Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 3 Episode 22

Sacrifice II (2)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 11, 1998 on
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Episode Summary

Gabrielle's evil daughter Hope, takes the appearance of her mother and joins forces with Ares to create a race of Destroyers who will usher in the return of Dahak into the world. In their hour of need, Xena and Gabrielle make a deal with the devilish Goddess Callisto who has a real death wish. In the final battle against Hope, Gabrielle sacrifices herself to keep Xena from dying as a repercussion of Ares' deal with the Fates.moreless

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Renee O'Connor

Renee O'Connor


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Jodie Rimmer

Jodie Rimmer


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Stephen Ure

Stephen Ure


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Kevin Smith (II)

Kevin Smith (II)


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Ted Raimi

Ted Raimi


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Hudson Leick

Hudson Leick


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Callisto and Ares have been important characters in the Hope/Dahak storyline which continues into season 4. However, after this episode, they do not appear again until the closing episodes of season 4 in unrelated storylines.

    • Goof: When Callisto and Xena confront each other on the cliff, you see Callisto pull her hair behind her right ear. But in her first close-up it isn't pulled back any more, and switches back and forth for the rest of the scene.

    • A couple of the outdoor scenes had a steady rain going on during them. It must have been a wet week on the Xena set.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Xena: Let me guess. Things didn't work out with Hope quite the way you expected.
      Callisto: No, actually, the sight of her and Ares rolling around like weasels made me sick! Yes, Gabrielle, it seems your daughter is in heat.

    • Callisto: (to Xena) Try not to die before doing me first... or I'll make Gabrielle wish you had. How's that for incentive?

    • Ares: (watching Xena fight) Never gives up... even when its hopeless. Time was, it was a quality I admired about her.
      Gabrielle: How's life as a slave to you new master, Dahak?
      Ares: I consider it a partnership. You know, he's not so bad once you get to know him. He's ruthless, decisive.. we've got a lot in common.

    • Hope: Now that I'm back, the faithful will come by the thousands. The blood of innocents will soak the holy ground, and Dahak will enter the world.
      Callisto: (sarcastically) Yeah yeah yeah. Glory Halleluiah.

    • Xena: (sadly) It's strange... the one I love most in all the world, and the one I hate, look exactly the same.

    • Xena: Hope's just using you, Callisto. I wouldn't turn my back on her.
      Callisto: Like you turned your back on precious little Gabrielle? Yeah, I guess you speak from experience, huh?

    • Callisto: (referring to Hope) Now she's scary!

    • Hope: Hello mother.
      Gabrielle: Hope?
      Callisto: Ah, the mother-child reunion... I'm all misty-eyed.

    • Callisto: So how about it? I scratch your back, you stab mine.

    • Callisto: (laughing mockingly at Xena) I never thought I'd feel so good again. Seeing poor, dear Gabrielle sacrifice herself makes it all worthwhile. It finally gives me a reason for living, and I have you to thank for it, Xena!
      Xena: (stabbing Callisto with the Hind's Blood Dagger) No more living for you.

    • Xena: (to Gabrielle before their final battle with Hope) Listen to me. A lot's happened to us over the past year, and there were times when we were both very confused. But I want you to know that I still think you are the best thing that ever happened to me. You gave my life meaning and joy and you will be a part of me forever.

    • Ares:(as he makes out with Hope), You are so not like your mother.

    • Callisto: Why, hello there, Xena. How will you ever get out of this one?

  • NOTES (8)

    • Shooting Dates: March 12 through March 20 1998, 7 day shoot.

    • As Hope and Ares are making out, Hope begins to kneel as if she were going to do something not exactly G rated. This was a joke by Renee on Kevin, but it was so amusing they kept it.

    • Renee says that Gabrielle didn't mean to go into the pit with Hope. She was just trying to keep Xena from killing Hope, since she knew that the Fates had agreed that Xena would die if she killed Hope.

    • Lucy Lawless asked Hudson Leick not to make contact during their fight scenes because Lucy was getting married soon and didn't want any bruises.

    • This episode is regarded as one of the 10 classic Xena episodes of all time.

    • Gabrielle originally wasn't going to "die" at the end, but when word of Callisto's death leaked online, they kept the original ending on the script and then killed her so that there would be a cliff hanger.

    • This episode is a cliffhanger and the storylines will be resolved up in the first 3 episodes of season 4.

    • DISCLAIMER: Gabrielle finally went off the deep end during the production of this motion picture.


    • The idea of the six destroyers comes from the Biblical Armageddon told of in the Book of Revelations. It's a nod to the beast with six heads.