Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 2 Episode 15

A Day in the Life

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 1997 on

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  • It's all in a day's work...

    From the beginning, one gets the impression that this is not going to be a serious episode, especially with a ricocheting frying pan!

    Xena receives two requests to save villages from impending doom. Oh, which one to choose...? We are introduced to Hower and Minya, a couple who worship the ground Xena walks on. Hower develops a crush on Xena and she nonchalantly asks "Why does this always happen?" Gabrielle responds with, "It's the blue eyes… the leather… some guys just like leather…"

    Contained within this storyline are some of the little details that are generally overlooked in a typical episode such as, what's for breakfast, the call of nature and bathing. They are unexpected moments such as two women playing tricks on each other. When Gabs utilizes her chakram to cut fish, Xena uses a bit of Gabs' scroll as last minute toilet paper.

    I loved the lighthearted feel of this storyline. It's one of the best comedies of the series.