Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 6 Episode 14

Path of Vengeance

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2001 on

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  • Two Amazon tribes join forces to wage war against the Romans, but when Eve – banished from Amazon lands for her past as Livia – returns to try and make amends, she is captured and sentenced to death. One of the season's weaker episodes...

    This review contains spoilers.

    This isn't really one of my favourite episodes of the season. The story is a bit slow and not very interesting, even if it does serve to tie up a few loose ends.

    As with some other fans of the series, I never completely bought the character of Eve. Her supposedly terrible past and her sudden redemption… it never completely worked for me.

    As in 'Dangerous Prey' which introduced the character, Varia is quite hard to work out, and to me never really seems strong enough in terms of character to be Amazon Queen.
    As I've said with a couple of other episodes, the Amazons in general down this end of the series don't seem half as interesting or as strong as they did in the earlier seasons.

    Ares is back to his bad old self – he explains to Xena that he doesn't really want to go against her, but after the saga of him being turned mortal, he is in urgent need of some credibility points. But I have to confess, maybe I just wasn't paying full attention, but I never completely worked out where he fitted into things. It seemed a bit sudden for him to go back against Xena after she had helped him out (although this is Ares we're talking about I suppose!), and I'm not sure if he was really needed in the present in this story.

    There isn't much else of note with this episode. The only real highlights are Ares' story about the scorpion and the swan (actually, saying it here, it sounds a bit lame), and Gabrielle's fight with Varia to try and save Eve from execution. The fight is made even more impressive by the fact that reportedly no stunt doubles were used. (However, on Xena's battle with Varia at the climax of the story, I did notice several glaring instances of stunt double use).

    At the end of the episode, saved from death, Eve leaves to spread the word of Eli in Chin. I have to say, not before time – throughout the season I have been saying that, although reasonably played by Adrienne Wilkinson, Eve has been feeling like a fifth wheel, not really needed in the majority of the stories and somewhat getting in the way. I'm not saying that I out-and-out hated the character, but I think they were wise to write her out at this point.

    Although this episode serves to tie up a couple of loose ends, as in that does it quite well I suppose, this is definitely one of the more so-so episodes of the season, and, beyond the tying of loose ends, almost feels a slightly 'filler' affair at points.
    This is one of those cases that isn't bottom of the barrel, but is hardly one of my favourites either.

    Oh, one more thing – the disclaimer; 'The disclaimer for this episode was harmed during the making of this motion picture.' There's a generic, "we can't think of anything this week" disclaimer if ever I saw one.