Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 6 Episode 10

Old Ares Had A Farm

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2001 on

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  • How good are you at shoveling sh!%?

    Old Ares Had A Farm-Xena disguises a mortal Ares as a farmer in the middle of nowhere in order to hide him from warlords seeking revenge

    You would think an episode pitched as an idea with Xena and Gabrielle would be boring, pointless and bad but this episode is anything but. It's suprisingly a light-heart and hilarious episode at the core. For the first time Kevin Smith gets to show off his overshadowed comic talent and he pulls it off very well in this episode. To his affections toward a dog, to the sleeping scene with Xena and Gabrielle, not to mention his Southern plantation accent was all hilarous. Also the character of Greba is added addition to her dizty comments and Ares' hilarious remarks in response. Lucy and Renee pretty much play supporting roles in this episode but they're scenes with Kevin are nothing less than pleasant as always. Not to mention, Xena's "shoveling" line to Ares has be slapping my sides everytime. All and All, a fun episode with a breakthrough comedic performance by Kevin Smith.
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