Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 4 Episode 12

If The Shoe Fits...

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 1999 on
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Xena, Aphrodite, and Gabrielle take turns as the fairy Godsmother of a young Princess who is unhappy about her new stepmother. To make her see things in a new light, each tells Alesia their version of a fairy tale while battling three warlords out to steal the crown jewels.


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  • You all know what this is going to be like...

    This is a dopey episode, and doesn't it cop a hiding from fans? For such a pointless episode, I'm amazed that people feel so strongly about it!

    There is not a lot going on here other than some really amusing slapstick. Its all a lot of fun, everyone telling their stories in a different way, quite cute. But all, ultimately, very pointless, and a huge waste of everybody's time.

    The Xena/Gabrielle bickering is quite funny, and certainly seems like a typical couple, fighting about who does the washing and who tidies the house. I quite enjoy these brief insights into their everyday world of normality.

    Aphrodite is annoying, the kid is annoying. Really annoying. But she is quite talented – how do little kids remember those lines?? This episode serves absolutely no purpose, and it is very strange how weak overall the first half of the fourth season ended up being. The last four episodes: Past Imperfect, The Key to the Kingdom, Daughter of Pomira and this one were all of a lower standard than we have come to expect, and it is quite mystifying as to why that is.

    However, the rest of the season more than makes up for the weak episodes preceding. So, I would recommend that any non-fans of this episode just skip it from now on. You won't be missing anything.moreless
  • Once Upon a Time

    'If the Shoe Fits…'only slightly gets away as passing for watchable due to how whimsy the proceedings are, things get so sweet you'll need fillings afterwards. It's an episode that feels as though it was a present to one of the crew's children. It's pure slapstick, and while most of it misses, there's an odd laugh to enjoy among the sheer absurdity of the plot. Overall, it's a pointless hour, one of many among Xena's increasingly hit and miss year (that's 3 misses in a row – The Key to the Kingdom and Daughter of Pomira being so unbearable, I waltzed on by them). The 4th season is about to hit us with a 3 episode arc, but even so, that's no excuse for such a disposable episode (almost borders on Fishsticks bad, but not quite).moreless
  • While traveling to try and reunite a young runaway princess with her father and step-mother, Gabrielle, Xena, Joxer and Aphrodite tell the child a Cinderella-like fairy tale with themselves as characters. An embarrassingly weak episode...moreless

    Let's get it out of the way at the beginning – I didn't like this episode very much at all. I thought it was quite babyish and did the series no favours.

    If the proceeding episodes had been a bit stronger, this episode maybe could have got away with just being an odd curiosity. But for an episode coming from a season which has had a number of stories that don't really hit the mark, it just falls flat, and ends up as somewhat of an embarrassing mess.

    With its Cinderella-style story, it is very Pantomime-y. It only comes of marginally better than 'Hercules'' fourth season dabble with Pantomime, in at least they seem to understand it (slightly) better.

    Olivia Tennet, who plays young runaway princess Alesia, is a good young actress. However, I found the squeaky little princess (and I'm wording that nicely) hard to watch, and is another thing that works against this episode.

    To note is that, here in the United Kingdom, this was the last episode that Channel 5 broadcast on their main run of the series. They showed a couple of odd episodes in the middle of the night and on Saturday mornings, and that was it. Despite it being one of their most popular programmes, they just abandoned it. Mind you, with episodes the quality of this one, maybe it's not so hard to see why!

    This story must have looked fun on paper, but it certainly doesn't work on-screen. The novelty of seeing the various characters in story-tale guises wears thin after about thirty seconds, but drags on and on.moreless
  • Fairy tales gone wrong!

    I found this episode to be stupid and pointless. This is my lowest rating ever! Writers at Xena, this is your most boring ridiculous indecent episode I've ever seen! It was horrible! Disco, obnoxious Xena, stupid sound effects, and a stupid new voice for Gabrielle. The only thing keeping this episode in the rating "fair" is because of it's strong family values and Alex's charming charismatic acting, including the strange scene where Aphrodite's reflection gives her advice. My advice to Xena fans is to only watch this horribly ridiculous episode, either if you desperately need to kill time or are stoned/drunk/high or all of the above. This episode is quite disappointing and I urge fans to skip this while going though the season 4 set.moreless
  • Some Uglya$$ FEET!!!

    If the Shoe Fits...-While journeying to reunite little princess Alecia with her father and the stepmother she dislikes, Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and Aphrodite take turns regaling the child with fairy tales with familiar faces. Sometimes funny, sometimes corny! This episode is has Xena, Joxer, Gabrielle, and Aphrodite telling silly stories to Princess Aleica(isn't that little girl so cute!) The funniest part to this episode is Gabrielle as Tirella, and Xena is the stepmother and revels her drak crusty feet. Not that was pure scary. Also watching Joxer breaking dancing and Xena giving Joxer a lapdance was hilarious!! But things go too far and bizarre with the warlords dressed as women and Xena is Tirella fighting them...okay, they should have stopped there. I never got why Aphrodite was so obssessed with that girl, for the goddess of Love, she needs a life! All in All, this episode is grating and pretty ridiculous.moreless
Olivia Tennet

Olivia Tennet


Guest Star

Alistair Browning

Alistair Browning

King Melos

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Hilary Cleary

Hilary Cleary

Old Woman

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Ted Raimi

Ted Raimi


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Alexandra Tydings

Alexandra Tydings


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Prince/Joxer: How about you? Would you care to try it on? If it fits, I can promise you a happy ending.
      Xena/Tyrella: Well, you know what, Prince? You seem like a real nice fella, so I'm going to make this nice and simple for ya. I don't need you, or a fairy godsmother, or anyone else to give me a happy ending. That's something that I'll get, or I won't get, all by my own-some. So I suggest you pedal this shoe someplace else.

    • Brother: Who's the new guy?
      Zantar: Dunno, but check out his social skills.

    • Gabrielle: (looking at Joxer) What a hunk of a man!

    • Gabrielle: Xena, give me the pan before you hurt somebody with it.

    • Xena: Where were you?!
      Gabrielle: I went to look for Zantar's men. They were beating up this old woman.
      Xena: Gabrielle, that old woman was Aphrodite!
      Gabrielle: Now how was I supposed to know that?
      Joxer: Don't feel bad, Aphrodite almost fooled me, too.

    • Gabrielle: Oh, I didn't hear you volunteer.
      Xena: No. Well, I'm not much of a story teller, I'm ... uh ... I'm more a woman of action.
      Gabrielle: Take action and get some water.

    • Xena: Gabrielle, I was in a hurry. We ran out of rope.
      Gabrielle: You stole my favorite shirt? It's the only shirt that goes with this skirt, Xena. You used it to tie up that ... that smelly warlord. That's your excuse? You ran out of rope?
      Xena: The good news is you found something else to wear.
      Gabrielle: It's a sack.

    • Xena: Why did you run away?
      Alesia: Have you ever heard Joxer tell a story?
      Xena: Well, that's a good point, but all fairy tales have a purpose. And, even when Joxer tells it, there's a message.
      Alesia: Yeah, run.

    • Xena: How come you let Joxer sleep in so late?
      Gabrielle: I was topless.

  • NOTES (4)

    • In the United Kingdom, this was the last episode that Channel 5 broadcast on their main run of the series. They showed a couple of odd episodes in the middle of the night and on Saturday mornings before abandoning it completely, despite it being one of their most popular programmes. This may have been due to the controversy caused by the episode "The Way" in the US. Many Hindus found the episode's treatment of the Indian Gods, particularly Hanuman to be inaccurate and offensive.

    • Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor both admitted to stealing their Fairy Godsmother costumes after wrapping the episode.

    • The disco scene uses the same set as the dance contest in HTLJ's "...And Fancy Free" episode with the Widow Twanky. You might also recognize the organ that shoots out steam.

      No Fractured Fables were harmed in the production of this motion picture.