Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 4 Episode 11

Daughter of Pomira

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 1999 on

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  • Kaltaka... Kaltaka - this little word speaks volumes.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode for a number of reasons. I think it is a strong episode, a neat plotline, and a different take on a filler episode.

    This episode harks back to the 3rd season episode "The Price" where Xena and a village clashed with the age old enemy, The Horde. The moral of this story was the discovery that, although primitive, the Horde too had a code by which they lived, died and fought; they too had a history, and a belief system, and the ongoing war between the two sides was more a case of misunderstanding, than anything actually worth fighting for.

    In this episode we pick up with another village at war with the Horde. With no understanding between them, the two sides fight each other with little purpose other than a blind hatred of the other. What complicates this story is the discovery that the Horde have abducted a child, Vanessa, from the village some 6 years ago and raised her as their own.

    Naturally, this tragic tale appeals to Gabrielle's soft side, and she feels the desperate need to reunite parents and daughter. To be completely honest, this is a fairly normal reaction; in today's society abducted children are searched for in the vain hope that they will be found alive and well and desperate to be brought home.

    It is obvious that Xena has reservations about this goal, but she keeps them to herself. What they ultimately discover is not a helpless child kept as a prisoner by a band of primitives, but an educated young girl, Pilee, who is loved and cared for, and has an important role and a home among a society which makes perfect sense to her. Pomira, as they are called, have cared for her, raised her with love as their own daughter, taught her the ways of their world, and helped her to grow and mature.

    This provides an unusual dilemma, which I think is a very neat and original storyline; what exactly do you do with this strange child? Do you fight to make her stay in a home that she no longer belongs to, or do you let her go?

    I feel that this episode raises a number of interesting questions. There are cases over the years where children, abducted at a young age and kept as prisoners for many years, grow to develop a love, attachment and dependence on their captors. Although in this case, Pilee was never abused or mistreated, she was still abducted against her will. Who is right and wrong in this case?

    Besides the question of right and wrong, is the dilemma of where Pilee belongs. Would you force her to live in a world that she no longer wants a part of? I think that most people would. I think the ending which allows Pilee to return to Pomira is quite a brave ending, and certainly not the soppy ending we are used to with most filler episodes.

    Several other points that I would like to touch on: firstly, I really liked Gabrielle's little quip "I know a child needs her mother and father, don't you agree Xena?" This speaks volumes about where our girls are at with all that nasty history. Clearly still waters run deep. I don't think there is any forgetting for Gabrielle – forgiveness maybe, but clearly the loss of Hope is something that still haunts her on a daily basis. It must be so difficult to carry that guilt, blame and anger directed at Xena, to whom she also feels love, connection, trust and reliance. An interesting bag of emotions to carry on a daily basis.

    I think it is a pity that we don't get to see more of Pomira throughout the episode. It would have helped to reinforce the love that Pilee felt towards the tribe if we could see a little more interaction, particularly between her and her 'father'. I liked what we did see though. The costuming is excellent when it comes to the horde and I swear to God, if someone took my horde outfit off me and put me in that horrendous blue dress, I'd run home too!

    I thought the young actress playing Vanessa/Pilee was very good. Of course, the dialogue was going to be a bit stilted, but I thought she was convincing and fiery which was very important for her role. Milo was also an interesting addition, kind of like evil Xena sitting on one shoulder all the time. In a bizarre sense, I could almost imagine Milo existing only in Xena's head, he has an odd presence about him.

    Overall, I thought this was a strong filler episode. Not to mistake it with a story arc, which I think is what people often do with this one, which is why it gets poor reviews. As fillers go, this is a winner.
  • Nothing special

    A decent episode. Girl is kidnapped by hoard as a child, raised as their own for 6 years, Gabrielle promises the parents they will bring her home, turns out that she likes her new adopted family, and her old family, not so much.

    Acting for old family is not very good (especially the guy who plays the father), so it makes the whole family-drama bit get egg on its' face.

    However, it does settle the whole if the hoard do so much killing, why haven't they been doing more killing since they were introduced? flaw.

    Aside from the acting, the writing has many, many flaws in it. Gabrielle doesn't object to Xena appearing to return to evil-xena form, xena having guilt over killing of Milo, Gabrielle convinced everything is her fault (return of season 1 gab?). None of the regular characters behaved in the way they were supposed to. It all felt forced.

    Had it been written better, this would have been up there with usual filler quality, however it fell short.

    Fortunately(?) writer Linda McGibney only wrote one Xena episode.
  • Xena and Gabrielle rescue a young girl from the Horde, only to find out that the girl has been raised as one of the Horde's own and doesn't want to return home to her parents. An average episode that doesn't live up to the greatness of 'The Price'...

    This episode marks the return of the Horde, first seen in the excellent (and much under-rated) second season episode 'The Price'.

    I wasn't too sure about the character of Milo; we are given little explanation as to his hatred for the Horde (well, his hatred more than most people). And in the fight with Xena at the climax of the story, he really gives the Warrior Princess a run for her money, despite it never previously being claimed that he is a particularly apt warrior.

    I personally think that this episode would have fared better if it had different "villains" (of sorts) to the Horde. I like the mysterious, savage Horde introduced in 'The Price', and I feel that here it takes them too far in a different direction.
    With just a bit of tweaking, it could have been a different race, would have saved the Horde's previous reputation, and would have avoided such deep comparisons with 'The Price', which is a completely different kind of episode.

    After the grim, war-based 'The Price', this episode is much more of a character piece, focusing almost solely on young Pilee / Vanessa. Again, it doesn't progress the Horde as a race much, and in a works against what has already been built up in 'The Price', which is why I think a different race than the Horde would have worked just as well (maybe even better) for the story.

    Beth Allen plays the role of Pilee / Vanessa well, although I did feel that, for someone who supposedly hadn't spoken English for six years, she did pick it up again very easily, and maybe was a little too immediately fluent in it to be completely believable.

    All-in-all, a fair episode, but it suffers for so much comparison to the great 'The Price', and does nothing to further the Horde. If only they'd used a different race for this episode...
  • A reason Parents should punish their kids!!

    Daughter of Pomria-Xena and Gabrielle set out to recover a young girl who was kidnapped six years ago by the Horde, but they don't count on the fact that the child has been raised as one of the Horde and doesn't want to leave the only family she knows.

    Concentrating too much on the family storyline, and not the Horde storyline, this episode isn't even close to being as good as The Price. It's not that the story mostly drags, making it pale in comparison after an episode like the Price which it's kind of a dissappointment. Pili/Vanessa is good enough character, if you can get by her annoying temper outbursts. You get her confusion and her trying to understand bough sides, but her struggle to chose which is best. It was pretty funny how Xena went in the Horde mak-up to get Pili/Vanessa, it's pretty funny when she's talking to one of them, and she gets mad. I found the character of Milo also annoying at times, with his kill the Horde speechs. Though, the fight scene at the end between him and Xena was great! I feel bad for Pili/Vanessa's family they find their daughter only for them to lose her again to the Horde. Another thing, They should have had more development on Crivick's part, it would have been nice to have a flashback to see how he and Pili/Vanessa got close. All in All, a dull episode that is nothing like the Price!!