Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 1 Episode 10

Hooves & Harlots

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 1995 on

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  • A very strong first introduction to the Amazons and the Centaurs - who remain important parts of Xena for the whole series.

    Hooves and Harlots is a fantastic episode, and a very important one in a lot of respects. It stands out as a special episode in Xena history, not just because of the solid storyline, but because so many historic events occur in the episode.

    Firstly, we are introduced to the Amazons, and the Centaurs, both of whom become quite vital parts of Xena, particularly the Amazon nations. The Amazons are always excellent, interesting, great costumes, great fight scenes and it is fantastics to see all women. The Centaurs too get a good look in, and they play an important role in relation to Xena's dark past in later episodes.

    Which leads us to the next important point, which is the reference to Xena's dark past with the Amazons and with the Centaurs. At this early stage it is impossible to imagine how deeply embedded in Xena's past, and Xena and Gabrielle's future that these two nations would be. It definately leaves you desperate to know more about Evil Xena.

    Probably the most significant part of this episode lies in Gabrielle's transformation. Unfortunately, at this early stage I still find Gabrielle a little annoying, but I already respect her growth as a character hugely, and only come to be more impressed and more drawn to her character as the series continues. Gabrielle receives her Right of Caste in this episode, which is a big deal, and which remains a very important event throughout the rest of the series, right up until the end of Season 6. Gabrielle's initiation into the Amazon tribe helps to build on her as a character - we see her major costume change (despite continuity issues between this episode and the previous Death in Chains), and Gabrielle starts down her road to becoming a warrior, which I find an incredible touching journey. She also begins fighting with her staff, which is a great moment.

    The episode introduces us to Ephiny, who was a very valuable character throughout the series. She is very watchable and an interesting character, as is Queen Melosa.

    There are some really excellent fight scenes throughout, and they are particularly varied (which is always exciting) ranging from fighting in the trees, to one-on-one, to an all out battle. There are some really interesting scenes, such as the one between Xena and Phantes in the stable, and between Ephiny and Gabrielle.

    Overall, everything in this episode works. The story is strong, the characters are great, and the backstory is laid for a long continuation of Xena and Gabrielle's journey with both the Amazons and the Centaurs. A winner, without a doubt.
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