Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 6 Episode 14

Path of Vengeance

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2001 on

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  • This episode has the feeling of tying up a number of loose ends... A plot that lacks the strength of other episodes in the season is made up for by strong action scenes, and the episode (ultimately) serves its' purpose.

    It was interesting to see all of the Amazon tribes brought together through Varia - who I always felt was not as strong an Amazon Queen as many of the earlier Queens. What also stood out was the fact that she allowed herself to be manipulated by Ares, which you would imagine was not likely to have happened to many other Amazon Queens. In this sense, the story did not feel complete to me, there seemed to be too many holes in the positioning of the Amazons, however, this was not the main purpose of the episode, so in that sense it is not a big deal.

    This was Eve's last episode, which, I must say, is a relief. I have never been a fan of Eve, for, among other reasons, the fact that I found her character to be unconvincing. Given that she was the child of Xena and Callisto, I felt that we were let down in the portrayal of Eve, who just never had the spark of either women, let alone the two combined.

    However, while the plot was not as strong, the action scenes in this episode make up for the weaker storyline. The fights between Varia and Gabrielle, and Varia and Xena are fantastic - truly edge-of-your-seat combats. To see the two women prepared to fight to the death for Eve is powerful and touching. The addition of Ares was an unusual part in this episode, and after his time as a mortal, it is hard to see him as the ruthless God of war again. He is, deep down, just too lovable... the story he tells of the scorpion drives that home.

    Overall, this was not a strong episode like we have seen in the rest of Season 6 - the Amazon plot line seems to have had its day in Xena in many respects, as had the role of Eve. It satisfyingly finishes a number of subplots and the fight scenes are worth the while. A good episode - just not one of the best.
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