Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 5 Episode 12

God Fearing Child

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2000 on



  • Trivia

    • Zeus destroys Hera in this episode. Zeus is then killed by Hercules.

    • The episode marks the birth of Eve.

    • The Ribs of Cronus have the power to kill a God. That's the fourth thing in the Xenaverse that can kill a God. The other three are the Dagger of Helios, the Hind's blood and the Chakram of Light.

    • The lake entrance to Tartarus is probably the same as in the season 1 episode "Mortal Beloved".

    • Nitpick: When Ares says he's in his "brother's realm" while in the underworld, but in Greek mythology Hades is his uncle [elder sibling to Zeus], not his brother.

    • Hercules and Hera are seeking a rib of Cronus yet in the Hercules episode "Reunions", Hera mentioned that Cronus is down in the abyss of Tartarus. So how can his bones (implying that he's dead) be found above ground? It's possible that Chronos was the one referred to here. Chronos is the personification of Time, while Cronus was the leader of the Titans and father of Zeus. Another possibility is that Cronus was truly killed, leaving his physical remains on Earth while his soul was sent to Tartarus.

    • Hercules comments on Gabrielle's shorter haircut, implying that he hasn't seen her in at least a year.

    • Hera finally expresses regret for killing Hercules's family in the first episode of his series.

    • This episode marks the only appearance of Zeus on Xena, and Hera's only in-person appearance (she appeared with the familiar peacock eyes in "Prometheus").

    • During this episode, Hera mentions her grandson. She is referring to Evander, son of Ares, who she met on the Hercules Season 6 episode "Full Circle".

    • Goof: At the beginning of the final scene, they start with a long shot with Xena sitting on the ground with Gabrielle on her left and Hercules sitting on a log off to her right. When the camera moves in for the close-up Gabrielle is on Xena's right and Hercules is sitting on the log on her left. Other than that their positions look identical to the long shot, so it's likely the film was reversed in one of the shots.

  • Quotes

    • Gabrielle: I had a dream last night. You and I were both giving birth to your baby. It was like it was coming from both of us.
      Xena: That's very nice. You know, if I could give you half the labor pains, I would do it.

    • Ares: I have feelings for you, okay? I care about you, damn it.
      Xena: Aw, oh no... no...
      Ares: I see your face everywhere.
      Xena: Stop it! You stop it! You're so desperate, you're trying to convince me that you love me. Well, go on. Say it. Say it. Say you love me. The time for you and me has been and gone.
      Ares: It was worth a shot anyway. I thought in your present condition you might be a little more gullible.
      Xena: I am pregnant, not brain-damaged!
      (Xena walks away)
      Ares: I love you, Xena.

    • Zeus: (as he lays dying) Hercules, you've never disappointed me, especially today.

    • Hercules: Xena, I would die before I let anyone hurt your child.

    • Xena: (seeing the stuffed hydra Hercules is carrying) Who's your friend?
      Hercules: Oh, I named him Iolaus, but he happens to be for you, or should I say for your child.

  • Notes

    • Stephen Lovatt takes over as Hades for this episode and a few following episodes. The previous actor, Erik Thomson, turned down the role because he was busy as a regular on a Australian TV show, All Saints.

    • Rob Tapert had intended to do the "Twilight of the Gods" storyline on Hercules, but when that show ended abruptly he had to bring it to Xena.

    • In the first draft, Hercules didn't appear in this episode. Instead, Amarice stayed with Xena while Gabrielle and Joxer went into the Underworld to steal Hades' helmet so that Xena could be invisible while she gave birth.

    • Xena: Please be quiet, just be quiet.
      This was an adlib by Lucy, who know perhaps better than the writers what an appropriate line for Xena during labor would be.

    • Lucy Lawless had already had her own son a month before this episode was filmed. She wanted to wait until after she had the baby to film it because she didn't want her son to be traumatized by the simulated labor.

    • Nicko Vella takes over the role of Solan from David Taylor due to the fact that David had aged significantly since his last appearance in "The Bitter Suite".

    • DISCLAIMER: Zeus cashed in his chips during the production of this motion picture

    • This episode marks Kevin Sorbo's return to playing Hercules since his show ended and is his last apperence in Xena. Gabrielle comments on Hercules' new haircut since Kevin Sorbo cut it for his new show Andromeda.

  • Allusions

    • Hera claims that she and Zeus created mortals. According to many Greek myths, it was actually the Titan Prometheus who created humans from clay. In other stories, notably Plato's Protagoras, the gods created humans and all the other animals, but it was the Titans Prometheus and Epimetheus who gave them their defining attributes, and provided humans with the capability for civilization.