Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 2 Episode 15

A Day in the Life

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 1997 on

Episode Recap

Waking Up

The episode begins with Xena awakening to find herself being attacked by a group of thugs. Half asleep, Xena begins to fight them off, primarily using her frying pan as a weapon. As an oblivious Gabrielle sleeps on, Xena wakes her up with her water skin. After waking up and realizing that Xena has ruined their only good pan, Gabrielle enters a heated argument with Xena over her choice of weapons. Mid-argument, Xena puts the pinch on the sole remaining attacker still conscious to determine why he was attacking them. It turns out that he had been sent to dispose of Xena and Gabrielle by an old enemy, Zagreas, who is attacking a nearby village.

Finding Your Way

Xena and Gabrielle set off for the village in order to protect it from Zagreas, only to reach a crossroads and find themselves lost. An already cranky Gabrielle immediately begins to chide Xena over her poor questioning technique when she has the pinch on people. Gabrielle argues that she could ask better questions and, Xena (who is distracted by trying to work out which way they should be headed) agrees that next time she puts the pinch on somebody Gabrielle should ask the questions. An appeased Gabrielle agrees that this is a good idea. When an approaching villager appears over the next hill, an eager Gabrielle immediately suggests putting the pinch on him.

Making a Decision

The villager, Hower, who is clearly smitten with Xena, arrives to inform them that his village needs their help. It turns out that a giant is going to attack his village very shortly. The women find themselves in a dilemma- do they help the village being attacked by Zagreas, or Hower's village, Laurel? While Gabrielle is all for identifying the village most in need and weighing up the pros and cons of each decision, Xena solves the problem by flipping a coin (much to Gabrielle's frustration) and they set off for Hower's village.


While traveling to Laurel, Xena and Gabrielle play the "Who Am I" game, which involves one of them working out which warlord the other one is thinking of. This seems to be a game they play regularly. At the same time, Gabrielle also randomly tries to 'attack' Xena unawares. This is also apparently an ongoing saga. Hower, traveling with them, is completely distracted by Xena. Xena questions the besotted Hower about the giant threatening Laurel. Upon finding out that the giant has never been to Laurel, Xena begins to formulate a plan. She is interrupted, however, by her stomach, so they decide to stop for breakfast. Gabrielle continues to complain about the fry pan.

While Xena fishes in the stream, Gabrielle sits on the bank with Hower and watches. They discuss Xena's plans for saving both villages. While Xena is busy, Hower approaches Gabrielle to find out whether Xena is ever likely to settle down with anybody. Gabrielle tries to put Hower off by assuring that Xena likes what she's doing. Gabrielle then informs Xena that 'another one has fallen for her', much to Xena'schagrin and clear frustration.

Before heading off, Xena sends Hower off to deliver a message to Zagreas. The message is that she'll stay out of his way, if he stays out of hers. Xena's intention behind the message is that she knows that the message will be intriguing enough for Zagreas for him to hold off on his plans of sacking the village until after he has seen what Xena is into.

A Call From Nature

While traveling, Xena stops for a bathroom break. As she waits, Gabrielle works on her latest scroll, the story of their encounter with Bacchus. After Xena is finished, Gabrielle's is furious to discover that Xena has used one of Gabrielle's scrolls for toilet paper. Their argument is interrupted by the sound of the giant approaching.

Giving Directions

With the giant fast approaching, Xena and Gabrielle put aside their argument to put into action the next phase of their plan, which is to direct the giant into the village Zagreas is planning to loot instead of into Laurel. Swapping the signs around, they point the giant in the wrong direction, where they hope he will defeat Zagreas's army for them, before finding his way to Hower's village where, hopefully, they will have a plan in action.

Upon reaching Laurel, which is deserted, the women meet Minya, a highly enthusiastic villager who has stayed behind to try and defend the village. Minya turns out to be Xena's greatest fan and is over the moon to be able to assist Xena. Despite the pressing giant problem, Xena's first request is for a hot bath.

In the hot tub Xena and Gabrielle bicker again, this time over the best way to defeat Gareth. Gabrielle is all for using the mirror technique which they used to defeat Xena's friend Goliath. Xena, however, doesn't like using the same plan twice. In the apparent absence of a better plan, though, she agrees to go along with the old plan, and asks Minya to collect all of the mirrors in town.

While Minya is collecting the mirrors, Hower arrives back in the village. Minya is incredibly excited to talk to him about Xena until it becomes apparent that Hower is now infatuated with Xena. Xena sends Hower on another message delivery to Zagreas, to ensure that Zagreas is so nervous about Xena's presence he won't sack the village, and Hower takes off running; Minya, dumbfounded, states that she's never seen him run for anything except a meal! An incredibly jealous Minya suddenly decides that she doesn't like Xena all that much and, to get back at her, agrees to trade with Gabrielle- her frying pan for Xena's whip.

Practice Makes Perfect

While formulating a plan, Xena practices some fighting techniques in the town stable. Gabrielle interrupts with another attempt to attack Xena by surprise. She is unsuccessful. The women hear a commotion outside and race out, only to find Minya practicing with Xena's whip. When Xena finds out that Gabrielle traded her whip for a frying pan, as payback for Xena using her scrolls as toilet paper, the three women have a heated argument, with Minya declaring that Hower is HERS. Xena goes to 'check on the giant' to cool off.

On the road Xena runs into Hower who informs her that Zagreas and his army are on their way over. Xena's plan is for the army and the giant to run into each other, hopefully one defeating the other. When she comes across one of the giant's footprints, Xena realizes that they are dealing with Gareth, the meanest giant ever to walk the face of the earth.

Back in the village, Gabrielle is sharing her newest scroll with Minya. Although impressed with Xena's exploits, Minya is still upset over Hower, which is made worse when Hower arrives and announces that he is in love with Xena. At that moment, Xena arrives back, filling them in on who the giant is, and informing them that the original plan is not going to work because there are heavy rainclouds approaching. Suddenly, Xena has an idea- Zeus killed giants with lightening bolts- so can she!

Trial and Error

Xena's new plan is to somehow conduct electricity from the lightening down to kill Gareth. She comes up with a device which is a kite with a metal belt buckle attached to the streamer. While Xena is incredibly enthusiastic about her plan, the other three look on, dumbfounded. Even Gabrielle has serious doubts about the plan being successful. Eventually, however, Xena gets the kite in the air, and keeps it there. Xena leaves Gabrielle to keep the kite flying, while she goes to talk some sense into Hower. Unfortunately, Xena's talk has no effect whatsoever, so she puts Gabrielle onto the task instead, while she goes to get the kite out of the tree it is now stuck in.

Gabrielle also finds her talk is unsuccessful. However, Xena has another plan. She suggests to Minya that if she were to dress up in a skimpy leather outfit like Xena does, that she could win Hower back. Suddenly, the ground begins shaking and sounds of a battle reach the village. Xena's plan is working perfectly; Gareth is destroying Zagreas' army for them.

Waiting for Gareth

Soon Zagreas stumbles down the road, cursing Xena the whole way. It turns out that Gareth has destroyed his whole army, leaving him without any warriors. Zagreas blames Xena for making it impossible for warlords to make a living these days. Zagreas, crazy and bent on revenge, appears to lose his head completely, and, when Minya appears dressed all in leather like a warrior woman, he goes for her instead of Xena. Amazingly, Minya takes him down with one blow, much to the admiration and astonishment of Hower. For the second time that day, Xena's plan works perfectly, and Hower is back in love with Minya again.

Finally, Gareth arrives. As Xena prepares to go down to meet him, Xena and Gabrielle apologize for the things they did to each other during the day. With everything put behind them, Xena leaves to take on Gareth. Along the road, Xena takes up her position in the trees to wait. As Gareth passes by her, Xena jumps from the tree onto his back, where she ties the kite to his vest. She then jumps off and uses herself as bait to encourage Gareth to run after her so that the kite will fly, gaining altitude in order to conduct a bolt of lightening. Sure enough, not long after, a suitable lightening bolt hits the kite, sending the lightening down the kite and successfully electrocuting Gareth.

Going to Bed

After a successful day of defending innocent people, Xena and Gabrielle go to bed. As they are lying, looking at the stars, Gabrielle tries one last 'surprise attack' on Xena, and actually succeeds in hitting her in the nose! Although she feels really bad at first, she quickly decides that Xena must have allowed Gabrielle to hit her, so that Gabrielle felt better. Although Xena denies it, this sets Gabrielle off again, and the whole saga starts afresh.