Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 3 Episode 15

King Con

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 1998 on
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When Joxer cleans up at the gaming house, he is beaten nearly to death. Xena teams up with two con artists who had earlier scammed Joxer to avenge the brutal attack. Instead of attacking the casino's owner, Xena decides that the best way to defeat a con artist is to run a bigger con of her own. Meanwhile, one of her temporary allies, Rafe, tries to score with Xena to win a bet of his own.


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  • Joxer's bad day...

    Poor Joxer first loses his jackpot to a couple of con men and then receives a bloody beating from the gaming house's guards after the owner, Titus orders them to ruff up Joxer and bring back his winnings but Xena comes to his defense. I just loved the way the ruffians who beat up Joxer took off running when Xena arrived; the look in her eyes was intense enough to scare the BeJesus out of anyone.

    Two very interesting characters were Rafe & Eldon. They were very amusing during the con they played on Joxer. After forming an alliance with Xena to get back at Titus, Eldon makes a bet that Rafe can't get her to kiss him but Xena is no fool and tells Rafe exactly what his game is and exactly what to expect… nothing. The potential affair between Rafe and Xena ends at a standstill and seemed unlikely to go anywhere, maybe she was still kind of miffed about that bet...moreless
  • The odds are that this is just another filler...

    Although this is just another filler episode, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed "King Con". I thought it was actually quite a clever plot, and the characters really made the episode. Unlike the pathetic previous "Forgiven", this one actually entertains, with some great lines, good scenes between Xena and Rafe, and an overall satisfying filler.

    My biggest problem with this episode is the unusual combination of Joxer being beaten to a pulp, combined with an otherwise funny and sweet episode. There is something not-quite-right there, which leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I found the scene with Joxer getting beaten half to death really quite uncomfortable, and its really awful seeing him recovering afterwards. Normally fight scenes don't bother me, but I really feel like this episode could have done without this part of the storyline.

    Otherwise, I found this to be a very enjoyable episode. I thought the introduction of Rafe and Eldon was nicely done, and both were interesting characters who actually brought something worthwhile to the episode. It is a shame that they didn't want to use this pair again, as opposed to some of the other recurring characters who didn't demonstrate anywhere near as much charisma!

    Rafe definitely got the good lines this episode, and he delivers them just beautifully. I completely bought into his schmooziness, and was actually hoping that he would win the bet! It was quite refreshing to see someone interesting who was not a warlord... even if it was only for an episode.

    There is not a lot else to say about this episode. In all other respects it is a true-to-form filler, and really doesn't do anything too special. Xena's plan works brilliantly, and is quite fun to watch, but the fight scenes are decidedly lackluster, and the one-on-one moments are too few.

    Overall, this one is not going to stick in your mind for too long, but it is a much better all-round filler than many others. I wouldn't complain at all if all the fillers were this good!moreless
  • When Joxer is badly beaten after winning big at a shady casino, Xena recruits two con artists who conned Joxer prior to the beating, to run a scam and put the crooked casino and its owner out of business. Not a very interesting episode...moreless

    I don't really care much for this episode. I didn't find it very interesting, and it's definitely one of the lesser episodes of the season.

    Joxer getting so very badly beaten up seems out of place in what is mostly a quite light-hearted story. Even in the more rough-and-tumble episodes we seldom see him or any of the leads get quite so violently battered.

    It does lead for a good scene in which Gabrielle and Xena, although they don't often show it, admit that have come to really care for Joxer. They, like myself and many other viewers, at first found him to be an annoying nuisance, but gradually came to warm to him.

    Meanwhile, there are the two con men who Xena ropes in to helping putting the crooked casino out of business. I found these two characters very hard to warm to. After all, at the beginning of the story, they are instrumental (albeit unwittingly) in leaving Joxer defenceless against his attackers, and then suddenly we're supposed to like them. It didn't really work for me.

    At some points I thought to myself "why didn't they just use Autolycus and be done with it"!

    It might have been funnier if they con men were REALLY untrustworthy and had been given more character in this manner, but they just came across as too good to be true.

    I didn't really mind the con men's bet that Rafe (the handsome one of the two!) could convince Xena into kissing him, but I just found it only vaguely interesting. Rafe had the looks, but as mentioned above, I just couldn't really warm to him.

    This episode could have done with some really clever con to stop the casino and its bent owner, but the story is very bitty and not all that interesting.

    [spoiler] I saw the bluff and double bluff at the climax of the episode a mile off, and it held no surprises for me at all. [End of spoiler]

    This episode is a slight mark up on the previous episode, 'Forgiven', but then only for having a slightly more solid plot (SLIGHTLY). Its not really one of my favourites of the season.moreless
  • King Wrong!!!

    King Con-When Joxer is beaten to near-death, Xena teams up with two con artists to avenge Joxer, with a major con scam against a ruthless gaming house owner and his son.

    Sheesh, Joxer is always getting some poor treat, not only does he get cond by 2 guys but now he gets beaten to near death by some thugs. Xena and Gabrielle set out to get back the guy who did it, recruiting 2 con men in the process. Both Rafe and Eldon are 2 clowns, I can't believe they bet on Rafe kissing Xena. Of course Xena sees right throw that and it's a pretty funny scene. I like at the end they trick the dealer, and Xena and Rafe have this almost moment when they kiss, but hey, they weren't right for each other. This episode was okay, but was probably the weakest of this season!!!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Nitpick: According to Roman mythology, Pax is their goddess of peace. In Greek mythology, Eirene is the personification of peace.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Gabrielle: (to an unconscious Joxer) Xena and I, we care about you. I know it's hard to tell sometimes. You're like family to us. Don't leave us, okay?

    • Xena: Here's the deal: you and me go head to head in a single game of cards, winner takes all.
      Titus: And if I refuse?
      Xena: You lose Leo for good.
      Titus: You don't leave me much choice do you? (turns to Leo) Goodbye son.
      Leo: Pop?!
      Titus: (to Xena) Do you wanna use your sword or do you wanna borrow my dagger?

    • Rafe: What do you think?
      Eldon: Are you kidding? I don't know about you, but my tongue is a vital part of my anatomy!
      Rafe: No, no, no... I meant her. What do you make of her?
      Eldon: Trust me, Rafe, no man can 'make' her.
      Rafe: Oh. I can.
      Eldon: 30 dinars says you can't so much as make her kiss you.
      Rafe: You're on.

    • Gabrielle: You have to admit, he's smart. And he's funny. He's handsome.
      Xena: Arrogant and self-centered, and--
      Gabrielle: Your typical bad boy. Just your type.

    • Xena: Give me that hat.
      Rafe: What do you say?
      Xena: Or else?

    • Xena: Where'd you get that sword?
      Rafe: Oh, actually they say I take after my father in that respect.
      Xena: The sword on the table.
      Rafe: Oh, that sword.

    • Rafe: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I get the feeling you don't like me much.
      Xena: Not true. I don't like you at all.

  • NOTES (3)