Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 4 Episode 19

Takes One To Know One

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 1999 on
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Family and friends gather for Gabrielle's surprise birthday party only to become suspects in a murder investigation instead when a bounty hunter after Xena winds up dead. Discord, newly appointed as Goddess of Retribution, gives Xena until sunrise to find the killer or everyone she loves will be taken to the Underworld.


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  • xena plays detective

    an episode that combines so many different elements it really is a joy to watch every time.

    this marks the final tim Atolycas ever appears on thre show(unfortunately) and this(along with the Quest)is his greatest episode and shows off Bruce Campbells talent.

    the supporting cast are great,Ted Raimi provides the majority of the laughs like usual as the hysterical Joxer,who is just the icing on this spectacle of a cake.

    Xena is a joy playing a very good detective role in this episode worthy of a character written by marple only so much better.

    Cyrene,Lilla,and Minya are a joy to watchall the way through.

    this has o be the largest cast of comedic actors ever on the show and it really paves off.

    until the finale this is the last hilarious episode of the season and in between the episodes is the violent Endgame,and the dramatic spectacle epic episode The Ides Of march.

    this is one of the funniest episodes ever on the season and show,and remains a classic in my eyes.

    recommended for everyone.moreless
  • Xena: Detective Princess! Agatha Christie turned down the role, so they got the next best thing - XENA!

    Xena returns home to Amphipolis, only to find her Mother, Cyrene, Gabreille's sister, Lila, Xena-wannabe, Minya, Joxer and Autolycus, who have planned a surprise Birthday for Gabrielle, waiting for her.

    Cyrene informs Xena that she has moved her bedroom, because a strange, shady character named Ravenica is staying in the Tavern.

    A strange sound wakes Xena in the middle of the night, and rushes downstairs to find a dead body laying on the floor surronded by candles with a knife sticking out of her chest.

    Just then, Discord, the new Goddess of retribution, appears and gives Xena untill sunrise to find the killer and bring Him/Her to justice.

    Xena informs everybody of the complicated situation and asks them thier versions of the story.

    After a complicated and loud discussion and gathering clues the gang have narrowed it down and discovers that the killer is the most unexpected person you would EVER expect...

    One of my top ten episodes. Absolutely fantastic! 12 out of 10! This episode is clearly well thought out and written.moreless
  • One dark and story night, Xena arrives at an inn for a surprise birthday party for Gabrielle, only for the body of a bounty hunter to be discovered. Discord gives Xena and co. until sunrise to find the murderer, else they will all die. An average episode.moreless

    I have read that some people absolutely love this episode. Whilst I don't hate it, it was nothing special in my opinion (although far from the worst of the season).

    Xena arrives for Gabrielle's surprise birthday party. Also present are a host of other familiar faces from the series: Joxer, Xena's mother Cyrene, Gabrielle's sister Lila, Minya (in her second appearance of the season, having appeared in 'The Play's The Thing' just two episodes ago), and Autolycus.

    Soon, the body of a bounty hunter is found in the inn. With all doors locket, someone inside must have killed her. Discord, the newly appointed Goddess of Retribution, gives everyone until sunrise to root out the murderer. Everyone is a suspect (the bounty hunter was after Xena, and everyone else had their own reasons) but who would it be?

    So begins trying to root out the culprit, with lots of flashbacks and told from different points of view.

    The best moment of the episode, in my opinion, is as Gabrielle arrives. With the dead body found and death hanging over their head from Discord, they greet her with a weary and half-hearted "surprise", to which Gabby replies with a slightly dazed "...Okay" (well I guess you have to see it).

    The funniest character of the episode is Joxer. He has a lot of great lines, and has really grown on me since he was introduced in the series.

    As a side note, this is Bruce Campbell (complete with new shorter haircut)'s last appearance in the series as Autolycus. This is a real shame, as he's a really good character, and usually livens up the episodes that he appears in.

    The episode is well mapped out, with lots of clues (and red herrings) as to who the murderer might be. At the same time, I did find parts of it a bit of a mish-mash, and not as clever as it would have liked to have been.

    The conclusion is well thought out, although I find once you know who did it, the episode is not one of the best for repeat viewings.

    All-in-all, not outstandingly bad, but just an average instalment.moreless
  • A live-action version of Clue!

    The case: A bounty hunter searching for Xena is mysteriously Killed. The suspects: Minya, Autolycus, Lila, Cyrene, and Joxer. The stakes: Discord will send them all to the Underworld before sunset if Xena doesn't find the killer. I loved the mystery of this episode, while trying to solve it myself. I never suspected the killer, who I once again won't reveal for future and current Xena fans' sakes. I recommend this to all fans who enjoy a good mystery and all Gabrielle fans, due to the fact that it's Gabrielle's outfit. Also, this episode had one of my favorite fight scenes. Minya always brings some humor into it. I give this episode a good rating and recommend it to all! Nothing like a good mystery!moreless
  • Argo, how could you!

    Takes One To Know One-Family and friends gather for Gabrielle's surprise birthday party only to become suspects in a murder investigation instead when a bounty hunter looking to take Xena in, is murdered. Now Discord, the newly appointed goddess of retribution, has given Xena until sunrise to find the killer or everyone she loves will be taken to the underworld. Go Gabby, It's Birthday, We're gonna party like...uh oh, someone's dead...who did it? This episode is just with some classic humor, mostly because of Autolycus, Minya, and Joxer providing most of them. It's funny how everytime someone is accused, Discord pops up and Xena keeps stopping her. This is also Bruce Campbell's last appearence Xena, which sucks, but he sure does leave his mark. It's also nice to see Cyrene and Lila again, but what's so funny is who killed the bounty hunter in the first place? Just watch and find out! All in All, a good episode because it's just plain funny!moreless
Meighan Desmond

Meighan Desmond


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Natalie Duggan


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Alison Wall


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Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell


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Ted Raimi

Ted Raimi


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Darien Takle


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Gabrielle: I thought I could get here first and warn you, so I put Joxer's gravy recipe in her water bag.
      Xena: That's inhuman!

    • Lila: Joxer's just looking at it from every angle. Right, Joxer?
      Joxer: That's right.
      Xena: Oh, yes. He's very broad-minded.

    • Gabrielle: It is kindling. But do either of you see a woodpile in this room? No. A fireplace? No. A stove! No. Do you know what that means?
      Xena and Autolycus: No.
      Gabrielle: Me neither.

    • Discord: I don't do animals.
      Minya: (whispers) That's not what I hear.

    • Autolycus: Okay, I'm a thief. Hey, that's news!

    • All: (To Gabrielle) Happy birthday! (Singing) For she's another year older, for she's another year older, for she's another year older, and that's a crying shame!

    • Autolycus: Big job, running a tavern. Lots of things to keep track of, huh? Food, drink, keys. Hey, what do you know? There's a key to my room. Heh heh heh. And, uhhhh, to Xena's and Joxer's? 'Course, you'd have a key to every toom in the place, wouldn't ya, Cyrene?
      Cyrene: Meaning?
      Autolycus: Meaning, you must know every creaky floorboard and squeaky hinge in the entire place. Why? You could float around like a ghost if you had to.
      Xena: And why would she wanna do that?

    • Discord: Try that again, you'll be booking a cruise to Tartarus with your friend here, Xena. Oh, sure, I know who you are. All Olympus knows the Warrior Princess. Ares has made sure of that. He's also made me Goddess of Retribution. Discord's the name.
      Xena: Retribution, huh? Guess you gotta start somewhere.

    • Lila, Minya and Cyrene: Surprise! (seeing that Gabrielle isn't with Xena) Ohhhh!
      Joxer: Oh!
      Xena: Well, gee, glad to see you, too, Mom.
      Cyrene: Of course we're glad to see you, dear, but it's not your birthday.

    • All: (Singing) For she'll never get any younger, she'll never get any younger, she'll never get any younger, and that's a crying shame!

  • NOTES (4)


    • Xena: Correctamundo?

      A nod to a familiar phrasing used by The Fonz on the sitcom Happy Days.

    • Joxer: Minya in the bedroom with a knife.

      Joxer makes this accusation of murder referring to the Hasbro board game Clue (known as Cluedo in some countries) developed in 1948 in which players take on the role of suspects and attempt to solve the murder. The solution to the murder requires the three components of Suspect, Weapon, and Room.

    • This episode is a classic "locked room" murder mystery, pioneered by Agatha Christie. In this subgenre a person is found dead in a locked room or the equivalent; the room has been locked from the inside, usually before the murder takes place; no one entered the room to commit the murder, and a distance weapon such as a gun is not employed; no one exited the room after the murder. Many mystery writers eventually try their hands at a story of this type.