Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 2 Episode 8

Ten Little Warlords (2)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1996 on

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  • Part 2...

    Ten scrolls are sent to various warlords announcing Ares' impeding retirement and his search for a replacement but this is not the case at all. Meanwhile, the mild and meek have become savage and violent and those with a warrior-like nature have become mild mannered. Well, except for those who have learned to control their anger like Xena, they are able to focus better.

    HL plays the stoic Xena for the missing LL. Too bad HL's only character on 'Xena' was Callisto. She could have played a believable virtuous character such as an Amazon. I thought her portrayal of Xena was much better in this episode as compared to "Intimate Stranger". However, I missed the steely blue gaze of LL and the image of Xena as she tries to control her emotions.

    RO with her comedic talents takes up the slack for physical absence of LL as the gentle and gregarious bard turned hostile spitfire. Gabrielle in her raging anger spits out the unexpected and humorous "irritating blonde" line at Xena/Callisto.

    Ares, the God of War who is usually deceptive and self centered is now a mortal without his powers. Now he's approachable and seems all the more attractive somehow. Charles Siebert, the director of this episode plays Sisyphus (not King Sisyphus from "Death in Chain" as far as I know).

    I would love to see the outtakes from this episode especially between Joxer and Gabrielle when Joxer snaps and they both are about to pummel each other.
  • The conclusion to a great 2-episode story arc - Xena is still trapped in Callisto's body, but it makes for a very exciting episode!

    This is a genuinely funny and clever episode. As a pair, Intimate Stranger and Ten Little Warlords work exceptionally well. They are believable, the acting is excellent, the plots are solid and, in this second episode, the laughs are real.

    Again the top praise for the episode goes out to Hudson, who is absolutely OUTSTANDING as Xena. It was a hard ask, to expect anyone to capture the essence of Xena, who is the heart and soul of the show, but Hudson manages it effortlessly. In my eyes at least, she IS Xena - she gets the walk, the talk, the mannerisms, the look... everything, right down to the way she says people's names, and the looks that she gives them. It truly is an impressive and very underrated feat that tends to be overlooked when compared to other, later episodes.

    The episode itself, however, is also a top episode. The plot is great, even if it reveals itself a little shakily at the end, overshadowed by the returning of Ares' godhood. This is my kind of comedy episode - a clever plot, with some great lines, that doesn't take itself too seriously. I have mentioned before the kind of comedic episodes that I am not so into (ie. the look-a-like episodes) but every episode with Ares in it is a great one in my book. Kevin Smith is such a great comedian, he just gets it right. He has some really funny lines in this episode and plays the role of a mortal with relish. Joxer also wins bonus points in this episode - his scenes with Gabrielle are really amusing and they play off one another so well. These episodes are where Joxer shines, otherwise he feels out of place and loses his appeal for me.

    My only regret is that the "ten little warlords" couldn't have been more well-known to us. I really enjoy when they tie in past storylines to give episodes more substance. I guess it is unfortunate that Xena kills all the warlords she meets, otherwise this could have been a real ripper of an episode!

    So, it is with a little disappointment that we say farewell to Hudson playing Xena - I probably sound a bit like a broken record, but I was just so impressed with her performance. As Xena fans we are so fortunate to have such an amazing supporting cast who are as easy to love as our leading ladies - just makes for very exciting viewing.
  • Still trapped in Callisto's body, Xena must help Ares, who is mortal after losing his sword. The pair enter a contest organised by King Sisyphus, to pick a new God of War. Other than the novelty of Xena in Callisto's body, a pretty average episode...

    This episode sees Xena still trapped inside Callisto's body, to cover for Lucy Lawless breaking her pelvis. The episode was actually originally written as a standard Xena episode, with the body swap shoehorned in at the last minute.
    Hudson Leick makes a great stand-in Xena, and at times it's even almost possible to forget about the change.

    This is the first time that we see Ares as a mortal, and Kevin Smith plays it well, with good comedy timing.

    We also encounter the slippery King Sisyphus again, previously seen in the first season's 'Death in Chains', and 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys'' second season episode 'Highway to Hades'. Here, episode director Charles Siebert takes over playing the role, although the character is essentially the same.

    Gabrielle and Joxer don't really have much impact on the plot, but the few scenes where they follow Xena and Ares to the island, and slowly start to go mad as they wander around the caves, are fairly amusing, and it's great watching Gabrielle when she's angry(!)

    [Mild spoiler] At the end of the episode, in return for her helping him, Ares returns Xena to her own body, although it is clearly a stock close-up of Lucy Lawless used, and a double as she walks away with Gabrielle. [End of mild spoiler]

    This is a fair, watchable episode, but beyond the novelty of Xena being in Callisto's body, it is a pretty average one.
  • The God of War gets fired!!!

    Ten Little Warlords-Trapped in the body of Callisto, Xena must help a mortal Ares recover his sword and restore him as the god of war. If she doesn't mortals will not be able to control their anger and she'll never recover her own body.

    Still in Callisto's body, Gabrielle and Joxer still are getting us to the change. You would think Ares would put Xena back in her body, things get more ususal when innocent people start acting like warlord and warlords start acting nice!!! The problem is Ares is mortal and someone has stolen his sword which holds his power. Now Xena must help Ares, but it won't be easy when Sisaphis returns and there are 10 warlords in the way. I like Ares when he was mortal, Kevin Smith has great comedic timing, and Hudson continues to impress as Xena. It's also great character development for Ares, as he gets a taste of what humanity is like and what it's like to have true feelings. To bad all that knowledge is thrown out the window when he becomes a God again. I also enjoyed Gabrielle and Joxer going crazy when chasing the supposed monster. All in All, this is great episode and the first where Ares loses his godhood!!