Xena: Warrior Princess

(ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • 6/18/01

      Since Xena must be dead to fight Yodoshi, she allows a samurai and his warriors to kill her. Gabrielle learns that she can bring Xena back to life by burning her body and putting the ashes in a magic spring before sunset on the second day. Gabrielle fights the samurai for Xena's body. She then builds a pyre and collects Xena's ashes. Meanwhile, Xena's spirit comes to a teahouse where other spirits that are against the evil Yodoshi dwell. Eventually Xena defeats Yodoshi and releases the many souls that he has held captive. But, in order for those souls to remain at peace, Xena must stay dead. Gabrielle realizes that she must sacrifice her friend for the greater good. But as she departs, Xena's spirit promises to be with Gabrielle always.

    • 6/11/01

      Xena is summoned to Japan by her friend, Akemi (who's actually a ghost), who needs her help to battle another evil soul-eating ghost named Yodoshi who plans to attack the city of Higuchi with his army of samurai warriors. After saving the city from Yodoshi's first strike, Xena is determined to battle Yodoshi. But the resident ghost killer tells her he can only be harmed by the dead...

    • Soul Possession
      Episode 20

      Ares wants Xena's soul for eternity, and he will do just about anything to get it. He bargains with Xena for Gabrielle's soul using a contract, and almost gets Xena to marry him. Of course Xena is aware of Ares' tricky nature and backs out of the marriage. So, the reincarnations of Gabrielle, Joxer and Xena have to fight with Ares at a modern-day meeting of C.H.A.K.R.A.M. Xena manages to destroy the contract Ares created to get her soul. Once again, Ares' plans are ruined.

    • Many Happy Returns
      Episode 19

      While traveling to return the enchanted Helmet of Hermes to the King of Thebes, Xena and Gabrielle rescue Genia, a virgin who is about to be sacrificed willingly by religious zealots in exchange for protection from a warlord. Xena and Gabrielle think that introducing Genia to Aphrodite would convince her that throwing away her life for a God is a bad idea but it backfires on them when Genia becomes a disciple to Aphrodite, who casts a love spell on Genia, causing her to fall in love with the warlord's son. Now, Gabrielle, Xena, and Aphrodite must go to extensive measures to save the helmet from the warlord's greedy hands and save Genia from the zealots, who've teamed up with the warlord to stop Xena. Meanwhile, it's Gabrielle's birthday, which means a series of practical jokes and one-up-man-ship between Gabrielle and Xena.

    • When Fates Collide
      Episode 18

      After escaping from Tartarus and capturing the Fates, Caesar changes the Threads of Fate in order to change his destiny. He makes Xena his Empress and rules the world by her side. In this alternate reality, Gabrielle is a talented playwright and Alti is the High Priestess of Rome, who wants all the power for herself and will stop at nothing to get it.

    • 4/30/01

      Ephiny's son, Xenan, is wanted by Lord Belach for kidnapping his daughter, Nicha. However, Nicha and Xenan are married and expecting a child. Ephiny's spirit visits Gabrielle and asks for her help. Lord Belach hunts down the Centaurs and kills them all except for Xenan. Xena and Gabrielle offer to find Nicha for Belach, who is the son of Borias. Belach has spent his life trying to avoid becoming what his father was. Xena reveals that she is the woman that took Borias away from Belach and his mother. Nicha has her baby, a Centaur. Belach captures Xenan and wants to trade him for his daughter. Nicha, Xena and Gabrielle convince Belach that peace is the best solution.

    • Send in the Clones
      Episode 16

      In modern times, a team composed of a mysterious woman and three die-hard Xena fans use hair samples to create clones of Xena and Gabrielle and attempt to restore their memories with episode clips from the past 6 seasons. But one of them is the reincarnation of Alti, who wishes to release the "evil Xena" and destroy her reputation for good deeds, established by the TV series.

    • 2/19/01

      When Varia is unexpectedly captured by Bellerephon, the vengeful half-God son of Artemis, Gabrielle is forced to take charge by leading the Amazons to rescue Varia from Bellerophon's fortress: Helicon.

    • Path of Vengeance
      Episode 14

      As the Amazon tribes unite under Varia to rebuild their Nation, Eve, despite her banishment, returns to make amends for her past crimes against them. However, she is captured by the Amazons and sentenced to execution unless Xena and Gabrielle can find a loophole in the Amazon laws to save her. But can they get through to Varia with Ares corrupting her?

    • You Are There
      Episode 13

      Xena embarks on a quest to steal the Golden Apples of Valhalla and restore love to the world. However a modern-day reporter repeatedly interferes on a quest of his own to find a news-worthy story and expose "the real Xena".

    • The God You Know
      Episode 12

      With Ares rendered mortal, Aphrodite has become off-balance and is easily seduced by the evil Roman Emperor, Caligula, who steals her Godly powers and becomes a threat to the followers of Eli. This causes Michael, the Archangel, to use Eve to force Xena into seducing Caligula and defeat him. However, when Xena learns his plan, she turns on him, which leaves lasting repercussions on Xena, who must find a way to stop Caligula and his Cult of Blood for good.

    • Dangerous Prey
      Episode 11

      When a deranged hunter, Prince Morloch, bent on hunting down Amazons for sport, corners them, Xena steps into avenge the Queen's death and train a new Amazon Queen. However Xena, instead, becomes the ultimate prey.

    • 1/15/01

      When all the warlords who've suffered Ares' reign in the past band together to take revenge, Xena disguises a mortal Ares as a farmer in the middle of nowhere in order to hide him. Meanwhile, Xena enjoys getting back to her country roots and Ares unexpectedly finds a friend in a stray dog.

    • 11/27/00

      While Gabrielle is within a ring of enchanted fire, Xena has amnesia from the power of the ring and believes herself to be Wealthea, the bride of Hrothgar, a Viking lord. However, she is rescued by Beowolf who must help her regain her memory in order to save Gabrielle from eternal sleep.

    • The Ring (2)
      Episode 8

      Xena tells the tale of how Grindl was created, when the Valkyrie Grinhilda put on the Rheingold ring. Then she, Gabrielle, and two Northern warriors kill the creature; only to discover it wasn't the one they thought, but her child, instead. Its mother, Grinhilda, has the power of the ring and is bent on destroying Xena and anyone who gets in her way.

    • 11/13/00

      When Xena journeys to the Norse lands to stop a vicious beast she created, Gabrielle soon follows and learns of Xena's past as a Valkyrie and the crimes she committed after she made the Rheingold into a powerful ring.

    • The Abyss
      Episode 6

      When searching for Virgil, Xena and Gabrielle are confronted by cannibals and they must stay alive in order to rescue Virgil before he becomes their next meal.

    • Legacy
      Episode 5

      In Africa, Xena and Gabrielle attempt to help unite a tribe that worships them with a rival tribe against their common enemy, the Romans. However, when Gabrielle accidentally strikes down an innocent fan, the tribes demand vengeance against Gabrielle and Xena must turn to the Romans for help.

    • Who's Gurkhan?
      Episode 4

      When she discovers that her niece has been kidnapped by slave traders, Gabrielle (with Xena, Eve and Virgil in tow) sets sail for North Africa in search of the elusive warlord, Gurkhan.

    • 10/16/00

      Xena defeats Mephistopheles, the King of Hell, and an Archangel named Lucifer is sent down from Heaven to force Xena to descend into Hell to rule it. However, Xena devises a plan to tempt him with worldly delights so that he'll take her place. But with Xena's heart, and the hearts of the ones around her turning evil, Xena must maintain the remaining goodness inside of her and keep herself from hurting her daughter in the process.

    • 10/9/00

      Xena finds her home town, Amphipolis, deserted and possessed by sinister powers from Hell, which are trapping her mother's soul and those of the town. Xena learns that her daughter has been endowed with the power of heaven as the Messenger of Eli. She also discovers that Mephistopheles, the King of Hell, has orchestrated the plan to force Xena to spill the blood of the Messenger, which will free him. However, if Xena kills him, then she will inherit his throne and be forced to take his place in Hell.

    • Coming Home
      Episode 1

      Ares requests Xena's help to steal the Amazon's Ambrosia to restore his Godhood. However, he gets more than he bargained for, when the Furies, disguised as Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve, drive him insane, causing him to turn on Xena, so they can avenge the Olympians and rule the world. Meanwhile, Eve pays for her past when the Amazons recognize her as Livia, the Bitch of Rome and threaten to kill her.

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