If you were say because there is no plot (there is one, just have to look deep) then I could understand. But if you love Family Guy and saying this, then you have no right to. This show may only make sense while on some psychedelic trip, but even while not on one, I love it.moreless
  • One of the worse shows on Adult Swim.

    This show is pretty much terrible than Superjail and Morel Orel.Here are the reasons why this show is terrible:

    The main character of this show looks like a caveman and he looks so ugly.

    Why is the animation like this?It looks like that it's a video game with animation like that.

    There are some gross things at what they did on this show and just about one episode I saw,it's just horrible.

    I give this show a F because what I just told you that the character looks like a caveman,the animation looks like that your playing a video game and their are too many gross things on this show.moreless
  • One of the best shows ever! Better than WS

    Xavier: Renegade Angel is all about multidimensional jokes, the patterns of which the occured occurs, eternal wisdom and wittiness, and the spiritual search for life's greatest question: What doth life? In that question Xavier's life journey begun, and along the way he picks up traces after his eternal self in the great desert of his mind. Concerned with the identity of his father's killer, he might become distracted from the great question. No harm done, as his stubborness for confrontation with his psyche is his golden line out of this maze.

    Your internal self will be examining Xavier's external self examining his internal self examining his external self examining his extrenal self examining his internal self examining his internal self examining your eternal self examining your internal self. It makes no sense. Or does it? ... You Decide!moreless

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    offensive comedy, not for the faint of heart, pondering life, explaining the universe, destiny