Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 5 Episode 17

Kindred Spirits (2)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2000 on
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At the Amazon village, Gabrielle is torn between staying as Queen of the Amazons and sharing adventures with Xena and baby Eve. Meanwhile, a young Amazon wishes to become Xena's new sidekick and Gabrielle must make a tough decision when Joxer is captured while spying on naked Amazons. Also, a youngAmazon tries to convince Joxer to impregnate her and Joxer is unexpectedly pitted against Xena!


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  • The great Ancient Greek dream of buying your own hut, settling down, ruling an Amazon tribe, and raising your daughter conceived immaculately with your lesbian partner... *Sigh* the life and times of Xena and Gabrielle.moreless

    Thank the gods for Joxer! After "Lifeblood" I was at the lowest of my Xena-lows. I really didn't know how I was going to drag myself out of the depression those episodes had caused. And then Joxer arrives to spy on some naked Amazons and all is right in my Xena world again!

    This is overall a funny and mostly clever episode. Whilst nothing too spectacular occurs, it is primarily well-scripted, funny in all the right places and has that really neat, realistic feel that episodes like "A Day in the Life", "Animal Attraction" etc. do so well. It does get a little bit silly towards the end, and it is perhaps not as true to the Amazon way of life as it could be, but it is so much better that the last few episodes that it gets bonus points just for that!

    The nicest aspect of this episode, for a die-hard sub-texter like me, is the way it plays up the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle as being the equivalent of a married couple. Gabrielle expresses her desire to Xena that they stay in the Amazon village, settle down and raise their family there. There are a number of references to this, including the implication that they could 'buy' a hut, renovate it (complete with patio) and raise their daughter there. They fight about the decision like any married couple would, with Xena eventually being the one to back down and admit that she is willing to accept the life, even though its not what she wants, in order to be with Gabrielle. My absolute favourite moment, however, is Gabrielle asleep in the Amazon Queen's chair. When suddenly jerked awake she mumbles "Not tonight". We can all imagine, I'm sure, what she thought she was waking up to!

    The young Amazons are quite cute, without pushing the boundaries of being too annoying, and Joxer, while really just relegated to comic relief again, is funny and has some enjoyable lines. Certainly the WWE scenes at the end are overdone and a teensy bit on the embarrassing side, but they could have been a lot worse.

    This one speaks for itself; it doesn't pretend to be anything other than a filler, and it leaves you smiling, which is always a bonus. It therefore receives a reasonable score from me, which comes with a sign of relief that we are back to the 'old' Xena again.moreless
  • Still at the Amazon village, Gabrielle is consider staying there the settle down for a while, but Xena isn't so sure. Meanwhile, Joxer is in trouble for spying on some Amazons as they bathed. An episode that probably looked better on paper...moreless

    This review contains moderate spoilers.

    This episode feels more like a piece of fan fiction than an actual episode.

    It has a sort of 'A Day In The Life' (the fan favourite second season episode) to it, repeated in other examples such as the third season's 'Fins, Femmes and Gems', where the story moves along at a leisurely pace, and doesn't really have any urgency to it. But here, that very much works against the episode, and in many places it limps along as a result.

    Part of the reason that this episode was slower than usual was to allow Lucy Lawless time to get over her pregnancy; but it still limps along.

    I wasn't really convinced by Gabrielle wanting to part ways with Xena and stay in the Amazon village for a while. Whatever happened to the doting bard? I'm glad she saw sense in the end.

    The episodes only real 'urgent' plot is concerning Joxer, who is in trouble after spying on some bathing Amazons. Ted Raimi plays these scenes quite humorously, but they aren't really enough to support the whole episode.

    I know this was a comedy, but the Amazons as seen in this episode seem really girly and weak, a far cry from the Amazons seen in earlier episodes. I can live with some of them being broody and wanting a baby, but they just didn't seem very much at all like Amazons to me.

    Xena and Gabrielle spend the episode like a squabbling married couple, who can't agree on what they want. This is a good concept, but doesn't seem to work as much as it could or should have.

    Xena also has a would-be sidekick to take the absent Gabrielle's place. This b (or c) plot runs throughout the episode but never really goes anyway.

    One of the few really funny moments of the episode came as Gabrielle, after having been woken up early, drops off to sleep. As one of the Amazons wake her up, she mumbles "Not tonight". One can only wonder what she was expecting!

    The climatic wrestling match between Xena and Joxer is rather silly. And as much as I love Lucy Lawless' acting in most episode, she really overplays it here and makes it a bit embarrassing to watch. The match goes on for too long, and after spending most of the episode wondering how Joxer will escape sentence, the final solution of Xena causing him to be 'dead' is a bit far fetched and a bit of a letdown.

    This episode also suffers for being the third in a row to not have any real Xena and Gabrielle action. First there was the bizarre, Xena-lite 'Married With Fishsticks', then the messy 'Lifeblood', which mostly used footage from the unsold 'Amazon High', and now this episode. Yes it does feature Xena and Gabrielle much more, but it is very much a static episode, with no real action.

    I don't really know why I'm not too fond of this episode. It's certainly not one of my least favourite episodes of the series, but it just doesn't really work for me.

    Ordinarily I love episodes that let us take a look at Xena and Gabby's more ordinary, every day life. But this one just has a series of things that work against it. A shame really. Still, it's miles better than 'Lifeblood'!moreless
  • Joxer...A pervert...what a shock!

    Kindred Spirits-At the Amazon village, Gabrielle is torn between staying as Queen of the Amazons, and sharing adventures with Xena and baby Eve.

    This was a boring episode, with Joxer being captured by the Amazons for watching them naked. Also with that Amazon girl getting intimate with him! Not to mention, Xena being stalked by another Amazon. But both of them were annoying, and the whole back and forth about Joxer's sentence was as well. And the end wrestling match with Joxer and Xena was ridiculos and embarrasing, with Xena acting like a crazed ape!!! All in All, this was a poor episode that does absolutely nothing!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

  • QUOTES (12)

    • (Gabrielle is dozing on her throne)
      Cyane: Queen Gabrielle!
      Gabrielle: (waking up) Not tonight.

    • Cyane: (finding Rhea and Joxer making out) Rhea! What are you doing?!
      Rhea: It's called kissing. Wanna try it?

    • Joxer: (when Rhea asks him to make a baby with her) Hey listen, we're not machines. You know, you can use to... besides, uh, we can't just do it on command. We need stuff like, uh, cheap motel rooms and dirty pictures and lingerie, stuff like that. We're not animals. (Rhea wanders off) But I can get those things!

    • Joxer: Hey, it's not my fault if a bunch of naked women are bathing, and I just happen to be standing there watching them from the bushes for a really long time.

    • Gabrielle: Do you deny spying on these women?
      Joxer: I resent that.
      Gabrielle: Do you deny it?
      Joxer: No, I just resent it.

    • Xena: (talking trash before the Fight to the Death with Joxer) I will crush his head like a peanut between the Thighs of Doom!

    • Gabrielle: Joxer's going to be blinded.
      Xena: Nah, that's just a myth. Guys don't really go blind from doing that.

    • Gabrielle: (suggesting they remain with the Amazons for good) It makes sense, Xena. We've never really had our own home. So, I see this place as our domestic bliss. All we have to do is fix it up a little bit.

    • Eris: You don't need a man unless you want a baby, and we've got Eve to play with.

    • Eris: Xena, now that you and Gabrielle are broken up, you definitely need a new traveling partner.
      Xena: No, no. Hang on. See, Gabrielle and I have only separated for a couple of weeks, just so we can work things out.

    • Gabrielle: Did you pack?
      Xena: Yeah, almost done. Listen, Eris found some of your scrolls in my saddlebag.
      Gabrielle: I must have left them there at the last camp. You can leave them in the hut, Xena.
      Xena: That's just it, I can't.

    • Gabrielle: You read my scrolls?
      Xena: I always said I would.
      Gabrielle: I didn't think that... Well?
      Xena: I think that anyone who writes like you can, who can find grace and meaning in everything that happens, she's sure to make a wonderful queen, and that's worth sticking around to see.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Joxer's comments in the wrestling ring are all ad-libbed by Ted Raimi.

    • Fans were generally upset at the way Joxer was portrayed in this episode. He is a main character, liked by Xena and Gabrielle, and usually shown as a well-meaning, if clumsy, sidekick. In this episode, however, he was a heavy-breathing pervert who has no problem being thought of as merely a tool to have a baby, calls an Amazon "sweetie," and brags about killing people to hit on more Amazons.

    • DISCLAIMER: Many Cinnamon Swirls lost their lives during the making of Gabrielle's headdress.


    • The wrestling match is a reference to the famous theatrical wrestling in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and its competitor during the time of the airing of this show, WCW (World Championship Wrestling).