Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 2 Episode 18

Blind Faith

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 1997 on
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When Gabrielle is kidnapped by a man plotting to usurp a kingdom, it's up to Xena to rescue her. But Xena has problems of her own to battle through first- a young punk wants to kill her to make his reputation, and she's been blinded- permanently, if she doesn't get the proper treatment in time!


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  • Xena's "fan"...

    It's somewhat interesting to see Jerry Callaghan portraying a role other than self-absorbed Roman General Pompey the Magnus. In this story, he is introduced as Palaemon, a warped Xena worshipper who has study every one of her battles. Obsessed with the notion by fighting her to the death and succeeding, he will achieve the reputation as "the man who killed Xena."

    I don't know whether it was the plot or the lack of one but this episode did not really interest me. There did not seem to be much chemistry between Xena and Palaemon. Even so, it's slightly intriguing to guess how Palaemon's story would have progressed if he had appeared in future episodes.moreless
  • well Gabys luck with men is harmed again in this episode.

    Blind Faith is a unique episode tht relies entirely on its actors and not the plot itself,while its an okay plot its the actors that make the episode what it is,a true gem.

    this is an episode tht demands rewatching many times over.#season tweo has had many,many brilliant episodes through its run,and this is another one of the most perfect episodes in the shows run.

    it reaches a hilarity tht some comedies lack while maintaining its action and dramatic features of the episode.

    these techniques make it nothing but a strong episode of this season.

    a definate classic and a true gem of the second season.moreless
  • A solid combination of strong plot lines, excellent characters, and good acting come together in an entertaining and effective episode.

    Blind Faith is a very solid episode, with some really good moments. Much of the strength of this episode comes from the excellent supporting characters introduced, namely the highly entertaining Palaemon and Vidalus, who are both excellent.

    I felt that where this episode let itself down was in the lack of focus on what should have been the defining part of the episode: Xena going blind. For an episode which seemingly had this as the focus, there was actually very little focus on this at all. I would love to have seen some more action, or just some dialog about the blindness; the effects on Xena, what she was going to do if it was permanent etc etc. I really think that this could have been a useful plot device, one which would have worked well being carried over to another episode even. Regardless, it was a useful plot twist, and it was handled mostly effectively.

    I have to say that I am a big fan of Palaemon. I thought he was just excellent - cute, funny, great fighting skills, good character development... and (even better!), he has a soft spot for Xena (despite his claims to the contrary!). For whatever reason, I just really took a shine to Palaemon's character. It is a shame that this was his one and only episode - he really felt like a character who had a lot to offer! Thus he is going into the "Seriously Underused Character Hall of Fame" along with the equally outstanding Petracles from A Fistful of Dinars.

    I loved the way Xena and Palaemon interacted, and how Xena's influence draws out the good man inside of Palaemon. These scenes were perfect, not cheesy or clichéd, and quite believable in all respects. I also loved the trust that developed between the two; watching Palaemon help Xena up climbing the wall was touching and actually, at times, quite emotional to watch.

    A special mention also goes to Vidalus, who is just perfect in his role. I really enjoy comedic characters who don't push the boundaries between funny and annoying, especially when they interact so well with the leading ladies. Gabrielle was slightly underused in this episode, I have no doubt that she could have taken the 'commoner becomes princess' role a lot further with a lot more laughs had time permitted!

    Overall, after the less-than-exciting previous episode, this episode lifts the standard again, starting to gear up for the end of season 2. The last four episodes of season 2 are strong episodes, as was the majority of season 2. This episode definitely falls into the better group of season 2 episodes, and sits well between the average The Execution, and the highly entertaining Ulysses.moreless
  • Xena is blinded during a fight with a young warrior who has kidnapped Gabrielle and plans to kill the Warrior Princess to make a name for himself. Meanwhile, Gabrielle is being lined up for a forced marriage to a King, in this great episode...moreless

    This review contains moderate spoilers.

    After two slightly lacklustre episodes ('For Him the Bell Tolls' and 'The Execution'), things are back on form again here with this great episode.

    As other reviewers have commented, Xena is at her best when she is suffering some kind of disability, yet still manages to overcome it with her other senses. She is great as she is blinded, forcing young would-be warrior Palaemon to be her eyes.

    The episode reminds me in some ways of the excellent first season 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys' episode 'As Darkness Falls' (which coincidentally guest starred Lucy Lawless), in which Herc is blinded.

    The best moments of the episode, without a doubt, are those featuring Gabrielle as she is prepared for her unwanted wedding to the King. As with Lawless, Renée O'Connor is a great comedienne, both physically and verbally, and really brings the story to life with some very funny moments.

    Most of these are when working with effeminate royal suitor Vidalus, played by the very funny Sydney Jackson (fellow UK fans might agree that he is a dead ringer for 'Jeremy' from late 1990s docusoap 'Airport'!). I would have loved to have seen Vidalus pop up again in a future episode.

    There are some far fetched moments, such as Xena falling off the side of the cliff – no way would she have been able to catch that convenient vine if she was blind; and her blind chakram throw and catch. And in the climatic scene, with the entombed Gabrielle heading into the fire, the tomb takes AGES to go in – poor Gabby would have been burnt to a sizzle! But this is another one of those episodes where it's best not to nitpick, and just sit back and enjoy the ride.

    All-in-all, this is an excellent episode. Ever since I first saw it, it has been one of my second season favourites, and one of those that is very often overlooked when discussing the series. It's definitely one of the best episodes from the latter end of the season.moreless
  • Xena and The Blind Fool!!!

    Blind Faith-After getting oil in her eyes during a fight, Xena goes blind and must deal with a man determined to kill her and rescue Gabrielle before she is forced to marry a king, who has died, or Gabrielle will soon join him.

    It's always interesting to see what happenes Xena when she gets disabled, because it becomes she handles them in such great ways. Xena becomes blind in this episode but she still has all her sense as a warrior, like sensing danger, and using her chakram like she's normal. Jeremy Callaghan does well as the youthful little warlord Palaemon. I enjoy how Xena teaches him how much of a good man he is inside and how you eventually become who you want to be. The episode has some funny bits with Gabrielle being taught how to be a decent Queen and her finding the king dead. The episode end on a nice note with Palaemon changing his ways, and Xena finally gets her eye site back. All in All, a good episode with some good lessons to learn about who you are.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: When Gabrielle was talking to the king in his room, if you look closely you can see that he is breathing when he was supposed to be dead.

    • Goof: When Xena is tying Palaemon to the board, the rope goes through his palms and around his wrist. When Xena goes to stand up though, you see that the rope is tied right up by his elbows.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Palaemon: Admit it. I'm a very formidable foe.
      Xena: You're nothing but a stupid kid with a very limited life expectancy.

    • Palaemon: I was right about one thing, Xena.
      Xena: What was that?
      Palaemon: I said I could learn something from you, and I did.
      Xena: Oh?
      Palaemon: That you are who you pretend to be, so you better pretend to be something you can live with. I think I'm going to pretend to be good for a while, see how things go.
      Xena: I think you'll like it.

    • Gabrielle: Look, you've made a big mistake. I can't marry the king!
      Vidalus: Listen, every bride gets the jitters: is he the right one? Will it last? But don't you worry; Vidalus will take care of everything.
      Gabrielle: What's Vidalus?
      Vidalus: That's me!

    • Gabrielle: You don't think I'm the right type to be a queen, do you?
      Vidalus: (snickering) Not really.
      Gabrielle: (threateningly) Yeah, well I agree! None of this makes any sense! Why would King Solus want to marry a complete peasant-stranger?!
      Vidalus: Who knows? I say, sit back and enjoy the ride!
      Gabrielle: (yelling childishly) I can't, I won't, you can't make me!!
      Servant: (offering Gabrielle some grapes) Hungry, my queen?
      Gabrielle: (snapping out of her tantrum) Oh, well, a few grapes... I gotta get outta here!

    • Palaemon: Hey! (blinded Xena handcuffs their wrists together) What are you doing? Are you crazy?!
      Xena: No, but I am in a hurry, and I need you to be my eyes.
      Palaemon: Forget it!
      Xena: You and I are gonna find Gabrielle, and anything that happens to me, happens to you first!

    • Palaemon: Come on Xena, don't hold back. Are you afraid of me? It's understandable, I don't have a soft spot for you like Draco did, and I'm not out of control like Callisto!

    • Gabrielle: Hey! I've got an idea: let's shop!
      Xena: What do we need?
      Gabrielle: No, not that kind of shop; shop-shop! You know: browsing, haggling, getting a deal?!
      Xena: A deal on what?!
      Gabrielle: Oh, who knows. See, that's the fun part - something completely frivolous!

  • NOTES (1)


    • In the middle of the fight, Palaemon tells Xena that she should be afraid of him, because he doesn't "have a soft spot for her" like Draco, and he isn't "out of control" like Callisto. This is a reference to two of Xena's greatest foes, Draco, who Xena fought in the episode "Sins of the Past", and Callisto, who she first fought in "Callisto".

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