Xena: Warrior Princess

(ended 2001)





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  • A "good guy goes to prison for past misdeeds as evil doer" episode crossed with "good guy goes to prison for a crime they didn't commit" episode. Xena is the person who goes to prison, Gabrielle tries to get her out. Nothing

    Fairly typical "good guy who used to be a bad guy goes to prison for bad guy deeds and needs to prove that they are now a good guy" crossed with a "good guy is imprisoned for a crime that they did not commit"

    In this case, it is Xena, not a minor character (as the show has done already).

    A fairly simple "by the book" episode with no major surprises, serviceable without being great. Decent filler, nothing more.

    Xena is still trying to atone for her past misdeeds and thinks life in prison is the way to do it (since this is not the end of season 4, you know already she won't spend more than the next 40 minutes behind bars), however bad things will happen to her, and good things happen to bitter people making them less bitter.

    Mostly weighed down by the fact that it is entirely unoriginal.