Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 2 Episode 15

A Day in the Life

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 1997 on

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  • Minyas debut.

    a classic episode in every sense of the word,this is of a triumphant direction by Micheal Hurst,and definately of the funniest ever made for the show.
    A Day In The Life is a well made spectacle of a comedy and its a true masterpiece of a comical effort.
    Minyas appearence in this episode is a great achievement for writers as one of the funniest characters ever made for the show,she will later appear in season 3s Quil is Mightier,and season 4s The Plays The Thing and Takes one to Know One...she is played brilliantly by Alison Wall.
    this episode is certainly a gem and another great from this second season.
  • It's all in a day's work...

    From the beginning, one gets the impression that this is not going to be a serious episode, especially with a ricocheting frying pan!

    Xena receives two requests to save villages from impending doom. Oh, which one to choose...? We are introduced to Hower and Minya, a couple who worship the ground Xena walks on. Hower develops a crush on Xena and she nonchalantly asks "Why does this always happen?" Gabrielle responds with, "It's the blue eyes… the leather… some guys just like leather…"

    Contained within this storyline are some of the little details that are generally overlooked in a typical episode such as, what's for breakfast, the call of nature and bathing. They are unexpected moments such as two women playing tricks on each other. When Gabs utilizes her chakram to cut fish, Xena uses a bit of Gabs' scroll as last minute toilet paper.

    I loved the lighthearted feel of this storyline. It's one of the best comedies of the series.
  • An absolute Xena classic - you cannot help but fall in love with this episode.

    In a season with so many great episodes, and so much to offer, A Day In the Life stands out a mile. It is another of THOSE episodes – those unforgettable absolutely adored episodes that are the epitome of Xena. The episodes that make this list make the rest of the series fade away into the background because they are just so exceptional. This is one of them. What I love about Xena is that it can do an episode like Destiny which tugs at every emotion, leaving you emotionally drained but at the same time touching your heart and soul, and can then shift to an equally exceptional episode like this one which is just as lovable, but for such different reasons!

    From the opening scenes this is a great, really genuinely funny episode. Some of my most favorite moments in the series are the everyday, intimate Xena-Gabrielle moments. It is their relationship that makes the series for me, so as much as I like the action scenes, I would take their special/simple moments any day. Campfire conversations, watching them shop in villages, or fight over simple things are so good to watch – and this episode is all about that!

    Being the sub-texter that I am, I love all the innuendos, and cheeky side-comments designed and included to let you know that there is much more to Xena and Gabrielle's relationship than meets the eye. Gabrielle trying to convince Hower to lose interest in Xena with her "she likes what I do" comments; Minya's "Hower's mine, she's yours" all, in my opinion, just reinforce what was trying to be achieved in The Quest: Xena and Gabrielle are more than just friends traveling together, they are a couple. Season 2 really started to have a lot more focus on the girls' relationship; even though the later seasons (particularly season 6) are thought of as the seasons that really leaned heavily towards a sexual relationship between the two, season 2 is also sub-text heavy with a very clear message in mind.

    Every scene in this episode is funny, clever and thoughtful. I could go on to mention every scene, and could quote from every one, they are just that good. Lucy and Renee are just remarkable – their chemistry is just amazing, they work together so well and so convincingly, and are such amazing comediennes. The whole episode has such a great feel to it.

    My one small complaint about this episode (isn't there always one?) is Minya. I know what the writers were aiming to achieve with her, but she is just SO ANNOYING! I found her funny at times, but most of the time I just wished they would switch back to the Xena-Gabrielle action. Then to have the writers later use Minya as a recurring character was quite a disappointment to me. However, having said that, the more I watch this episode, the less Minya bothers me, and I can now accept her for the comedic character that she is, without letting her spoil a brilliant episode.

    This episode is just so much fun; I loved almost every minute of it. Season 2 has turned out to be such a joy to watch, and writing reviews has given me the chance to really start to appreciate it as a season; before this, season 1 and 2 were easily, in my opinion, the weakest seasons. I now have to strongly disagree because they have so many fantastic episodes, great themes, brilliant actors etc etc. that they stand alone as outstanding Xena in every respect. The simple fact remains that there are NO bad or weak seasons of Xena. Every season was different, exciting and wonderful to watch.
  • In this great, lighthearted episode, we spend a day in the lives of Xena and Gabrielle, as they squabble and bicker while simultaneously trying to save two villages from a giant and a warlord's men respectively. One of the very best comedy offerings...

    Well, where to begin... This excellent comedy is one of the show's very best lighthearted episodes, and became an immediate fan favourite with many.

    We get the idea of the sort of thing we're in for when, straight off at the start, Xena uses her and Gabrielle's only frying pan as a chakram to see off a bunch of would-be attackers – which sets Gabrielle off complaining that they no longer have a frying pan for the rest of the episode.

    Although there is the warlord and the giant to take care of in due course, what is novel about this story is that there isn't the usual pressing danger story-line. Instead, things drift on at a whimsical (but far from boring) pace, as we see 'a day in the life' of Xena and Gabrielle (well, the episode title tells us that much)!

    The story is directed by Michael Hurst, best known as 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys'' Iolaus. Hurst had already directed 'Hercules'' great third season opener 'Mercenary', and is right at home her with the humorous tone of this episode.

    There is another good moment as Gabrielle complains that every village looks the same – a reference to the same village sets often being used over and over again on 'Xena' and 'Hercules'. (However, ironically, the particular village set seen in this episode hasn't been seen before this point).

    Whilst deciding on their plan (another great moment as Gabrielle questions why Xena can't ever use the same plan twice!), the pair take a bath – something that would pop up in several future such comedy episodes.

    Gareth, "the world's biggest giant" that Xena must stop, was originally intended to appear earlier in the season in 'Giant Killer'. However, that episode was badly over-running and it was decided that he wasn't needed for that story; so he was cut and used here instead.

    There are so many other great moments that I could comment on (Xena using one of Gabrielle's scrolls for her toiletry needs; Gabrielle continually trying to catch Xena out and hit her with her staff; the continuing 'who am I' game)... it would just end up as one long list, there are so many!

    The template of this comical episode would be reused several times to form a couple of in-the-same-vein sort-of sequels.
    To sum up, of the series' many comedy-based episodes, this is one of the very best (in many ways possibly even THE best, in my opinion).
  • Life sure sucks for these 2!!!

    A Day In The Life-Xena and Gabrielle spend a day trying to save two villages, one from a band of thugs, the other from a giant, while getting on each other's nerves and trying to not kill on another.

    Probably the most funniest Xena episode, it's no wonder this is a fan favorite. Just watching Xena and Gabrielle living out an average day in their dangerous lives and them making fun how these things always happen to them was great!!! Also Hower and Minya were a hilarious couple!! Hower wanting Xena so bad but Xena and Gabrielle trying to see him straight was too funny. There's also Xena throing the fish at Gabrielle, Xena pooing on Gabrielle's scroll, Minya stealing Xena's wipe, Minya pretending to be Xena, the kite falling on Gabrielle, Xena and Gabrielle playing the guessing game, there are just too many to name!! The episode ends with Xena taking out Gareth, the Giant that killed Goliath's family, which was a nice way to pay him tribute. Also Gabrielle hits Xena in the face with her staff the end, LOL!!! This is a must see episode, because it's just a classic comedy, not corny like the future seasons!!!