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  • Season 1
    • The Ultimate Battle
    • In the Service of the King
    • The Secret of the Sylphs
    • The Promised Land
      The Promised Land
      Episode 23
      Bragan offers Prince Erwann's land to Wolf in exchange for his loyalty to Bragan. Wolf and his horde move into Erwann's castle, and Djana dislikes that arrangement. Bragan and Qwodann plan to make Djana and Wolf bitter enemies by ordering his minion, Zoldann to harass the villagers so Djana will protect them. Djana and Heric have a disagreement, so Heric speaks with Morgan (of the Shogis) for a possible solution. Morgan suggests that Wolf to settle in the land of the Shogis. Heric leaves the Book of Life with Morgan, and gives himself to Bragan's guards. Wolf enters the forest of Quinn to take Djana prisoner. Djana comes to talk, but Wolf attacks. A battle ensues, and Whip breaks it up telling them Heric has been captured. Wolf and Djana rush to the castle. Heric convinces Arthus that he is entitled to a trial, as he is the son of "Prince" Wolf. Meanwhile, on the Shogi Island, two Shogis bring an injured Shogi, Adrian to Morgan, explaining they found him on the beach. Adrian jumps up, and throws a potion on the ground, releasing a monster of Qwodann's. At the trial, to the shock of everyone, Heric accuses Bragan of selling "his soul to the devil, Qwodann". Arthus looks shocked at Bragan, while Bragan looks on guiltily. Whip explains to Tara and Djana that Heric "let himself get captured". Djana realizes the error of her ways and tells Whip to find where Heric is being held and to meet with them later at the castle. Heric explains that Qwodann has his grasp on Bragan and Bragan is manipulating everyone for the benefit of Qwodann. Heric pleads to Wolf to believe him, but Wolf only says that his son is "under the influence of Princess Djana". Wolf also asks Arthus to pardon Heric, but Heric says, "I don't want your pardon. I'm telling the truth." As Djana and Tara are about to break into the palace, a floating sphere appears. The sphere holds an image of Morgan, allowing him to tell her that Qwodann has infiltrated the Shogi monastery. They continue to enter the palace to save Heric. The Red Prince suggests that everyone believing Heric's story should raise his or her hands. The Green Prince, Duncan is the only one who does so. Even Wolf does not. Wolf says that Heric must be condemned. Heric says he would rather die a free man than to live forever as Qwodann's slave. The Shogis are battling Qwodann's forces, but they are losing. Djana and Tara ready to free Heric. He is to be burned at the stake and Wolf asks Arthus is he can light the fire. Bragan and Arthus agree and Wolf lights it. Djana and Tara advance through the smoke to save Heric, but Wolf has already untied Heric. Other forces close in and battle ensues. The heroes escape with Wolf and his horde. Morgan and the Shogis decide to hide the Book of Life. Djana and Tara destroy Qwodann's goblins. Morgan and the evil Shogi, Adrian went into the Chamber of the Four Elements. Adrian attacks Morgan and Heric, but Djana defeats him with Xcalibur. Morgan asks Wolf to stay on his lands, and Wolf accepts.moreless
    • The Return
    • The Ice Fortress
    • I Have Faith in You
    • A Second Chance
    • Appeal of the Just
      Appeal of the Just
      Episode 18
      The Green Prince returns from the Palace to find Bragan's men taking all his food and gold. He asks Djana for help. Herik advises him to appeal to the King for help. The Green Prince agrees. The King decides to do the Appeal of the Just the next day. Bragan, meanwhile asks Kwodahn for help. Kwodahn sends out a clone from another dimension. The clone convinces Djana that that The Green Prince has now turned evil and chases him to the Palace. Meanwhile Herik and Tara find the real Green Prince who promptly heads after Djana and the clone. He is accompanied by Tara and Herik. Djana manages to find and confront the clone who convinces her he's the real Green Prince who is trying to kill the evil clone. They quickly find Bragan who tells the Green Prince that there’s been a change of plan. The Green Prince then attacks Djana. When she recovers she sees 2 Green Prince's fighting. The evil Green Prince manages to defeat the real Green Prince and then attacks Djana who the kills the evil clone. Meanwhile, Tara and Herik manage to go to the dimension where they see a clone of the King going out of the dimension but they become trapped by their doubles. They manage to thwart their doubles and escape. Djana is outside the Gateway to the dimension having killed the evil clone of the King. She throws Xcalibur at the Gateway thus destroying it. They then manage to escape the Palace. Later, Whip watches as the real King grants The Green Prince his food and gold back much to Bragan's annoyance. Whip reports back to Djana telling them the good news. They all laugh when Whip tells them about Bragan’s reaction to the Kings announcement to The Green Prince at the Appeal of the Just.moreless
    • The Seventh Crystal
    • The Dragon's Breath
    • The Lure
      The Lure
      Episode 15
    • The Kiss
      The Kiss
      Episode 14
    • The Enchanted Forest
    • The Strange Sickness
      A disease is spreading like wildfire and Herik decides to help out. In the end he finds a cure to the disease.
    • Hexed Chessboard
      Hexed Chessboard
      Episode 11
      Tara dreams that she nearly freed Djana's father. She wakes up but does not tell Whip, Herik or Djana about the dream. Meanwhile Kwodahn talks to Bragan and tells him that in order to get Xcalibur he has to beat King Arthus at Chess. Bragan agrees. Bragan then challenges Arthus to Chess. He also agrees. Meanwhile the "outlaws" are confronted with a strange sphere which then "absorbs" them. They find themselves on a chessboard. Meanwhile Arthus plays chess with his Uncle Bragan trying to beat him at the game. It turns out that every time Arthus or Bragan moves a chess piece, the figures on the giant chess board also moves. After a while Arthus is winning against his uncle so Kwodahn takes matters into his own hands. He puts a shield around the chessboard so Arthus and Bragan can't continue the game. He brings Walker into the game. He also brings Djana's father in the game who immediately gets "killed" by Walker and sucked through a black hole. Djana, overcome by grief, goes after her father. Walker then traps Herik and Tara. Meanwhile Djana finds her father who after a short fight with some of Kwodahn's Skeleton Warriors, orders her to go back. Djana reluctantly agrees. When she gets back, she discovers Walker is winning. Suddenly the rival chessboard King appears next to Djana. She stabs him thus winning the game and freeing everyone. Kwodahn, meanwhile, vows revenge. Bragan is furious at his defeat.moreless
    • The Slumbering Palace
      Djana records a message in a message box and then goes to the Palace via the secret entrance. She and the group arrive to find everyone asleep. It turns out that Walker has put everyone to sleep except the King. The group hears his cries for help and decide to split up. Tara ends up being ambushed. Herik finds out through the Book of Life that Djana is in danger. He successfully warns her but in turn loses the Book of Life to Walker who then goes after Djana and Xcalibur. Djana manages to find King Arthus who demands that she hand Xcalibur to him. Djana refuses and is then ambushed by Walker. Herik arrives too late so the both of them decide to fight Walker. Eventually Walker manages to trap Arthus and demand Djana to hand Xcalibur to her. Meanwhile Tara escapes and saves Arthus. Walker goes and gets Bragan. She demands that Djana hand over Xcalibur. Djana refuses and holds Xcalibur up in the air. The light blinds Walker and she ends up getting stabbed by Djana. Walker vanishes and warns her that when everyone wakes up they will remember nothing. Arthus is now asleep so he will remember nothing. The dragon puts the message box by Arthus' side and the leave the Palace. When everyone wakes up Arthus sees the message box but before he even touches it, Bragan destroys it saying it is part of Djana's sorcery.moreless
    • Nadja
      Episode 9
    • The Test of Blood
      The Sea Barbarian's decide to capture The Wandering City in an attempt to capture Wolf's son, Herik. While the barbarians control The Wandering City, a bunch of them go to the Kingdom to find and kidnap Herik. They manage to find him AND kidnap him but Whip sees the barbarians kidnap Herik and warns Djana and Tara. They go to The Wandering City to try and free Herik. They manage to find him but in the process both Tara and Herik get captured AGAIN. Tara makes a deal with Wolf. In return for Herik's freedom, Tara will agree to marry Wolf AND bear him a child but when Herik finds out, he refuses to leave and instead and instead take part in the Test of Blood, the barbarians answer to discovering who is the father to a fatherless child. Meanwhile, a barbarian tries to destroy The Book of Life but Djana stops him and fights him. In the process She falls down a hole and the barbarian throws the Book of Life in the hole. Whip manages to capture the Book of Life. Djana, meanwhile, manages to escape from the hole and onto the streets just in time to witness Herik winning the Test of Blood. Herik orders his father Wolf to free him and Tara AND to leave the Wandering City and never come back. Wolf agrees and hands him his medallion back as well as giving his son his medallion as well. Djana, Tara, Whip and Herik leave the Wandering City.moreless
    • The Wandering City
      Kwodann takes over the Wandering City, a peaceful city that can fly and is full of Merchants, and turns the inhabitants into zombies. One escapes and tells Djana what has happened. In the end it turns out that Kwodahn and Bragan wanted the city so that they can control the sea but Djana frees the inhabitants from their spell and frees the city from Kwodahn's evil rule.moreless
    • A Charming Prince
      Djana helps a stranger escape from Bragan's men. In the end it turns out that he is helping Bragan to take over Djana's castle but is sucked through a portal.
    • The Broken Sword
    • Heart of the Beast
      A Beast is attacking a village. In the end it turns out to be a ?????? and that Bragan is using it so he can take over the Green Prince's land
    • Destiny of the Shogis
      Djana and the others help the Shogi escape at one of their Monastery's
    • The Barbarian
      The Barbarian
      Episode 2
      A bunch of Barbarians appear. Bragan's men attack them. Only Tara escapes and finds Djana and the Shogi. MORE IN THE NEW YEAR (HOPEFULLY)
    • Sword of Justice
      Sword of Justice
      Episode 1
      Bragan kills the King and takes control of Camelot by becoming the Guardian for his nephew Arthus whose the new King of Camelot. Kwodahn, an evil sorcerer, attacks the Monastery of the Shogis just to get the Book of Life, which contains powerful magic. Herik, a young Shogi, escapes with the book and meets up with Djana, the daughter of Prince Erwann. Prince Erwann witnessed Bragan’s treachery and decided to hide Xcalibur, the Sword of Justice, the most powerful sword that was ever created and who afterwards was turned to stone by Kwodahn. Herik and Djana decided to visit the statue of Prince Erwann where Djana cried. The crying made the statue on top of Prince Erwann fall and come to life. The statue introduced himself as Whip and said he was a dragon. They then decided to go inside the tree by going inside the hole, which seemed to lead into the tree. Inside the tree there was a lake where Djana saw something shiny. She decided to swim to the shining light in the lake. It turned out to be Xcalibur. Kwodahn appeared and said he wanted both the book and the sword. They had a fight, which Kwodahn lost. The 3 heroes decided to escape. Kwodahn and Bragan watched them escape and talked about how they will get both the book and the sword next time.moreless
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