Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 2 Episode 7

Intimate Stranger (1)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 1996 on

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  • Xena and Callisto 'switch' bodies...

    Xena and Gabrielle are trailing the army of Callisto in an attempt to bring them to justice; not too far behind Joxer follows. Xena is having nightmares and at first assumes she is harboring guilt over not saving Callisto but later suspects Ares is sending the dreams to her. During one such dream, Xena travels to Tartarus where she confronts Callisto. Ares has sided with Callisto and agrees to exchange Xena's soul with Callisto's body and vice versa. He now has the warrior he always wanted and intends to use the 'situation' to his advantage but "Callisto/Xena" has other plans.

    Xena in Callisto's form convinces Hades to grant her chance to right the situation and gives her only one full day. "Xena/Callisto" eventually gets Gabrielle and Joxer to accept she is Xena though the physical appearance continues to unnerve them. Knowing that "Xena/Callisto" will manage to escape the underworld, "Callisto/Xena" whets Gabrielle's revenge for the death of Perdicus. "Callisto/Xena" also maims Argo so "Xena/Callisto" will have the painful decision to put the horse down.

    Callisto's original plan has now come full circle. Instead of impersonating Xena to defame her, she now is Xena. She intends to kill off the entire village of Amphipolis as revenge for Xena burning her village, which killed her family. During a battle, "Xena/Callisto" finally confronts "Callisto/Xena" but her time begins to run out but having taken precaution by arming herself with a poison dart strikes her with it. Both arrive in Tartarus, battle again and by throwing herself against a big rock, "Xena/Callisto" returns to the mortal world. She believes she will have to accept "being" Callisto.

    You would think that by flinging yourself against a big rock everyone would be able to get out of Tartartus... However, if "Callisto/Xena" is sent back to Tartarus when her time runs out, how did she get out again? Strange… Xena as Callisto/Callisto as Xena is a bit tedious to watch and even more tedious to explain. I have never been a big fan of movies or shows where characters switch bodies. For one thing, it's been done too many times and for this episode, it's not very convincing. Callisto as Xena is less psychotic, more evil. I don't think Callisto would have injured Xena's horse or even slit the throat of Theodoras.

    One surprise was that Xena awakens Callisto's guilt about her killing sprees; Callisto murdered just as mercilessly as Xena had done. The body double for Callisto was well cast and only slightly detectable during one fight scene in the woods.

    This episode was enjoyable with some laughs. Joxer's character seems to be part of the regular cast and actually adds to the storyline.