Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 5 Episode 18

Antony & Cleopatra

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2000 on

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  • Michael Hurst directs. After Cleopatra is murdered, Xena assumes her identity and begins romancing Mark Antony as she roots out the killer. But the plan is in danger when Xena really starts to fall for Antony. I personally find this one really dragged out

    After three lacklustre episodes ('Married With Fishsticks', 'Lifeblood' and 'Kindred Spirits'), I was really looking forward to this episode, as I thought it sounded promising and would be a return to form. Sadly, I found this one to be really dragged out and boring.

    Before she is killed by an asp in the teaser, Cleopatra is played by Josephine Davison, after being played by Gina Torres (better known as Nebula from 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys') in the silly season three comedy 'The King of Assassins'. Apparently Torres was unable to return to the role, as she was busy filming (ironically) 'Cleopatra 2525'.

    I haven't really got much to say on this episode, as I didn't really enjoy it that much at all. The single story of Xena inadvertently starting to fall for Mark Antony is stretched to breaking point across the whole episode. This is one of those episodes that could really use a b-plot to even things up a bit.

    There are some quite steamy scenes between Xena and Mark Antony in this episode. But it doesn't come as all that much of a shock – this is a season that has seen Xena getting up close and personal with Ares!

    The modern day song as Xena first starts to flirt with Mark Antony seemed quite out of place to me. They can maybe just about get away with it in a tongue-in-cheek comedy episode, but here, in a more serious fare, it struck me as very out of place and distracting.

    This is another episode that is noticeably low on action, particularly from the Warrior Princess herself. I know that Lucy Lawless was still recovering from giving birth, but previously in the season while she was still pregnant, they very much got around this by giving Gabrielle more action. But in the last few episodes, action from either of them has been noticeably lacking.

    I know some will absolutely love this episode. But for me, I just found it so very dragged out and uninteresting. One of my least favourites of the season.