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  • Subliminal & Subcontextual? How it was done & looked on screen

    Never have I seen a series with so much flaming Lesbian Sub-Context. From the 2nd season on, every epi. showed mountains of it. The Production Staff alll had a hand in it; so that way, ***phobic blame could not be thrown in one way nor another. Later festivals gave nothing but a small grin back and forth...
  • xena(lucy lawless)is a warrior woman who has set out to redem herself for all the terrible crimes she has done in the past.xena uses her skills to save others.


    xena was at first a blood thirsty killer but one day she found a baby(all this in the hercules show but it retold in this show as well).her men wanted to kill this baby but xena save the baby.xena was beat b/c of it.

    thats when xena decide to change her life around.

    xena used her skills to help others in need.on her journey she meets gabriella(renee o'connor) who helps xena on her mission.gabrilla wants to become a warrior princess just like xena.xena is like a mentor to gabriella.

    xena soon meets more friends who are willing to help her on her new mission to save others.

    lucy lawless does a great job at all her stunts.

    the writing is really good,but the rating would have been higher but when the show first started the writers didnt know actually what to do with the show but it changed over time.(the show lasted 6 great seasons)

    the action scenes are just great.go lucy as xena:)

    the acting is very good and i love how lucy portarys xena.

    other than the fact ,the writing took a while to get really good.i say give this show a try the action good,the writing gets good,and its just a fan fantsy show.

  • A "good guy goes to prison for past misdeeds as evil doer" episode crossed with "good guy goes to prison for a crime they didn't commit" episode. Xena is the person who goes to prison, Gabrielle tries to get her out. Nothing

    Fairly typical "good guy who used to be a bad guy goes to prison for bad guy deeds and needs to prove that they are now a good guy" crossed with a "good guy is imprisoned for a crime that they did not commit"

    In this case, it is Xena, not a minor character (as the show has done already).

    A fairly simple "by the book" episode with no major surprises, serviceable without being great. Decent filler, nothing more.

    Xena is still trying to atone for her past misdeeds and thinks life in prison is the way to do it (since this is not the end of season 4, you know already she won't spend more than the next 40 minutes behind bars), however bad things will happen to her, and good things happen to bitter people making them less bitter.

    Mostly weighed down by the fact that it is entirely unoriginal.
  • Exploring the possibilities, if only there was an adult version to look into the sexual tension between gabriel an xena

    Throughout there are the occasional kisses the long glances the hand holding the "spark" that if set between a male female duo would lead us to believe there is a romantic interest on the parts of the two characters, however is that the case in xena? i think its deliberate made this way i mean leather bound dominatrix with naive young girl, come on its just a blatant exploitation of sexual perversions to retain a predominantly male audience and i am not in the least ashamed to say that at the time it was more for lucy lawless than xena that i watched the show
  • My all time favorite show... so far.

    Friendship and love are the heart of this show, in spite of all the action, adventure, and sexy ladies in short leather skirts. For six years Pacific Renaissance gave us laughter and tears, and introduced us to one of the hottest new faces in TV history in the incomparable Lucy Lawless, as well as the delightful Renee O'Connor. The only thing wrong with this show is that they ended after six seasons, rather than going on with it for many more glorious years. But with all six seasons released in DVD, at least true fans can revisit every classic episode at their heart's content.
  • Xena: Warrior Princess is a spin-off series to Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. It is essentially about a female warrior who is trying to make up for all her past deeds as a warlord by taking a journey across the earth, doing good.

    Xena: Warrior Princess is a spin-off series to Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. It is essentially about a female warrior who is trying to make up for all her past deeds as a warlord by taking a journey across the earth, doing good. Xena: Warrior Princess is by far one of the best shows I've ever seen! For years it has had a major impact on the portrayal of heroines on Television. Without Xena, television wouldn't be the same because without it, television would probably still be a man's world. We wouldn't have tough women like Rizzoli and Isles, Buffy, or the Charmed Ones from Charmed. It really broke through barriers and leveled the playing field for female heroes on screen.
  • Not as good as its predecessor Hercules, but still decent.

    When first saw this show I was still watching Hercules, so I immediately recognised the similitude between then.
    I considered Xena to be a female Hercules. The series had cool special effects and costumes, and humor thanks to Gabriel and Joster. However, I still liked Hercules better, because it depicted a more imprtatnt hero and the emphasis was on the action and it didn't have sappy lobe stories like Xena-Ares.
    Enough about Hercules, this show had a bit more violence and the chacters were nicely made, even having personality twists.
    The plot lacked that epic touch, Xena only fighting Ares and some mediocre warlords. The bit with the son who would slay the gods...I dint't like, prefering the episodes where she just kicked but and sliced heads.
    All in all, if you liked Hercules you should try this show too; if not, don't.
  • Personally this is one of my favourite shows everamazing story lines and actor/actresses and just an all around good show...

    Personally this is one of my favourite shows ever...i remember watching it when i was younger and now have gotten back into it in the part couple of years...there has yet to be a show that i think can top it...amazing story lines and actor/actresses and just an all around good show...the best season i would have to say would be season...well i just cant seem to decide between the seasons becasue they are all amazing...hands down i give this show 10 out of 10...there is nothing better than two girls doing good for the world and kicking some but while they are at it...you think you know of a better show?...tell me...
  • Battle On, Xena

    Probably the farthest thing from real as the characters and storylines are set before even Christ was born. But the themes, emotions, and relationships of series are not that far from the world of today. At the center of the show is Xena and Gabrielle's friendship, often misinterpreted as lesbian love affair, this is a relationship that most people dream of. I mean wouldn't you like to have a friend who die for you, not to mention risk every moment of their lives protecting you? The relationship of Xena and Gabrielle's symbolizes that your closest friends are the key to your survival and in Xena's case, redemption. Without Gabrielle, Xena would have never reformed completely and become the legendary hero she died as at the end of the series. Also, the show's interpretation of the Ancient World is breathtaking, not to mention making Aphrodite into a valley girl was brilliant!
  • a stunning underated show that rose to critical and comercial acclaim but is sadly always overlooked. i love it.

    Xena is already a cultural icon and this show has been admired by a very loyal fanbase.
    personally i find that this show has been very undermined on several occaisons,considering it was raised in the era of-Buffy,X-files,South Park,and(the then good)Simpsons,it did quite well globally and was (almost)a commercial success.
    i however found this show to be a lot better than loads during the 90's and is in my top 10 fave programmes list.
    the only thing that keeps it from perfect was the fact that this spectacle didnt end on such a high note with a very mixed sixth season and losing viewers during the 4th and fifth seasons(but i love season 4 and 5),however it had a fair share of successful episodes,and i by far one of the cinematicaly greatest shows ever made..but while not being Buffy,it comes quite close on many occaisons and(essentialy)this is a two character show with Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor playing off of each other nicely and try stealing the show every week,Ted Raimi provides humour galore as Joxer,Hudson Leick(Callisto) & Carl Urban(Ceaser) portray two of the most diabolical villains ever created for tv.
    Season 2 and 4 are the greatest seasons in terms of individual episodes while season 3 and 5 are exhilerating in terms of the main plotline.
    But for me my favourite era of the show was Season 2 as it added a lot of depth for our characters,and all in all had the most classic episodes...i love-Return Of Callisto,Warrior...Princess...Tramp,Neccessary evil,The Quest,Destiny,A Day In The Life,Xena Scrolls,and A Comedy Of Eros.

    Best Episodes Of All Time(in order of preference)-Return Of Callisto,Sacrifice,Intimate Stranger,Ides Of March,Family Affair,Maternal Instincts,Fallen Angel,Eve,A Neccessary Evil,A Comedy Of Eros,The Convert,In Sickness And In Hell,Xena Scrolls,The Quest,Destiny,Orphan Of War,The Abyss,Eternal Bonds,God Fearing Child,and Callisto.

    there are more that i like...but these are the best episodes of the show...ever!!!

    all in all a classic tv show that i rewatch on many occaisons whenever i can...it has the perfect balance of everything:)

    shame about the final episode though:(
  • Xena was first introduced as the ruthless Warrior Princess in 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.' Hercules helped Xena to see the errors of her ways and from their she sent off on her own path of redemption which brings us to 'Xena, Warrior Princess.'

    A true classic!! I happen to come across Xena again one day on TV and began watching it again, its going through the series and is on everyday. There's no joke, Xena is truly one of my guilty pleasures. Who doesn't love a hot leather clad warrior who battles the forces of darkness? Xena surly is a woman who can take care of herself!! And Ares? *phew* ones of the main reason i started watching the show in the first place, he is defiantly one gorgeous hunk tall dark and handsome! I love how far the relationship between Xena and Ares has come so far... The God of War in love with the Warrior Princess, who would have thought.
  • Xena and Gabrielle arrive to do a friend a favour - and end up trying to stop a war.

    One of my favourite Xena episodes, this has everything. Drama, comedy, character development, you name it!

    It's also nice to see Gabrielle being given a larger role, especially since she heavily overacted, although that was part of the appeal.

    Xena was her usual brilliant self, going from semi-vamp contestant to suspicious, ever-watchful Xena in a heartbeat. Her handling of the snake scene was worth the giggles to watch, as was the scene where she re-designed the dress.

    The best scene however, was the catwalk practice, which showed the usually poised and precise Xena as a complete klutz in feminine matters.

    All things taken, it's a good episode with a good feel. And the final two scenes were well worth watching the rest.
  • One of my favorite shows of all time.

    Where to start? This is most definitely a classic show with underrated acting by both the leads, and the many guest stars. An offshoot from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena is so much more than that. The basic premise is Xena, a former evil warlord is seeking redemption for past sins. Xena is a strong character - both physically, and in spirit. Conflicted is the best way to describe the Warrior Princess. The other main character is Gabrielle who is my favorite of the two (though Xena is awesome too) due to her beauty, and the fact her character arc is far reaching as the once young girl becauses a mighty warrior in her own right. The show often mixes the dramatic with the comedy (with a healthy does of action). The comedy is usually funny; but I feel the show is absolutely at its best with the dramatic moments myself. X:WP lasted 6 seasons, and covered A LOT of ground yet I still wish it lasted longer. Awesome show that is severely underrated, and underappreciated.

    Long Live X:WP!
  • Xena re-writes both history and myth!

    What started as a campy and small TV-show, quickly became a phenomenon. At a quick glance Xena might seem as a kid's series (which Hercules: The Legendary Journeys was), but do not let it fool you. As the series advances, it becomes much more darker and serious.

    Xena isn't your regular heroine; she has a dark past that seems to follow her everywhere. Her friend, Gabrielle, is quite the opposite and as they travel together, both learn something from each other. The characters change and grow over time, which makes the series all the more interesting.

    If you are a fan of mythology, "Xena: Warrior Princess" is sure to entertain you with it's selection of gods, goddesses and monsters from ancient myths. A highly enjoyable series!
  • A world weary Xena is heading home to try and make amends for her past deeds, when she comes across a village being raided, which begins the adventure with Xena and the village girl she saved Gabrielle

    I watched Xena on it's original run way back when, but hadn't watched it for a number of years and managed to catch this episode on tv by chance.

    And even after all this time I still absolutley love this show! Even though at times the acting can be a little bit...i don't know...cheesy? The characters are great! And the writing is always fantastic with some hilarious one liners!

    I'm Glad I got back into this series and I will definatley be buying the dvds to continue watcing the adventures of Xena and Gabrielle...and of course my favourite character...the loveable Joxer!
  • 8.5
    In the "Dirty Half Dozen," Ares gives the stolen metal of Hephaestus to Agathon. Is it possibly a set-up for Xena or is it Agathon? Though he claims he will not interfere, there seems to be a momentary look of distress on Ares' face when Agathon says he is going to kill Xena.

    In this story, Xena recruits the best of the best… the best of thieves, killers and slave-traders, that is. It's a different concept for this series instead of having only Xena and Gabrielle going up against the opposition. It's exciting to have Xena and Gabrielle become a team and unite with others on a single quest. Unfortunately, it is not meant to be as both Monlik and Darnelle were offered a better deal and side with Agathon, but really what would you expect from the likes of thieves and killer?

    Gabrielle asks Xena a poignant question, "I wonder what would have happened if I had met you before? [before Xena relinquished her dark past.] "I've changed so much since I've met you. Am I really who I am or am I what you made me?"

    Xena ponders whether if she had met Gabrielle when she met Glaphyra maybe it would have been she who had changed. When Gabrielle tells her she was already on that path, Xena responds that without her, she never would have stayed on it. When captured and imprisoned with a little time to kill, Glaphyra and Gabrielle get into a bit of a spat and Gabrielle is ready for a throw down. It's fantastic to see Gabrielle acting out of anger, such a different side of her for once. Xena intervenes, explaining to Glaphyra that Gabrielle has been through more than she knows. (Considering "The Deliverer" is the next episode, Gabrielle really has not been through anything yet!)

    When Xena's sword is cut in half and only has her chakram for defense, how or when is the sword repaired or remade?
  • Starting out as a villian in Hercules:The Legendary Journey,to having her own show,Xena bcame a world-wide phenomon.A woman,tryng to overcome her dark past.Joined by Gabrielle,a young bard,who'd later turn warrior herself.2 friends,as close as could be.

    One of the BEST shows to ever grace television.
    It's orignal,exicting,funny at times.
    Drama,action,fantasy, and of course the occasional comedy.A show like no other.
    Five stars and on a scale of one to ten, an eleven.Xena is a story,just like any other show,always changing,the plots sometimes just a little crazy,history being mixed in with fiction.Gabrielle a young bard, as the show starts out,eventually becoming warrior herself, a caring,loving person.Xena, a warrior, fighting for good,trying to overcome her dark past.A Bond like no other.
    The things the two friends went through togather,made them closer,stronger.In my opinion,it's a classic,no other show i know still has so many fans, even after seven years of the show being over.Xena:Warrior Princess,is no longer on,not even reruns.But it's worth buying (or at least renting).If you seen this show, I would recommend either that you rent it(netflix),buy it, or simply watch some episodes online.But it's definately the worth buying.

    This show makes you speechless...well not really as I have so much to say in this review... lol. This is my ALL time favourite TV show and simply the BEST! If you don't watch this show you either have serious problems or need to wake up from Sex In The City! No offence meant, but you get the drift. Based on two cast, who turn out to be great and authentic actresses worth watching in any movie/show. Awesome show, underrated in my opinion though to be honest, but as long as I overrate it in my mind its all great :)
  • A spin off of the show Hercules, about a warrior woman on the path to redemption with the help of her new sidekick and eventual soul mate, Gabriele.

    Xena is one of those cult classics that will never be forgotten by its fans. I was pretty young when Xena was on the air, so my reasons for wanting to watch it were because it was about a beautiful woman who kicked butt. It also helped that she was called the warrior princess and I happened to be going through my princess phase at the time. But what really made me love Xena was the relationship between Xena and Gabriele. I'm not going to lie, personally I think if Gabriel had not been on the show it wouldn't have been the same. She was Xena's heart and helped her to strive for redemption. Sure, Xena was already on the path to redemption before she met Gabriel, but how long would she have stayed that way? Gabriel was her cheerleader, giving her moral support just when Xena needed it and she eventually became Xena's greatest love, one that no matter what obstacles they faced would never be destroyed. The relationship between Xena and Gabriel (however interpreted) was the very heart of this show.
  • This is the best show ever. I can not get enough! Have complete seris on dvd. I watch it all the time!!

    Lucy Lawless and Renee Oconnor are just so great on here, they have so much chemisty, they love to joke on and off the set. If you like action and adventure you will love this show. It is also a good way to learn about Greek mytholgy. I love it cause it show to girls that we can do anything even kicking mens butts!! I have complete seris on dvd and watch it all the time. Love the bloopers and the interviews! The only thing is it did not end right. Xena and Gabrielle were suppose to be together forever!! Xena was not suppose to die and leave her. They need to bring it back and make it write for the fans.
  • Oh my God I spend so much good times watching Xena! :P

    Xena is one of the shows / girls I will never forget.
    The show, because it was really exciting and, in my opinion, on of the best from that time.
    The girl, because she was sooo so hot.
    Ah lol.
    So I want to say thank you to every person that have contributed to bring Xena to our homes. It was inovator and entertaining.
    And why don't you try a remake? It would be really cool.
    I grown up watching Xena, and Walker, xD I wil never forget both them.
    With nothing more to say, but some more words to spend,
    I think it's time to say goodbye,
  • The best show ever created!

    Sexy women (in leather!), a lot of fighting, full of myths & legends and Lucy lawless is the star! Whats not to like? I grew up with this programme, so i'm probably quite bias, but i'll let you decide if you like it or not. Anyway, its set in a time of greek mythology and the once evil warlord, Xena, has seen the errors of her ways and decides to give up fighting, untill she meets a young girl, Gabrielle (played by Renee O`Conner) who makes her see that she can do good. The show has mixture of genres like comedy, action, adventure and romance. It is a brilliant show, and you should definetley try it out!
  • Xena, true to Greek mythology? or just a spin into unkown fantasy land? But nomatter, Love the show!

    Xena is one of my favorite shows to come in some time, I loved the action, cast was great and it was nice to see comic side relief from "Joxer" now and agian. I love Greek mythology and while I loved the show I believe they strayed from a feel that Xena revolved around Greek mythology and acient Greek history in a big way… Yes, I realize that Xena was not in any way trying to follow that path but it was a spin-off from Hercules and they did know each other in the show, but then it really deviated from that general theme
    alot, I wish they would have kept things in the realm of ancient Greek history/mythology…
    What with all the monsters and heros within the context of Greek mythology and all the
    things to through in there to keep it in the feel of the times they still could have kept the gerneral Xena story going within that context, at least that is how I feel.
    But, having said that , I still will count Xena Warrior Princess as one of my all time favorites!
  • This show is awesome! I have several friends who watch it as well, and I've met many people who are wonderful who also watch it.

    This show was one of my favorites when it first came out. When I was young, The Bitter Suite was my absolute favorite episode and I drove my dad nuts watching it every night before I went to sleep. I probably watched that oddball episode about a hundred times. I didn't understand anything about it at the time, I just liked all the singing and the colors. When I met a friend in high school who raved about the show and was completely obsessed with it, I started watching it again, and now I watch it nearly every day. I love all the actors/actresses in the show. Lucy and Renee are amazing in their roles. Alexandra Tydings is adorable and fun. Kevin Smith (rest in peace) is amazing at everything he does. Bruce Campbell is very suave. The cast is just very well put together. This show is definately worth watching.
  • Xena: Warrior Princess an instant classic!

    I love Greek and Roman Mythology. I read about as much as I can get my hands on! Xena: Warrior Princess was a show that brought the ancient world to life with all its mythological glory. It had great character development, and top of the line actresses like Lucy Lawless. I am buying all the DVDs soon so I can re-watch all the episodes. I really miss this show on TV. This show is a lot like Buffy: The Vampire Slayer in its kick butt attitude, however just like Buffy the show has its in-depth and creative moments. This show is a must watch!
  • Xena set a trend. A trend of butt kicking women.

    This show was pure brilliance, a personal favourite of mine. Most people who never really watched Xena will say "it's just some chick beating up some warlords", but it was so much more. It had more than the action and adventure, it had great comedy, drama, friendship, passion and it looked into the characters with much depth. Xena has great story arcs each season, they really do keep you on the edge of your seat.

    Who'd of thought sticking a warrior and a bard together would be such a great match? Seeing the characters develop is a great story to watch.
  • After Hercules helped turn Xena around they staied together for some time. She left after a little while on her own where she met Gabielle and they became great friends. They call either soul mates and they are ment to be together.

    I give this show a great rewiew I love it and have since I was a little kid. I withs it would have never ended but like any other show it must end. It was fantastic I loved it so much that no matter how maney times I see it I never get sick of it. I love Xena and Gabrelle I have learned a lot from watching them and even though I know they are not real I still love watching them. They might be played by actreres Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor which I also love to watch. Expeally there Comanteries they are so fun to watch.
  • Xena was the beginning of what a strong woman could do in her life and how she could change what she had been to what she could become. She did this also with the help of her best friend and companion Gabrielle who learned to reach her own full potential.

    If there was any show on TV in the 90's that could show what a woman or women could do, it was Xena, Warrior Princess. For far too long, women has been shown as being helpless creatures who could do nothing more than trip and swoon in the face of danger. Not so with Xena and this show opened up the doors to other shows with strong women placed in very difficult situations. It was a refreshing look at what women could and still can do in any given situation. Most of all, she wasn't afraid to face the dark part of herself and overcome it.

    One of the greatest things that I liked about the show was that Xena was always trying to get people to talk first before fighting. Sure, it was gory at times and there were episodes that were funny, but doesn't any show that dark deserve it's lighter side once in a while?

    To this day, Xena is still one of my favorite shows and will always be. I hold very few to be real heroes, but this show had one of my favorites.

  • Awesome show!

    I always watched this show with my parents and older sister. It was awesome then, and it still is. I haven't seen it in a while, so theres not much I remember of the plot. But I would watch the tapes I recorded, and refresh the memory of my childhood. Yep, the good old 90's, still them 'em. But if you love action/drama this is defidently the show for you, I was even Xena for halloween when I was younger, haha, I had the sword and everything, lol. Ugh, now I want to dig through my tape pile and get it, lol. But overall this is a great show for everyone :)
  • ok show...

    I used to watch Xena every day, but then it just got old. It's the same stories over and over and it's boreing. Also, I just don't see the point of Xena's wardrobe...it's like a warrier slut or something. Anyways, the show idea is interesting, but basically a rendition of Hercules. Gabrielle is annoying and she drives me crazy. The fighting is always over dramatic and looks fake. Xena's screaming hurts my ears and is really unnessesary, loud, and high-pitched. Some of the stories were good, though, and the bad guys were usually pretty interesting. I watched the show for quite a while before quiting on it and now I hate it, but since I did watch it I give it a decent rating.
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