Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 5 Episode 15

Married with Fishsticks

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2000 on
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Caught between the dueling Gods Discord and Aphrodite, Gabrielle is knocked unconscious and falls into the sea. When she wakes up she is told by a merman named Hagar that she's his wife and mother to his unusual offspring. However, two jealous mermaids who look suspiciously familiar attempt to take out Gabrielle so they can have Hagar for themselves.moreless

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  • The Worse Episode Ever Bar None

    I think my friends below were being a little too kind with rating of the show, Let me start by saying I never write reviews, However this show was so exceptionally bad I am motivated to say something.

    "Married with Fish Sticks", this show was starting to get good with the Zeus and gods no longer being needed. They set the stage for what will be coming and we get fish sticks!.

    I think writers and possibly actors got bored of following the plot and decided to do something wacky, however in all seriousness this show traditionally is not a comedy and even in pretense is an insult to the fans who have been faithfully following the show for so many years.

    As bad as the story was and truly ridiculous in every sense of the word, I did like the John Travolta Spoof with the Walk and paint can by the pool, which lasted 15 seconds. The Rest was a waist of space.

    Too bad there are not enough great show on TV anymore, if they are great they simply get canceled.moreless
  • The infamous "Married With Fishsticks" lives up to its dreadful reputation as probably the worst Xena episode of all time. One of only two episodes in the entire series to receive less than a 6 out of 10 from me.moreless

    In terms of strange Xena episodes, they certainly don't come any weirder than this bizarre offering. It is hard to really know where to start with "Married With Fishsticks"; it is just so odd, so left-of-centre, that you have to keep reminding yourself that it is actually an episode of Xena! I would love to hear the motivations behind this episode: is it a private, in-house joke that we are all missing? Were the writers drunk? Was there some strange bet involved and this episode was the result? Needless to say, whilst we will probably never know the answer, the fans speak for themselves. This episode is pretty much universally voted the worst Xena episode of all time. I don't give it the credit of placing it among 'Xena' episodes; it is just a bad episode that doesn't belong in the Xena category.

    I think one of the major problems with this episode is that it feels very dated. Perhaps it was more contemporary at the time, but watching it 10 years+ after the conclusion of the series it feels very daggy and clichéd. The over-the-top acting and twang accents played by Alexandra and Meighan feel silly and out of place. The mermaid concept itself is very dated, and the jokes just don't really work. Gabrielle is horrendous in this episode, as is Joxer. After the beautiful performances of both Renee and Ted in "Eternal Bonds", it is such a shame to see them given such a poor script to work with.

    Had Lucy also starred in this episode, perhaps with Bruce Campbell as well, then I think this could have been a very enjoyable romp. But Renee on her own just can't really pull off the weak plot. I have really come to love Gabrielle, and really appreciate her throughout this season, but this episode needed Xena to survive.

    I really, really hope that the cast had a lot of fun making this episode, and that regardless of what fans think that they are still glad they made it. That would possibly redeem it slightly for me. As it stands, there is not really much to like. It wins the prize for the worst episode of this pitiful season, and in some ways sums up the mish-mash of ideas and episodes that was season five. It is followed by another dreadful episode, "Lifeblood".moreless
  • Fish Sucks!!!

    Married With Fishsticks-When Gabrielle hits her head and falls into the ocean, she gets amnesia and a merman tries to convince her that she's his wife and mother to his fishy offspring. Bad, Bizarre, and just plain Painful to Watch! The writers write another Xena-lite for Lucy's pregnany that again sucks beyond words! How is it possible for Gabrielle dream up a world like that, it's just plain ridiculous and makes no sense. The characters are annoying, especially those squid kids(Though I found the baby rather adorable...weird!)The storyline is just plain weak, and the worst thing about it is...when Aphrodite and Discord see Xena and her baby...they say nothing!! I thought this was the baby that would bring them to their deaths, and they say nothing about it, WTF!!! Anyway, ignore this episode, it just...WRONG!!moreless
  • Comedy stupid.

    An absolutely terrible episode of Xena.

    It has a very, very long list of problems with it.

    1) Not funny

    2) So completely out of the xena universe it is barely bookended with the character named Xena. Mostly it is just all the actors who are not Lucy Lawless playing different people

    3) Seriously, amnesia?

    4) Jerry Springer spoof at the end.

    5) Not funny.

    Mostly it just isn't funny, or plausible. The whole amnesia bit is how Gabrielle lost her memory but kept her personality right? So/why would she even put up with not-joxer treating her the way he was treating her? It just doesn't fit.

    As part of a show that isn't Xena, it might have made more sense, but it was just not a Xena episode. It was some random crap they threw into a pot and hoped gold would come out, instead of just hot crap.moreless
  • In this Xena-lite "comedy", when Gabrielle is knocked unconscious and falls into the sea, she awakens to find herself apparently married to a merman, with three very unusual children, and friend to two very jealous mermaids. A BIZARRE tale (tail?)...moreless

    This review contains mild spoilers.

    This is a Xena-lite episode, with her only appearing at the very beginning and very end of the story, to give Lucy Lawless some time off after giving birth.

    It is evident that the episodes are shown slightly out of sequence, as in the previous broadcast episode, 'Amphipolis Under Siege', the Warrior Princess was back in her regular armor, whereas here, she is back in her alternative, less tight episode that she has been wearing for most of the season.

    Either way, Xena only appears in the very first and last episode of this story.

    Down on the docks, Aphrodite and Discord are battling it out (you know, one of those girly disputes). Gabrielle accidentally gets knocked unconscious and falls in the sea. She awakes to find herself married to merman Hagar (Ted 'Joxer' Raimi) with three very strange children (one of whom is a puppet – didn't they learn about puppets after 'Hercules'' terrible third season ep 'Monster Child in the Promise Land' and the fourth season's even worse 'Beanstalks and Bad Eggs'?!). Her two 'friends' are the jealous Sturgina (Meighan 'Discord' Desmond) and Crabella (Alexandra 'Aphrodite' Tydings).

    And that's about it. Oh, and Hagar is running for some underwater election, and trying to use Gabrielle to take the place of his wife who has left him.

    On first viewing, I was very much "what the heck is going on"? Not just for the immediate weirdness of the story, but I found it hard to fathom (joke?) out just who was who and what the plot actually was.

    Good things... hard to pick out. Well, I suppose the set is quite inventive. Hagar's house is sort of a kitsch 1950s throwback (or should that be, throwforward), and the whole thing for some reason reminded me of popular UK children's comedy 'My Parents Are Aliens'.

    I usually really like Gabrielle-bases stories, but this one was just too strange to really enjoy.

    I think the writers must have been smoking something when they came up with this episode. It's just WEIRD.

    It seems to turn out that it was all a dream by Gabrielle – I thought they might have been clever and pulled a "...or was it?", but alas no.

    Probably the weakest of the season, and definitely a strong candidate for the series' single most strange episode.moreless
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