Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 2 Episode 8

Ten Little Warlords (2)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1996 on



  • Trivia

    • Xena doesn't use her chakram in this episode.

    • Charles Seibert is both director and actor in this episode. His role is 'Sisyphus'. Also, he is the voice of Poseidon in the episodes "Ulysses" and "Lost Mariner".

    • This is the first of four times that Joxer's sword can be seen in someone else's possession (Gabrielle here). This has also happened in "King Con" (Rafe and Eldon), "Motherhood" (Virgil), and "The Abyss" (Virgil).

    • Goof: At the beginning of the fight about the fishcakes, the bag on Gabrielle's shoulder suddenly disappears. It reappears briefly when "Xena" shows up, then disappears again for good.

    • Goof: When 'Xena' restrains Gabrielle from charging into town, she accidentally grabs Gabby's boob and rests her hand there before realizing what had happened and moves her hand away.

    • This episode has Ares losing his powers for the first (but not last) time.

  • Quotes

    • Xena (in Callisto's body): Are you all right?
      Ares: I've been hanged, swung over a fire, and nearly shish-kebabed on razor-sharp spikes! How you do mortals get from day to day, you know?!

    • Joxer: See, I told you this drainage pipe would lead right into the castle.
      Gabrielle: No, you wanted to storm the castle. I wanted to try the drainage pipe. It was me. Me. Memememememememe!
      Joxer: You know what? It is so typical of you to say something like that! What's the matter with you anyway?
      Gabrielle: What is the matter with me is what I might do if you don't SHUT UP!

    • Xena (in Callisto's body): You're telling me you're mortal? I don't believe you.
      Ares: Humililating, isn't it? But what self respecting God of War would do this: buuuurrrrpppp!!!!

    • Joxer: (to an unusually aggressive Gabrielle) Who are you supposed to be? A fierce warrior trapped in the body of Gabrielle??

    • Gabrielle (to Xena in Callisto's body): I am boiling mad right now - at you. I have this overwhelming desire to just knock you upside your irritating blonde...

    • Joxer: The monster's dead. I killed it. Me, Joxer, the new god of war. You may bow.

  • Notes

    • This episode was originally written as a standard Xena-based one, adapted to incorporate the body-switch with Callisto at the last minute to cover for Lucy Lawless' absence due to her accident on Jay Leno.

    • Charles Siebert, the actor who takes over the role of Sisyphus for this episode, directed three episodes. Lucy and Renee felt he was an excellent director but they became superstitious about him because disaster always seemed to strike them when he was doing it.

    • DISCLAIMER: No one was harmed during the production of this motion picture. However, Xena's ability to recover her body was severely impeded by Lucy Lawless' unexpected mishap.

  • Allusions

    • Xena/Callisto, when getting onto the boat, says "the rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated" which is a Mark Twain quote.

    • Ares's sword is "hidden in plain sight" during the episode, though eventually found by Xena. This strategem of Sisyphus comes from Edgar Allan Poe's The Purloined Letter.

    • The episode title is derived from Ten Little Indians, a mystery novel by Agatha Christie, which is about a series of murders. This in turn derives from a children's counting song ("One little, two little, three little Indians," etc.).