Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 6 Episode 16

Send in the Clones

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2001 on
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In modern times, a team composed of a mysterious woman and three die-hard Xena fans use hair samples to create clones of Xena and Gabrielle and attempt to restore their memories with episode clips from the past 6 seasons. But one of them is the reincarnation of Alti, who wishes to release the "evil Xena" and destroy her reputation for good deeds, established by the TV series.


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  • With help from three fanatics of the television series, a mysterious scientist creates living clones of Xena and Gabrielle, using clips from the show to help restore their memories. But an evil plan is afoot, in this strange, middling modern day episode..moreless

    This review contains spoilers.

    Ever since the very early days of the series, the producers had been offered various scripts that brought Xena and Gabrielle to modern times, but had resisted using the idea. Now, with the end of the series in sight, they decided to relent somewhat, and use the idea of clones of our heroes being created in the modern day.

    This is a very strange episode, even allowing for its unusual setup. It has a great, very promising premise, but somehow doesn't really work as well as it might look on paper.

    The three Xena nerds are a mixed bunch. We all know Allison Wall (who plays Gab fan Clea) from her numerous appearances as Minya, but who were the other two? They had both had minor bit parts in a couple of odd episodes (and Polly Baigent was Lucy Lawless' body double) and that's it. I really felt that, with the recognised Wall, they could have done better and had more fun with more familiar faces from the show's past.

    I quite liked Ian Hughes as the nerdy Joxer fan Mac, but I felt that Polly Baigent, despite her links with Xena, was way off, and didn't work anywhere near as well as she should have.

    I have read that the part of Mac was originally written with Ted Raimi in mind (that would have added more humour, with him being a Joxer fanatic), but he was unavailable so they had to look elsewhere.

    This episode lacks the magic of the second season episode (sort of) modern day clip show, 'The Xena Scrolls'. That episode had a sense of wonder to it (admittedly it was the first time we'd ever seen the modern day notion being played out in the series), but this one never feels to completely find it's footing, and comes off as a so-so outing as a result.

    I think part of the problem is that we, as an audience, never really feel close to Xena and Gabrielle during the episode. Admittedly they're clones, but we always seem to be viewing them from a distance character-wise, and the outcome is that the episode winds up feeling a bit 'hollow'.

    I was very confused about the whole "how-does-Xena-have-a-television-show?" notion until it was explained. Apparently, Xena and Gabrielle really did exist in history, and the television show is based upon their exploits (although Gabrielle is cross that they took some huge liberties with her scrolls). With this in mind, they could have had more fun with how little the actresses playing Xena and Gabrielle on the TV show (everyone following this?) resemble the real Xena and Gabby.

    I did feel there was a huge chunk of the episode missing, that could have been really fun (although may have been down to budget on what is very much a bottle show). After Alti has Gabrielle arrested, Xena storms the Police station to rescue her, but we never see any of this; all we get is a few stock footage shots of mayhem on the television. I felt like a really interesting chunk of the story was missing there.

    (Also to look out for is that the newscaster is the same actress, Elizabeth Hawthorne, who played the newscaster in the fourth season modern day 'Hercules' episode 'Yes, Virginia, There Is a Hercules').

    Apparently, the original script featured Xena taking over a motorcycle gang. This would have been awesome. Sadly, it didn't make it to the filming stage. (Budget? Time restraints? Who knows).

    This is essentially a clip show, although many of the clips whiz past and are quite brief. This is not the case, however, at the climax, as Alti and Xena face off in the junk yard. It is the climax of the episode, but we suddenly get a number of very long clips chunkily dropped in, really breaking up the story.

    Oh, and one thing at the end that bugged me (maybe I'm too much of a nerd) is as Mac says that he "has some of Dr. Spock's toenails" from his days as a Trekkie. He means MISTER Spock; DOCTOR Spock was an American pediatrician. (...I have way too much time on my hands!!)

    One last thing I noticed was that it is copyright 2000, whereas all of the surrounding episodes are 2001, suggesting that it had been in the can for a while and held back for a while.

    There are a few good moments in this episode (I love Clea's "I want long hair classic Gabby", to which Mac responds "Only in the re-runs, babe"). But at the same time I felt that there could have been a lot more in-jokes for fans.

    The episode, to me, has the same feel that many of this season's offerings do, in that "the end is in sight, let's try anything".

    Although I generally agree that 'Xena' is a slightly better series than 'Hercules' (although I love both shows), I have to say that I think one think 'Herc' did better was the modern day episodes. They just seem to be sharper and wittier.

    This episode is an interesting watch, and not terrible, but has trouble living up to its premise. It probably looked better on paper. And so ends what may possibly be my longest ever review. Phew!moreless
  • The weird and wonderful world of Xena - but thank goodness for Alti!

    There is no doubt that Send in the Clones was a bizarre episode. From start to finish it takes you on a strange journey that just doesn't feel like the Xena that we know and love.

    Of all the 'modern' episodes, this one, to me, was the weakest, in both storyline and execution. The high point of the episode was the return of Alti - without a doubt the most fearsome of Xena's foes. Alti makes the episode a worthwhile watch, Claire Stansfield is excellent as usual. In this setting she is both frightening and completely engaging - Alti makes a completely successful transition to the future.

    However, the same cannot be said for Xena and Gabrielle. The episode feels quite lost - you really don't know where it is heading, and it is no where near as funny as it should be (or, I imagine, as it was intended to be). Xena is positively obnoxious for most of the entire episode, and Gabrielle is just there for the look, as she plays no real important role throughout.

    Where this episode really falls down is that it is completely unbelievable, and as a viewer, you don't even want to believe it. By placing Xena and Gabrielle in this setting, they seem to lose the magic.. and although that is (sort of) the point of the episode, it makes it hard to engage in.

    The strength and value of this episode comes from Alti, and also from the variety of flashbacks that we are shown throughout. In a season that, as I have said, felt like it was ending and simply tying up loose ends, it was a nice way to reminisce about where the show has taken fans.. and what we are losing. In this sense the episode is worth watching and it is also important to note that, for a Xena fan, any Xena episode, no matter how 'bad' it is, is still better than almost anything else on tv.

    Ultimately, although the episode has many faults, it sits in a season of unusual episodes and story lines which closed the television chapter of Xena. It is not as out-of-place as it first seems, and is worthwhile for many reasons. Naturally, it is worth a look, and a look again!moreless
  • In the future, A mysterious woman takes two hair samples and generates them into 2 complete bodies of Xena and Gabrielle which she attempts to restore, using three fans of Xena. However she's trying to bring back evil Xena to wreak big havoc on the world.moreless

    I loved seeing Alti return and fight against Xena again. I also loved the plot: bringing Xena and Gabrielle to Modern times! Also, I think Clea is the reincarnation of Minya and Mac's Joxer fanship might fool you, but look closely when Polly tries to fight Alti: she is knocked out in a familiar manor, letting you know it's Joxer's reincarnation. I also loved the Xena-Alti battle at the junkyard which ended with Alti's electrocution, and Xena and Gabrielle saving Mac, Polly, and Clea from incineration, while secretly escaping, themselves and speeding away in a taxi cab, toasting champagne glasses! Classic!moreless
  • Send In the Cheese!

    Send In The Clones-In modern times, a mysterious woman and three fans of Xena, use hair samples to create clones of Xena and Gabrielle, who face a familiar enemy from their past.

    Cheesy, corney but enjoyable I guess. I was bizarre seeing Xena and Gabrielle in a modern world setting. I'd say the funniest parts would have to be the 3 fans who are fun to watch interacting with Xena and Gabrielle then the reactions between Xena and Gabrielle watching the TV show about them. But then everything from there feels little to forced and weird that the sheer cheesiness from this episode can be felt from here to Greece! The way Xena and Gabrielle acted, even Alit, feels unnatural. This episode also feels like one big clip show with some modern scenes thrown in. All and All, an enjoyable episode in the beginning which turns pointless at the end!moreless
  • In this episode, a scientist clones Xena and Gabrielle, but the way she clones does not make sense.

    The way humans clone now is by taking DNA from the thing to be cloned (in this case, a 2,000-year-old strand of hair from Xena and Gabrielle) and fusing it with an enucleated egg (an egg with no nucleus). Then, you put the embryo into a surrogate mother in which she will later give birth to the clone. In the show, the scientist clones Xena and Gabrielle into their adult form. Even if she did figure out how to do this, I seriously doubt that the clones would have the same memories as the real Xena and Gabrielle. The clones would not be the same, even if they were fed scenes from the episodes.moreless
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