Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 4 Episode 22

Deja Vu All Over Again

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 17, 1999 on

Episode Recap

The scene opens in asuburban home. Someone dreams clips from "Callisto." A woman, Annie (Lucy Lawless), wakes Harry (Ted Raimi). Annie tells Harry she had a dream and she's really Xena reincarnated. Harry says yeah, right, and Annie pulls a sword on Harry. She hands him a news release about a vigilante Xena impersonator. Annie thinks it's her. Annie decides to go see a past lives counselor.

Annie and Harry enter the Welcome To Who You Used To Be place, where Joan of Arc and some other people wait. One man, Marco (Robert Trebor), is the receptionist or something. The doctor comes out (Renee O'Connor) and takes Annie back to her office. Annie goes into a trance and remembers "Return of Callisto". Marco checks his gun while Harry listens to a radio report about the vigilante Xena. Harry says he wants to go get his girlfriend. Annie screams because she realizes, after another clip shot, that she is Joxer reincarnated. Harry fusses at the Doctor and tells her to make Annie remember she's somebody else. Marco listens in at the door. A clip from "In Sickness and in Hell" is shown.The doctor seems to remember something too, and goes to get Annie a sedative. Marco and the doctor talk about their scam, and the doctor says she had a funny thing happen while hypnotizing Annie. Annie and Harry talk. The doctor returns, and sends everyone back to ancient Greece in a trance. Another clip from "In Sickness and in Hell." Marco comes into the room with a gun. He ties everyone up. The doctor tells him to take all the money; she doesn't want any part of the scam anymore. The doctor leaves a bomb on the desk. The doctor talks about her karma and how she's screwed things up. Harry tells the doctor to take them all back, because one of them is Xena. They think the doctor must have been Xena. Another trance, "The Quest", (including the Kiss). Annie looks at the bomb; she says she's going to disarm it. Annie and Harry argue. Harry hits Annie across the face and she falls to the ground. Another regression, "Return of Callisto". The doctor realizes she was Gabrielle. Harry says he knows now which of them is Xena -- him. He uses the chakram to cut himself free and disarms the bomb.

Marco returns. He morphs into Ares (Kevin Smith). Ares wants Xena by his side, regardless of body. He says the world is ripe to take because of the Y2K problem. He reminds Xena how they used to be ("The Reckoning"). Ares holds a sword to the doctor's throat. Ares and Harry fight. Annie whacks Ares in the head. Ares leaves. Harry and the doctor look at each other. Annie tells Harry they can't be together, and that Harry and the doctor are soulmates. Clip: "One Against An Army". Annie defends Joxer as not being so inane, and leaves. Harry and the doctor sit and talk. A montage of touching clips. Harry and the doctor kiss. Annie sings an "Annie Bananie" version of the Joxer song and skips off down the sidewalk.