Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 6 Episode 1

Coming Home

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2000 on
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Ares requests Xena's help to steal the Amazon's Ambrosia to restore his Godhood. However, he gets more than he bargained for, when the Furies, disguised as Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve, drive him insane, causing him to turn on Xena, so they can avenge the Olympians and rule the world. Meanwhile, Eve pays for her past when the Amazons recognize her as Livia, the Bitch of Rome and threaten to kill her.


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  • What a way to start the final series!

    Right off the bat there is a new and fresh vibe to the show, which will ultimately define the season and work to provide a near perfect amount of closure to the series as a whole. There is just that little bit more danger and tension to the episode, and the pacing is almost jarring. I snuck a re-watch of the pilot in between this episode and the last, which may be why it especially stands out to me now, but there is also a fairly great shift between this episode and the last.

    But there still remains the underlying heart and fun of the show. Ares, especially, shines in this episode, manic and dangerous, but also the source of some really hilarious moments. The Furies are a fantastically creepy foe, but not without an element of fantasy and fun. As for the Amazons, while nice to see an appearance by them - not particularly stand-out, and it was pretty clear they were mostly there to serve as a familiar face in their tension with Ares.

    Not only are stakes high this episode, but emotions are too. We learn more of the details of Eve's haunted past, something Xena certainly can understand, and the level of obsession Are's has for Xena reaches new highs. Xena and Gabby also get some sweet moments - after so much drama in the past season involving periphery characters their moments together has been quite lacking, and you get a sense from this episode already that the show will take us back to the heart of their relationship this season.

    Ultimately not a particularly stand-out ep, but not bad by any means and a great way to welcome in the new series/moreless
  • Xena vs Ares

    a truely perfect way to start off the final season of the show ( sob ) it continues on from the epic finale for ( the breathtaking !!)season 5 'Motherhood' and shows how far the show has progressed after five spectacular year.

    Coming home is an amazing opener in its own right,it features a new style of filming giving it a more fresh feel,new credits to symbolise the change of direction,it wraps up the previous five seasons while remaining very unique, it brought back the original greek amazons from the first three seasons(and Endgame from season 4) after a yearlong gap( 25 for our cast).

    introduces new characters,and maintains the chemistry between our fabulous Xena and the astonishing Ares.

    while not quite Fallen Angel it is a great opener.moreless
  • Ares and Xena battle it out !

    Brilliant start ! Ares's army attack the Amazons but the Amazons tottaly kick their a$$e$ when Xena,Gabriella and Eve show up to help. Ares is being manipulated by the furies who have taken the form of Xena,Gabriella and Eve. Back at the Amazon camp Eve shows one of the Amazons some moves but then the Amazons discover her for her true self...Livia the b!tch of Rome. they tie a chain around her neck and start pulling her from side to side. Xena shows up to warn them about Ares's army which were getting ready to attack. The reason Ares was going to attack the Amazons was because he thinks they ambrosia which could give him back his godhood. Xena saves her daughter and tries to get the Amazons to stand down against Ares's army but the Amazons were determined to fight. The war almost began but they were interrupted by Xena on her horse as she came and fought Ares who was also losing his mind completely at that point. Xena and Ares fought and Ares started bleeding so Xena viewed this to his army and told them that gods don't bleed so his army are lost between sides now. When Xena escapes on her horse Ares follows her into a snowy place with a frozen lake and in a very exciting and well chereographed scene Xena and Ares battle it out and they add very powerful dialogue to it like Xena telling Ares that he might be mortal but he will never be a man. Xena drowns and Ares saves her after the furies are destroyed but she's still not breathing. Gabriella and Eve show up and help Xena breathe again. Ares and Xena end the episode with a kiss. Very powerful episode. Amazing acting. Hands off to the writer Melissa Good who I think really put all her creatvity into this episode. Favorite character from this episode : Ares !!! Good stuff !!moreless
  • The final season begins with Ares wanting Xena's help to steal the Amazon's ambrosia, restoring his Godhood, but the Furies are conspiring to drive him insane. Meanwhile, Eve is recognised as the warrior who once wiped out many Amazons. A reasonable ep...moreless

    This review contains spoilers.

    I found the teaser to be a bit stretched. The Amazon's fight against the soldiers was way too long, and I found myself saying "Just get on with the damned story!".

    A big note is the (finally) updated opening credits. They don't quite flow as well as the original credits, but are still a welcome update. I personally wish that they had updated them for every season.

    I still wonder how long they will keep Eve around – will she be written out, or tag along until the end of the season? I'm not sure how well the latter will work.

    The first act really has you wondering what is going on, as Xena, Gabrielle and Eve seem to have turned bad. When it is revealed that it is the Furies in Ares head, it comes as a welcome relief.

    The late Kevin Smith gives a good performance in this episode, one of his best in the series.

    I particularly liked the scene with the fly (which naturally, Xena catches).

    Both Ares being targeted by the Furies, and Gabrielle (in the fifth season finale 'Motherhood') work much better than when Xena herself was targeted by them in the weak third season opener 'The Furies'.

    The climatic fight between Ares and Xena is well shot, especially with Xena being stuck under the ice.

    The chakram throw that finally defeated the Furies was clever but questionable – are we supposed to believe it was just ricocheting around all that time?

    The ending scene with Xena and Ares was originally from 'Motherhood', but dropped for time; so it was tweaked and re-filmed here. Although it does seem slightly out of context, it is a good scene.

    Although not a classic episode, this is a decent season opener.moreless
  • Eve is on the path of good, Ares is mortal, and The Furies are out for Xena's blood - a strong start to a great season.

    This was an interesting episode to open the new (and last) season of Xena. We pick up where we left off at the end of season 5, with Eve now the new tag-along, and Ares without his godhood, which had promised to be an interesting ride.

    Kevin Smith, as Ares, is fantastic in this episode, despite Ares being in not-so-fine form. The Furies are attempting to drive him crazy which, with Kevin's comedic talent is a great show! The Furies are great, as usual, although I always find them to be among the creepiest of Xena's foes - there is just something about them that feels like you are walking a fine line between sanity and completely losing your mind - even as a viewer!

    Ares has some really great moments throughout the episode - watching him argue with himself, and stage a fight with himself are particularly funny.

    We are introduced to Varia in this episode - who continues to guest star in Season 6. At this stage she shows potential as an interesting character... her manipulation of Eve into getting Eve to confess to her murder of their Amazon tribe was quite something.

    There are some really sweet moments in this episode, especially Xena's heartfelt apology to Gabrielle for throwing her chakram at her in Motherhood, and Xena and Ares shared moment at the end. Not to mention Ares' anguish at thinking he has killed Xena!

    Which brings us to the fight between Xena and Ares at the end. In my opinion, this was definately one of Xena's most impressive plans - which truly worked to absolute perfection. Her chakram throw to kill the Furies was an amazing feat, and the fight was both brutal, and highly entertaining. What really stood out is the power that Xena really possesses over Ares - so much so that she can really guess at his every thought and move. While not a revelation, it is interesting to watch.

    Overall, this is not a standout episode - but it has some really interesting and some quite funny moments, and sets the scene nicely for what promises to be an unforgettable season of Xena.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Ares: Xena- is there even a chance we could be together one day? I don't know, maybe, you know- one in a thousand?
      Xena: More like one in a billion.
      Ares: So you're saying there is a chance.

    • Varia: A Roman short sword. The man who did it- died before he had time to wipe his blade.
      Eve: Hm-m. Gaelic spear. The man who did it- his entire regiment, his village, and two neighboring villages- destroyed before the sun went down.

    • Ares: (bluffinf that he could use his Godly powers if he chose) Where's the fun in that? Now, get moving. I want those Amazons on their knees by the end of the day. Go!

    • Gabriele: (after Xena wonders why Ares sent for them) Maybe he wants to see you again. After all, he does have a thing for you.

    • Ares: (talking to a fly) Fear not friend fly, there is no dishonor in defeat, for I am... the GOD OF WAR!

    • Ares: Who knows, maybe as a mortal I can experience something I never could as a God.
      Xena: Like what?
      Ares: Like you.
      Xena: You never give up, do you? (kisses him softly on the lips)
      Ares: Ow. I guess I'm finally getting to you.
      Xena: You always got to me. But you were bad for me, Ares. You still are.

    • Xena: What Eve did to your people is unforgiveable. But she is my daughter, and if anything happens to her while she is in your custody, you'll have me to deal with. And trust me, you ain't ready for that.

    • Xena: We owe him everything. He gave up his immortality for us. For the God of War there's no greater sacrifice.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Philip Tallman was nominated for the 2001 Golden Reel Award for "Best Sound Editing - Television Episodic - Music" for this episode.

    • They filmed a final scene with Marga banishing Eve, but didn't include it in the episode. The scene they did use had actually been written for the fifth season finale "Motherhood", but when they didn't use it there they recycled it for "Coming Home".

    • Missy Good, the writer of this episode, was a writer of fan fiction of the show on the internet. One of the producers read her work and liked it so much that he asked her to write an episode.

    • For the final season the opening credits finally change and many of the clips are replaced. This is the biggest change to the credits since Renee O'Connor was removed from the credits at the start of Season Four.

    • DISCLAIMER: Xena & Gabrielle's psyches were harmed during the production of this motion picture.


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