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  • Best animated CGI show ever

    Yea,it is. I give it 1,5 stars to not be so odd,but it is really good! First you can see is realistic,lifelike animation. Then you see amazing plot with no cliches and very deep story. So i showed it to my friend,and he just looking at it and said "WTF,throw it into the hell!". So i tell him "No,it is good!". I gave there camera,and i was tell him "No watch it,and if you watch it 24 hours in one go,i give you new computer". So ok,i went to the work. But when i went home,i saw my friend masturbate on bed,and looking on that show. He says "OH MY GOSH! THAT INDIAN IS SO HOT!". It is so good,that he become gay from it. So then,i showed it to my nice and kind penis. He very much likes good shows. When he saw it,he starved to death,and he drops. Then i showed it to my vagina. She suffocate from his own pukes,and she also drops. Finally,i showed it up to my son. After 3-5 hours,he became play basketball with his balls. He says "When i had sexual intercouse with that hot inidan,my balls hurt,so i decided to cut them off". I can believe i have so odd friends. But that doesnt matter,still it is best animated CGI show ever! ;)

    I am only giving it a 5 because it was funny to laugh at how bad it was.
  • I watched this as a kid and I didn't know what the heck I just watched.

    Just another weird show from Adult Swim.
  • Needs a rewrite

    The show is so confusing. The graphics are old school and even though some of us may be apealed by those old video game playing memories it seems wierd since the newer game systems have better graphics, along with the fact they are poorly animated at times. It is all disconnecting about the protagonist and the plot lines really are that bad. It seems to just rush through and leave out critical details that make shows compelling and exciting to watch.
  • Bad.

    I have to say this is the worst show on Adult Swim. It isn't at all funny and really makes me sick to my stomach. The humor on this show is too simple and raunchy. Basically, it is a show for those who like to laugh at sick things. The storylines go nowhere and the characters are very bland. The worst part is the graphics and hat is saying plenty. I don't think I could hwatch more than 2 minutes of this show. Overall, this is a bad show in which bad is a light way to describe it, at least. Thank you.
  • I think this show, is awesome. One of the best shows on adult swim that i hope still continues.

    This show is a total mind-blinder. It is hilarious. It has the balls to do things no other shows dare to. How many shows do you know have a snake eating babies? Not many might I say, not many. I do not understand why people hate this show so much. One thing i hear the most for the reason why people hate it is just because of the animation. Does that really matter? As long as you have characters and you see whats going on, isn't that all that matters? Have a clear logical reason why you hate this show. If you were say because there is no plot (there is one, just have to look deep) then I could understand. But if you love Family Guy and saying this, then you have no right to. This show may only make sense while on some psychedelic trip, but even while not on one, I love it.
  • One of the worse shows on Adult Swim.

    This show is pretty much terrible than Superjail and Morel Orel.Here are the reasons why this show is terrible:

    The main character of this show looks like a caveman and he looks so ugly.

    Why is the animation like this?It looks like that it's a video game with animation like that.

    There are some gross things at what they did on this show and just about one episode I saw,it's just horrible.

    I give this show a F because what I just told you that the character looks like a caveman,the animation looks like that your playing a video game and their are too many gross things on this show.
  • One of the best shows ever! Better than WS

    Xavier: Renegade Angel is all about multidimensional jokes, the patterns of which the occured occurs, eternal wisdom and wittiness, and the spiritual search for life's greatest question: What doth life? In that question Xavier's life journey begun, and along the way he picks up traces after his eternal self in the great desert of his mind. Concerned with the identity of his father's killer, he might become distracted from the great question. No harm done, as his stubborness for confrontation with his psyche is his golden line out of this maze.

    Your internal self will be examining Xavier's external self examining his internal self examining his external self examining his extrenal self examining his internal self examining his internal self examining your eternal self examining your internal self. It makes no sense. Or does it? ... You Decide!
  • One of the shows that is completely insane but at the same time is pretty entertaining.

    I'm not saying that Xavier is the best Adult Swim show there is and I'm not saying it's the worst either. I would watch it instead of say Tim and Eric, a show that I don't think is remotely funny but is apparently popular right now but I would rather watch other shows such as Sealab 2021, if it was still on I mean *sniff* God I'll miss that show. Anyway, this show has great writing while being completely stupid and I respect that to a degree. It shows how much effort went into nothing. While I think it won't last much longer, it was a show that wasn't a bad thing to watch. I got my kicks out of it and if it goes, it goes. I wouldn't say run out to buy the season DVD of this show but I would be on the lookout from the creators of this show to see what they could pull of with another project. Hopefully, one that makes just a lick more sense.
  • Just as good as Wonder Showzen.

    Xavier was created by John Lee and Vernon "Towelie" Chatman, who created Wonder Showzen. Wonder Showzen was a Sesame Street parody on the surface, which is a pretty cheesy premise. But it also contained some of the darkest, most subversive, and most bizarre comedy ever. It's amazing that it ever made it onto TV at all.

    Xavier takes all the best parts of Wonder Showzen's style of humor and drops the uncomfortable on-the-street sketches and boring audience-pranking. The video game cut scene look of the show is pretty ugly, but it would be foolish to expect anything these people do to be popular enough to get the budget to look good.
  • these people in da show remind me of video games and dis show is kinda weird.

    man dis show is whack but aight for me it's just da fact dat xavier has backwards legs no butt crack a snake on his arm and have a human dad dat kills himself in xavier's memories. and ew he lifted up his cloth thing and notin was there. ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew . im sorry but dis show creep me out but for a weird reason i watch it.
  • I like this... but I'm not sure why...

    Xavier: Renegade Angel is, to say the least, a unique experience. The series looks like a strange cross between a computer game and a really bad (or good) acid trip.

    I like that it's one continuous story, and I love a lot of the non sequiturs, but it's sometimes hard to tell if the show (and its bewildering protagonist) are the product of deep, psuedo-existentialist thinking; or intoxicated free-form ramblings. Granted, these could be interpreted as the same thing...

    Either way, it's definitely interesting, and I'll keep watching.

    On the other hand, I'd probably enjoy it even more if I still did drugs...
  • Ah, a great show by proxy for the mind-stalk; quid pro quo whereby erroneous grasp is supplanted for ramblin' on.

    This show has many layers of humor stacked perfectly. It appeals to the basest and the noblest simultaneously. It is a corrugated rhythm of purpose and nihilism, a veritable table-cake of gentle romping and playful soliloquy. Could you even imagine? A land brim-filled with coursing spirit, a heaving bosom of penultimate delight (I fail to insult our Maker). Bereave what you will; I, for my part, shall continue to cease the relentless filibustering of panhandled concepts.

    This is my new favorite show. I absolutely LOVE the episode "The 6th Teat of Good Intentions." That episode was great. Well, back to the review. I just love his appearance and voice. My least favorite episode is probably "World of Hurt, BC." This show is so great, I can't wait until the new season in October 2008. This show is simply... my new best friend!
  • One of the strangest shows I've ever seen but I watch it anyways.

    This is one of the weirdest, most obscure and random shows I think I've ever seen. The humor is somewhat twisted and odd but I find it hilarious. Even though after every time I watch an episode I feel like I lost a few brain cells, I still continue to watch the series and laugh.

    I don't care much for obvious humor (humor in which you can tell the writers try extremely hard to make a show funny that it's obvious) but I love the unusual and random humor that this show provides. Even though the storylines of an episode sort-of-but-not-really makes sense at first, it always seems to end making you ask "What the [enter noun here]?" afterwards. To me, this is the 2nd best non-anime show Adult Swim airs.
  • Xavier: Renegade Angel is simply a great [adult swim] television show.

    Xavier: Renegade Angel is one of my favorite shows on Adult Swim, behind ATHF and Squidbillies. I love the way he talks and the way he is designed to have a Snake Hand (who is hilarious in his roles), backward knees, six nipples (which I didn't notice until I went on Wikipedia) and beak. The first episode I saw was "The 6th Teat of Good Intentions". When I watched it, I was saying to myself, "I'm gonna keep watching this!" So far, I have seen every episode except the third episode, "Weapons Grade Life." I'm just saying to the people who say this show is stupid and weird, just watch it...
  • I thought I was gonna hate it but i'm not really into this.

    It is from the creators of Wonder Showzen and the plot is about a man who looks a hawk and has a snake for a hand and goes on these sacrifice like missions this show is sorta stupid but it's okay but I don't like the cgi it looks like an online computer game but it is alright it is better than a bunch of those other dumb shows on adult swim is what I can say about this show and also I have never seen Wonder Showzen but I like this show it might get better latter on and I will edit my review..
  • Densely layered, absurd comedy from some very troubled souls. This brilliant piece of comedy art is also my show of the year.

    The good people at PFFR have taken their comedy to another level with Xavier. Their previous creation, Wonder Showzen, was innovative, pioneering and unpredictable but it was also accessible, with enough structure and hook to satisfy those who like their comedy served on a plate. The only plate Xavier offers is the plate... of the mind. This is genuinely odd stuff, with a central character as morally as he is aesthetically objectionable. Xavier has delusions of philosophical grandeur, inadvertently creating disaster after disaster on his quest to discover who killed his father (he did) and what exactly he is. The latter question is of some debate, with his six nipples, beaked nose and snake arm providing precious little in the way of clues. The truth is, Xavier is the brainchild of some very twisted and extremely talented minds. Every short episode is completely out-of-the-box. The comedy is thickly layered, with clever word play mixed with a stream of fantastic ideas and concepts which are often merely glossed over, so abundant are the different tangents the writers play with. It requires attention; often jokes are set up and executed simply in the background. The dialogue is amazing, with some superb one-liners and occasionally quite profound lines which, unlike show like South Park, PFFR don't wheel into central focus in order to score points. Perhaps the sophistication which bleeds from every frame of this show is the reason why it's not drawn as much appreciation as it warrants. Certainly those brought up on a diet of Friends and Will & Grace won't understand, far less applaud, a show like this. The poor level of criticism Xavier gets is perhaps it's greatest strength; it's detractor's problems can perhaps by surmised with 'I don't get it, ergo, I don't like it'.

    But have no doubt, Xavier is the comedy show of 2007. Those who've grown an appreciation for absurdist, surreal comedy will love the new ground this show treads. It feels like a natural progression from the genius Wonder Showzen, and I can't wait to see where the crew take their disturbing comedy next.
  • Unique, funny, and relevant if you're open to it.

    What a great show. There's nothing out there like it, past or present. It has an absurd sense of humor, Pythonesque at times, is chock full of delicious surrealism, and throws many philosophical concepts at you, and stays infinitely entertaining. I've only seen one episode and already it's earned the title "best show ever". It's computer animated, and the graphics are very good for such an independent studio. Overall, this show is an indulgence for lovers of art. Unfortunately, shows with artistic value don't exactly equal high ratings. I don't expect we'll be seeing it much longer. But if a show as strange as 12 Oz. Mouse could do it... Who knows?
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