Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 1 Episode 6

The Reckoning

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 1995 on

Episode Recap

Xena, minding her own business, finds a group of peasants being attacked by a mysterious and magical foe. The peasants, as peasants are wont to do, are having the stuffing beaten out of them. Xena, perceiving a grave injustice, jumps in and heads off the mysterious intruder. The intruder is wily and quick. Xena is deprived of victory when the caped intruder disappears as the peasant peers come over the hill.

The peasant peers immediately deduce that Xena was slicing and dicing their people. Unfortunately all the survivors are dead except for one guy, who passes out.

The villagers take Xena to the village where the unwashed masses want to string her up. A village elder arrives to remind everyone of habeus corpus and Xena's inalienable right to trial. The trick works! The villagers leave mumbling.

Meanwhile it is discovered that (1) the intruder was none other than Ares, THE God of War; (2) there is a bully/sadist who lives in the town and he blames Xena FOR EVERYTHING; and (3) Xena really feels bad about killing a lot of people in her past.

Gabrielle finally gets to town and decides she'll be Xena's representative at the trial. At the same time Ares is playing massive headgames with Xena. He wants to seduce her back to the Dark Force. While rotting away in the dank prison, Xena is periodically whisked away to Ares' Mt. Olympus bachelor pad/tent, where Ares works overtime to seduce Xena to the Dark Side. He even encourages her to enact universal education and public good works programs if and when she becomes Ares' representative on earth. Xena starts to see some wisdom in Ares' plan.

Meanwhile, back on earth where Xena's physical self still remains, the little village sadist arrives with his friends to torture Xena after the guy in the coma dies. Little did the sadist know that Xena could have whupped the entire village but did not because she would have felt like a hypocrite. Unfortunately for the sadist, after several sessions with Ares, Xena could have cared less about being a hypocrite. In mid-torture Xena goes into a fine frenzy and starts literally ripping the place apart. Gabrielle comes in during the mayhem and gets belted and thrown across the room by Xena. Xena sobers up and quickly offers emergency first aid to all of her victims.

After Gabrielle's attempts to disprove the prosecution's case against Xena are thwarted by Ares, and Xena refuses to be party to a jail break, Xena is saved by her own quick wit. Using cunning logic that only a warrior princess could get away with, she tricks Ares into bringing back to life the villagers that Ares slaughtered. The villagers then, of course, think Xena is the best, and they all, especially the little sadist, see the error of their petty little ways.

Ares is majorly bummed, but the gals slap the backs of the villagers, laugh a few laughs, then head out on the road again.