Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 3 Episode 21

Sacrifice (1)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 04, 1998 on

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  • Chaos comes in a Cacoon!!!

    Sacrifice, Part 1-Xena and Gabrielle must stop Gabrielle's friend, Seraphin, from sacrificing herself to bring back a goddess, but they also have to contend with Ares and Callisto, who are helping Hope be reborn.

    In Part 1, of this excellent finale, Xena and Gabrielle save Serphain from being sacrificed. Things get unusal when Callisto return yet again, and Ares is involved as well. Just who exactly are these monks and Seraphin worshipping? Turns out it's Hope, who is resting in ugly looking cacoon and Callisto is protecing her!! Hudson continues give Callisto her amazing edge yet stupidity!! I love how Calisto gets buried by rocks by her own blast. No a very smart god!! Gabrielle and Seraphin have an interesting relationship, too bad the character is so corrupted we never really know who she is!!! The storyline is very dark and exicting, the scene where Dahak confronts Ares is shocking one. Just the look of fear on his face is a surpriseing one because we neevr see Ares scared. The episode gets more intriging when Ares tells Gabrielle if Xena kills Hope Xena will die. Can this episode get any better? But it does when it concludes with the most shocking twist ever... Hope finally hatches out the cacoon and looks just like Gabrielle!!! This is just the beginning, Part 2 will live you speechless..!!
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