Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 2 Episode 11

Here She Comes... Miss Amphipolis

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 1997 on
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Xena masquerades as a beauty pageant contestant to stop a saboteur, who is bent on destroying a peace treaty between three warlords.

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  • Xena's joins a beauty pageant...

    An urgent distress call for help from Salmoneaus brings Xena and Gabrielle to save a beauty contest from a saboteur.

    Initially, I did not care much for this episode and it's one I thought I would not likely watch again if I didn't have to but it's not a bad episode really even though it seems ridiculous to have a beauty pageant as the basis for a storyline.

    Gabrielle gives a passable French accent and seems to be having a lot of fun with her 'role' as the Marquessa, Miss Amphipolis' sponsor. The wonderful character Salmoneaus keeps the storyline lighthearted and full of fun. I loved his song, "A Woman's A Natural Thing' during the humorous warm-up routine for the contestants.

    There are many 'in jokes', such as the pageant contestant named Miss Artiphys who's actually a guy in drag. And the jokes keep on coming, such as with 'her' wonderful response when spotted wearing Xena's leather garb and being mistaken for the warrior princess. She replies, "Honey, I'm no princess… I'm a QUEEN!" (Loved how Gab's eyebrows raised after that one.) Salmoneaus then proceeds to introduce 'her', "And the last contestant Is Miss Artiphys whose hobbies include archery, horse breeding, and knowing the complete score to every musical ever written". Overall, this is an entertaining episode despite the flimsy plot line.moreless
  • And the Winner Is...!!

    Xena masquerades as a beauty pageant contestant, to stop a saboteur, bent on destroying a peace treaty between two warlords. This episode is so ironic!! First off, Lucy looked gorgeous in her new make-over. Second, there was a transvesite in this episode and he won the pagent!!! It was so funny how he kissed Xena at the end, Lucy's face was priceless. Also the other beauty pagent contestents were believeable characters and the guest stars did well. Also, I loved Gabrielle as Xena's sponser as her accent couldn't have been more hilarious. All in All, this episode is quite funny, yet, weird!!!moreless
  • And please welcome to the stage... Miss Amphipolis! What? Miss Who? Uh-oh, it's Xena in a dress again!

    Here she comes... Miss Amphipolis! is one of those cute, lovable episodes that works beautifully as a filler, but ultimately is not really particularly memorable. It is a funny episode, and watching Xena and Gabrielle in character is always amusing. There are some interesting characters, and Salmoneus is good value as usual.

    From start to finish, this is a real tongue-in-cheek kind of episode. Everything is pretty much done for laughs, using the pageant as a plot-device as much as to poke fun at the whole notion of beauty pageants. It is not overdone, and Xena usually manages to make episodes that are just funny enough, without going overboard.

    Lucy looks great, as usual, and I love to see her out of her regular warrior outfit. I loved seeing her in action, in full Xena fight mode with the swords, all the while in a dress! Lucy is so versatile, I love watching her!

    The best part of this episode, however, is undoubtedly the ending. The whole thing is handled in a really nice feel-good way. Watching all the girls in the pageant stand up for themselves, and show strength and confidence was a really touching way to end.

    I also have to agree with the previous reviewer who praised the way the drag-queen character of Miss Artiphys was handled. I completely agree that this was an acknowledgment of the steadily growing support from the gay and lesbian community, which was really nice, and the character was also well acted and a great addition.

    The whole episode worked really really well, it was funny in all the right places, cute and silly in the right spots, and touching and realistic in all the right places. The characters are perfect, and well-acted, and Xena, Gabrielle and Salmoneus are fantastic together with their usual chemistry.

    There is not much else to say other than this is definitely a good example of comedic Xena at the higher end of the spectrum.moreless
  • Xena poses as a contestant in Salmoneus' latest venture, a beauty pageant, to try and root out the saboteur intent on stopping the event. Some fair moments, but mostly an average episode...moreless

    This review contains mild spoilers.

    This episode marks Salmoneus' last appearance in the series. Although he was effectively replaced by Joxer, I think it is a great shame, as he is a great (and very funny) character, with excellent on-screen rapport with both Lucy Lawless and Renée O'Connor.

    I like the opening scene on the beach, with Gabrielle 'loading Xena up' with scallop shells to fire at the villains of the piece.

    It is a surprise that one of the women in the contest is actually a man. I found this to be an acknowledgement to the wide fan-base of gay lesbian and cross-gender viewers that the series has, with the character played so sympathetically.

    Beyond that, the episode is a pretty average affair, with Xena parading around in a blonde wig trying to root out the saboteur. Gabrielle, meanwhile, plays her sponsor, with a very suspect (French?) accent.

    The music of the pageant is hardly ancient Greek in style, sounding rather modern, but then its just one of those episodes that you mustn't take too seriously.

    Then there's the red herring, as we are lead to suspect that maybe the pageant matron might be behind all of the sabotage attempts.

    All-in-all, this episode has some good moments (I particularly like Salmoneus' "You saved my assets", at which the transvestite entry replies "You have no idea" in a very deep voice!), but winds up just an okay sort of episode.moreless
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