Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 18, 1995 on



  • Trivia

    • Gabrielle broke off the blade of a spear, effectively neutralizing its deadliness. This is possibly foreshadowing her acquiring her own staff by the Amazons later in the season.

    • Xena did not use her chakram once in this episode.

    • The scene in the teaser with Gabrielle bending over to pick up Xena's sword would be featured in the opening credits' montage sequence for the first five seasons.

    • Goof: In the teaser, when Xena spies the highwaymen approaching, she throws her dagger to the left side of a large boulder. Later, during the fight, she dives to the right of the boulder, retrieves the dagger and uses it to kill the lead robber.

    • Xena is wearing an oriental style outfit, foreshadowing later revelations of her experience with eastern mysticism.

    • The first person Xena ever killed was a man named Termin. She killed him by slitting his throat.

  • Quotes

    • Highwayman: Now all things consider, I think a surrender would be a good start. Xena: I accept. Gabrielle, take their weapons.

    • Xena: The moment you pick up a sword, you become a target. And the moment
      you kill...
      Gabrielle: The moment you kill, what?
      Xena: Everything changes. Everything.

    • Mesmer: Xena, do you know me, Warrior Queen?
      Xena: Should I?
      Mesmer: This was my village. All gone now. Your people came and wiped it out. And me... As you commanded. Did you know I had a name?
      Xena: I didn't do this...
      Mesmer: My name is Mesmer. My wife's name...
      Xena: I'm sorry.
      Mesmer: Sorry? Sorry to know my name? Oh, that's right. Your victims were always faceless. You never knew much about them, did you? Or cared...

    • Gabrielle: (in Xena's Dreamscape) They're going to sacrifice me, they're going to sacrifice me not. They're going to sacrifice me...

    • Xena: See how calm the surface of the water is? That was me once. And then...(throws a stone into the water) That's what I became.
      Gabrielle: But if we sit here long enough it will go back to being still again. It would go back to being calm.
      Xena: But the stone is still under there. It's now part of the lake. It might look as it did before but it's forever changed.

    • Manus: You have no idea what kind of enemy you've made. Morpheus will not be denied. You think he's just going to let you walk out of here? (Gabrielle decks him)
      Gabrielle: Punching's all right?
      Xena: I'm impressed.

    • Xena: All right. The rules of survival. Number one. If you can run, run. Number two. If you can't run, surrender, and then run. Number three. If you're outnumbered, let them fight each other, while you run. Number four-
      Gabrielle: Wait, more running?
      Xena: No. Four is where you talk your way out of it, and I know you can do that.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Skanderbeg

      The weapons shop's owner shows Gabrielle a fancy sword he says is made from iron from the Albanian mines of the Skanderbeg. Skanderbeg, or Iskinder Bey (in Turkish), is actually the name of Albania's greatest hero, who fought against the Ottoman Turks in the 1400s.

    • Greek Mythology Connection: The god Morpheus appeared to dreams in human shapes. He is the son of Hypnos, God of sleep. Morpheus would later be played by Stephen Lovatt in the Young Hercules episode "In Your Dreams".