Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 1 Episode 1

Sins of the Past

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 04, 1995 on
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Xena returns to her home village of Amphipolis in the hopes of atoning for past sins when she saves the small village of Potidaea from being raided by the warlord Draco. Her actions catch the attention of a young girl named Gabrielle, who follows Xena in the hopes of finding a life of adventure as Xena's sidekick.


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  • Execellent!

    The series begins where Hercules ends.

    Xena has decided to redeem herself for all of her evil deeds.And boy,were they evil.

    She heads for Amphipolis her home town.Or village.

    While heading that way, she sees some warlords trying to get slaves from a village.You meet a very important character here.Gabrielle.She saves the girls and continues on her way.Unknowing to her,Gabrielle follows her.On the way she stops to see an old alley and enemy Draco.He offers her to join his army or to join him in bed, she refuses.

    He tells her that she will be unwelcome there.And he turns out to be right. She is unwelcome,by everyone,even her mother.Draco and his army storm her village and she proves to everyone that she has changed her ways.Gabrielle dtermined to be Xena's friend, stays with her.In the end,it's a great way to begin the series.It fortells how Gabrielle and Xena met,and how they begin their friendship.Which is one of the many reasons, why the show still has many fans.moreless
  • The begining of a legendary friendship between two women.

    Season 1 starts with "Sins of the Past". Since her departure from Hercules Xena's gotten new armor, a new hairdo (which will change again early in the season), gotten back her Chakram (which disappeared in the Herc episode "Unchained Heart"), and gotten Argo. And she's headed back home to make amends there. Along the way she saves and meets a feisty young gal from Potedia (is that how you spell it?) named Gabrielle. Despite her reluctance to take on a traveling companion, Gabrielle proves unshakable and determined to join her in friendship.

    I personally think Xena's transition from her Herc arc to her regular series was done much better than Herc's transition from the movie series to the regular series. Herc just didn't hit the emotional points Xena does here, even though the beginnings are rather different. Xena's rejection by her own mother and how her own town turns against her (going so far as to throw stones at her) are just really powerful scenes. And Xena's journey to prove herself "good" or at the very least "reformed" is a much more powerful motivator in the story. So that when the townspeople lend her, well there shoulders to fight upon, it's a really important scene. I also like that Xena buries her armor after a moment of shame (meeting a boy who's parents she killed) only to see it resurrected in an act of heroism. Gabrielle is just... I'll say it again... ADORABLE. She's fiesty, sweet, innocent. And really really smart when it comes down to it. The qualities Ares came to admire in her fighting style (namely the ability to adapt) are seen here. Like when she gets caught by a blind cyclops and figures out exactly how to talk him out of eating her by his reactions to things she says. She's also brave from the moment we meet her, willing to put herself up to save the rest of her captured townsfolk and stepping between the attacking townspeople of Amphipolis and Xena. Gabby's warrior spirit is very clearly there at day one moment one.

    Our villian and "Man of the Week" this week is Draco, one of the more adorable villians in my opinion. He doesn't have some sob-story about being a bad boy, he just likes doing it. Not to mention he's one of the few Warlords we meet who gives Xena a decent fight. Not much of romance though as it's more "he likes Xena, but she toys with him". We meet Gabs family for the first time and her fiancée, but with the exception of her sister they all get re-cast by their next appearance. Xena's mom (always an awesome addition to the show) also makes a first appearance and is amazing in her role. But I always had an internal giggle about her being so short compared to her daughter. Also, the old guy with the cart who picks up Gabby while she's following Xena is back. I just noticed this guy is sort of re-occurring as he picked up Salmoneus in "Unchained Heart". The best Gabrielle line of the episode had to be "She'd never let a man get close enough to do her. At least not that kind of do her." (Of course this is about Xena)moreless
  • Here we start the beginning of the Xena: Warrior Princess series!

    The series started where it was left off on Hercules. We see Xena stuggling in coming to her own. She remembers all the bad she has done in the past, and does not think that she will ever find a way to redeem herself. Just as she is ready to give up fighting and being a warrior all together, she is found in the middle of a gang of thugs trying to kidnap women in the town she is in. Xena takes this opportunity to save the village and become the hero that her heart longs to be.

    We also see Xena go back to her home town, where she has a very bad "unwelcome" home. Xena must find a way to save her home village and gain the trust of the villagers who she had corrupted many years prior.

    Here we also meet Gabrielle. She is a young naive farm girl whois mind and heart is too big to stay in the village where she lives. She sees the way Xena can fight, and desires to be like her. she sets out to take adventures and travels with Xena.... unbeknownst to her!

    This episode is not one of the best of the seires, however, very important and great to watch being that it introduces our main characters of the show, and shows the begining of the friendship of Xena and Gabrielle that all fans fell in love with!moreless
  • Very good.

    Xena is returning home to Amphipolis when she encounters a warrior named Hector bullying the villagers of a small town called Potidaea. Xena puts a stop to him, and her wounds are tended to by a spunky young woman named Gabrielle and her family, who have heard of her and just want her to move on.

    On the way home, Xena stops in to visit Draco, the war lord Hector works for. He offers Xena a place in his army, or his bed, but she refuses. He tells her not to expect much of a welcome home because their kind of people never receive good welcome homes. He promises to leave Potidaea in peace and Xena continues her trek to Amphipolis. She is unaware that Gabrielle is following her.moreless
  • Xena's new beginning...

    Xena is determined to leave her dark past behind and returns to her village Amphipolis. On the way, she saves a group of women from being taken by the men of warlord Draco. Gabrielle is one of the women saved. She longs for more than what village life has to offer. She wants to experience adventure and follows Xena, refusing to go home. Xena sneaks into the warlord's camp and asks Draco to spare the women's village. Draco's intention to either have Xena as a lover or go up against him in battle. Xena refuses both propositions and says she is going home. Draco tells her not to expect a warm welcome. Although he promises the village will be spared, he schemes to seize it. Xena learns of his intention and tries to rally the villagers to battle. They refuse as they still hold a grudge for the death of their sons when they last fought the warlord Cortese. Draco and his men attempt to take the village but Xena and Draco fight instead. Xena wins and has Draco swear never to return to Amphipolis. Xena and Gabrielle set off in some direction to a destination not given by name...

    "Sins Of The Past" is an excellent season opening. It incorporates the trials Xena will face as she takes her first steps towards redemption. By literally bury her dark past, Xena tries to wants to walk away but finds she cannot. She still must use her weapons though now it is to protect the innocent.moreless
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Jay Laga'aia


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Chakram Count: 2
      1) Xena throws it to disarm the men at the begining of the episode.
      2) Xena throws it to make the Cyclops' pants fall down.

    • Nitpick: When Xena crosses the bridge on Argo she says "Come on, boy", however we learn later in the series that Argo is most definitely a mare, although the part of Argo is occasionally played by a male horse during stunts.

    • Goof: When Xena is riding on Argo, right after Gabrielle gets a lift from the traveler, her sword and Chakram switch sides between shots. In the final shot, she doesn't even have either of them on her hip.

    • During the Pinch, Xena tells the man he has 20 seconds, not the usual 30.

    • Nitpick: In real life, the pinch actually takes less than thirty seconds for a person to pass out (even to die) when the flow of blood is cut off from the brain.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Xena: (to her dead brother) Since you've been gone, I kind of lost my way. Now, I found it. I thought I could start over. But no, they don't trust me. Not even Mother. I can't blame her. She can't see into my heart. But I've got to believe that you can. And I wish you were here. It's hard to be alone.
      Gabrielle: You're not alone.

    • Gabrielle: Lila, I'm going to join up with Xena.
      Lila: (Laughing) Are you serious?!
      Gabrielle: Absolutely. I'm going to be a warrior, like her.
      Lila: A warrior. Gabrielle, I can beat you up.
      Gabrielle: Yeah, well, you're very strong for your age. Lila, you know I'm different from everybody else in this town.
      Lila: I know you're crazy.

    • Xena: I haven't touched the ground yet, Draco, but you have. Looks like I'll have to finish you off myself. Of course, now, maybe you're willing to make a deal.
      Villager: No deal, kill him!
      Xena: If I let you live, you and your army clear out of the valley by sundown. Swear it, on the head of Ares.
      Draco: I swear, on the head of Ares, god of war, to be out of your valley by sundown.
      Xena: Then go.

    • Hector: OK. We can do this one or two ways. You can let us have the girls and you can go back to those hovels you call homes, or, we can hack you all into pieces and we take the girls anyway!

    • Draco: Xena, how was the homecoming, did they throw you a party?

    • Gabrielle:Did you see the guy they want me to marry?
      Xena: He looks like a gentle soul, that's rare in a man.
      Gabrielle: It's not the gentle part I have a problem with, it's the dull, stupid part.

    • Xena: I wanted to come home. I thought maybe this time I could get it right.
      Cyrene: I don't think anything will ever take away the shame and sorrow you've brought on your kinsmen.
      Xena: Probably not. But I'm going to spend the rest of my life trying.

    • Gabrielle: Thank the Gods for dumb cyclopses!

    • Gabrielle: That's what friends do-- They stand by each other when there's trouble.
      Xena: All right, friend.

    • Draco: I want you, one way or the other. We could be great together. You must know by now you can never escape your past. Xena, celebrate you dark side. Don't run away from it. Ride with me.

    • Xena: (To Gabrielle) You don't want to make me mad now, do you?

    • Xena: You know, you should find a different line of work.
      Cyclops: Well, like what? I'm a blind Cyclops, for crying out loud.

    • Gabrielle: (talking about assassinating Xena) There's no way she would let a man close enough to do her. Well, not that kind of 'do her'.

    • Xena: You know I'll be sending you home in the morning.
      Gabrielle: I won't stay home. I don't belong there, Xena. I'm not the little girl that my parents wanted me to be. You wouldn't understand.
      Xena: It's not easy proving you're a different person.

    • Gabrielle: Xena, I'm not cut out for this village life. I was born to do so much more.

  • NOTES (12)

    • The theme song for Xena: Warrior Princess was a modified version of "Kaval Sviri (The Flute Plays)" from Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares. In the original Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode where Xena was introduced, the original Kaval Sviri was the music used to announce Xena racing into battle.

    • Shooting Dates: June 25th through July 5th 1995, 8 day shoot.

    • Although it is never stated on screen, the original script for this episode lists Gabrielle's father's name as Herodotus and her mother's name as Hecuba.

    • The roles of Xena and Gabrielle were originally casted with actresses Vanessa Angel as Xena and Sunny Doench as Gabrielle. These two actresses both were hired for the parts but pulled out for personal reasons.

    • In the UK, the scenes where Draco kills Hector and some of the scenes with Gabrielle and the cyclops were never aired and instead were censored for being too violent.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Willa O'Neill (Lila, Gabrielle's sister), Jay Laga'aia (Draco) and Darien Takle (Cyrene, Xena's mother).

    • The Campfire scene was originally longer in length, but cut out. It has Xena at her campfire lamenting the loss of her cook, the only reference to her missing her old life with her army. They had Gabrielle convince Xena to bring her along because she can cook, but they rewrote the ending. They wanted to end with the two characters building a personal connection, rather than make it a joke.

    • This episode's script number is 101.

    • Rob Tapert, Executive Producer and co-creator of Xena, has a small cameo in this episode. He is one of the Amphipolis villagers Xena and Draco walk on during their battle. He is the one wearing the turban that Xena spins on. Rob Tapert said he appeared in the show because filming was running late and they had sent the extras home, so he and a number of others in production made cameos.

      No Disclaimer (Note: They begin with "Cradle of Hope")

    • The originally the episode ended with the camp fire scene, not with the women walking beside Argo the next day.

    • Renee O'Connor is credited as "Also Starring' at the beginning of Act One, but before the episode guest credits roll. Beginning in Season 2, she is listed in the opening credits.