Xena: Warrior Princess

(ended 2001)





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  • xena(lucy lawless)is a warrior woman who has set out to redem herself for all the terrible crimes she has done in the past.xena uses her skills to save others.


    xena was at first a blood thirsty killer but one day she found a baby(all this in the hercules show but it retold in this show as well).her men wanted to kill this baby but xena save the baby.xena was beat b/c of it.

    thats when xena decide to change her life around.

    xena used her skills to help others in need.on her journey she meets gabriella(renee o'connor) who helps xena on her mission.gabrilla wants to become a warrior princess just like xena.xena is like a mentor to gabriella.

    xena soon meets more friends who are willing to help her on her new mission to save others.

    lucy lawless does a great job at all her stunts.

    the writing is really good,but the rating would have been higher but when the show first started the writers didnt know actually what to do with the show but it changed over time.(the show lasted 6 great seasons)

    the action scenes are just great.go lucy as xena:)

    the acting is very good and i love how lucy portarys xena.

    other than the fact ,the writing took a while to get really good.i say give this show a try the action good,the writing gets good,and its just a fan fantsy show.