Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 5 Episode 20

Livia (1)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 01, 2000 on

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  • The Wake Up From Hell!!!

    Livia-Twenty-five years have passed when Xena and Gabrielle finally awake from their icy sleep, and they set out to find Xena\'s daughter, Eve, only to discover the world is not the same and neither is Eve. She\'s now known as Livia, the B!%ch of Rome, a bloodthirsty warrior with Ares as her mentor and lover.

    25 years, now that\'s a long a$$ nap!!! Xena and Gabrielle wake up finally, and find that their lives will be changed forever!! The changes over the years are some good, Joxer is married to Meg(LOL, I love her line when she sees Gabrielle!) and has children! But most of them are bad, Octavis is now Emperor of Rome, and has become so bitter and gullible. To make matters worst, Baby Eve is now a 25 year-old bloodthrister warlord named Livia, the B!tch of Rome!! William Gregory Lee(Virgil) and Adrienne Wilkinson(Livia/Eve) join the cast, their parts are well casted. Adrienne is sort of uneven at first with her portrayl of Livia, but she mostly because she seems more like an out of control teenager than a warlord sometimes!! I think how Livia/Eve became a warlord was answered well, I mean living in Rome and being trained as a warrior for years is pretty self explanatory in those days. I love when she and Xena first meet, Ares is of course head over heels in love with Xena again. I also like how Gabrielle and Virgil become so close and share a commom hobby. Even though Joxer is wiser, he still has that old comic relief which is good to see. The episode ends with Xena and Livia/Eve fighting in the stadium of Rome. It\'s a great fight sequence, but Xena still can\'t get through to Livia/Eve....will she ever? All in All, a great episode with great new introduces and new dilemmas!!