Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 1 Episode 7

The Titans

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 1995 on
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When Gabrielle accidentally releases three Titans from centuries of captivity, she tricks them into believing that she's a Goddess. However the evil Titan Hyperion exposes her and plans to use her to release hundreds of dormant Titans. Xena must protect Gabrielle, while trying to band a village together to save the human race from being obliderated by the inevitable war between the Gods and the Titans. Meanwhile, Gabrielle finds time for love.


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  • Gabby gets a little power and then loses control of it. Now Xena must help her trap it back where she got it from.

    In this episode, Gabby sets out to prove herself to Xena. When she accidentally releases the Titans (and discovers they'll do what she tells them) she's initially a little cocky in her power. When one Titan rebels though, it all goes awry. This is a big Gabrielle episode and I actually kind of like it. Yes it's silly, VERY silly. But in it Gabrielle and Xena finally have a spat of sorts. I think Gabrielle's becoming slightly frustrated in her abilities as Xena's companion makes her more real. Also, Xena getting annoyed to the point of snapping a Gabrielle a bit seems in place. Of course she meant no real harm by it, but Gabrielle's little ego took a blow anyway. So having power thrown into her lap at that point would have had the result of making her a little cocky. he fact that they go from having a mini-rifts of sorts in the beginning to working together to stop the Titans in the end is significant. At the end of day, they make a good pair. I believe this is the first episode to make an issue out of Gabby's virginity. It's kind of funny she's ashamed of it in a time where it was honored to be a virgin, but I think this links back to the idea of experience (Xena) vs. in-experience (Gabby) and her wanting to feel like Xena's equal and not her in-the-way underling. Gabby gets a "boy-of-week" this week (yes, boy, not man), a kid named Phillius and the show tries to imply she may have given said virginity to him. Even though I do think she liked the guy, I don't think she was so much into him as into the fact that he admired her. Gabby reveals a little mini ego here after all and I think it's good that the character has layers and isn't some perfectly sweet infallible creature all the time. It makes here human. But I don't even think the poor love-sick kid got kissed. At the end of the day it all seemed to link back to wanting to impress Xena and hoping having someone be impressed with her would allow Xena to see her in a new light. Xena even tells the kid (when Gabrielle foolishly runs off to face the Titans alone) "She must be trying to prove herself to me". This episode, in fact, marks a real turn around for Xena in the state of there friendship. She tells her in this episode that because she's her friend (her best friend) it's easy to forgive the small things. It echos back to a Gabrielle that told her almost the same thing, that friendship was the reason she stuck by her. So while this wasn't a perfect episode, it was entertaining, sweet, and strong in my two favorite Xena things (the friendship and character growth for Gabrielle).moreless
  • Gabrielle and the Titans...

    Gabrielle, though in awe of Xena, is still in her shadow. Her chance to shine happens when she reads a chant from a scroll, releasing three Titans. Gabrielle's intentions are pure, ensuring the villagers are helped by having the Titans do menial tasks. It is also her chance to show off to Xena and heartily enjoys all her newly found attention.

    It's a bit sad that Gabrielle feels the need to prove herself to Xena. In the first episode, "Sins of the Past", Gabrielle begs to follow her and she stated she wanted to become a warrior like Xena. Her feelings of inferiority can be contributed to the fact that she is pushed out of the way, left behind, and forgotten in the fun all the time.

    The interaction with larger than life Gods is more the style of 'Hercules'. This is ok, but it usually comes off kinda cheesy in the 'Xena' series.

    The gravely voiced ruffian Hesiot is an interesting and amusing character but his appearance is unfortunately short lived. The actor, Andy Anderson, makes an addition appearance as a different character in an episode of Hercules.moreless
  • Gabrielle as the sacred virgin goddess, with Xena as her protector - all in the name of the Titans.

    Unfortunately, this episode did very little for me. Although enjoyable, it really is a rather silly filler episode, and after the absolutely brilliant previous episode "The Reckoning" is really feels like a let down.

    During the early first year of Xena, I was quite anti-Gabrielle in the sense that I found her to be quite annoying with her constant naivety and ability to consistently get herself into foolish situations. As the season wore on Gabrielle really grew on me and I came to genuinely like and respect her character. However, this episode reminds me of why I was not a Gabrielle fan early on. Throughout this episode Gabrielle is just plain annoying! She redeems herself a little towards the end as she experiences some personal growth through her friendship with a young male member of the cult, and through her desire to prove herself to Xena, but for the rest of the episode, her silly decisions drive me crazy.

    The Titans themselves are quite interesting - there is a really unusual level to their characters as the emphasis seems to be more on a continuation of their back story (which we as viewers know nothing about) rather than spending the episode explaining them to viewers. They do have some great dialog and the scenes with them are quite impressive and believable during most the episode.

    Hesiot also provides some reasonable comic relief and the welcome 'voice of reason' early on in the episode. Other than those characters, no one else stands out, including the young cult member who befriends Gabrielle.

    This episode could have spent more time exploring Xena and Gabrielle's relationship as they endure their first true disagreement, but this sub-plot is (naturally) overshadowed by the Titan's main storyline. As an episode, it just doesn't stand out to me in any way, it is just a part of the blur that is much of the first season.

    As always though, any episode of Xena is better than no episode, so it earns a reasonable score from me.moreless
  • As Xena is off chasing a band of mercenaries, Gabrielle unwittingly frees three ancient titans entombed in stone. The giant people take her to be a goddess - but when they find she isn't, they aren't pleased, in this silly but reasonably fun episode.moreless

    Although it is clear from the outset that this is going to be one of the series' sillier episodes, I found myself really enjoying the early stages of this story.

    I really liked that it concentrated around Gabrielle, my favourite character; I liked her scenes of her cheerfully ordering the titans around (almost showing a dark side of her), and felt that the story had potential. About a third into the episode, the titans discover that Gabrielle is not the goddess that they assumed she was, and turn nasty. This too could have had potential, but sadly, from here, the episode loses its way slightly. Whereas earlier it was focused around Gabrielle, she is very much dropped into the background (until the climax of the story), with Xena rather abruptly taking over as the center of the story. It is still more than watchable, but I find it a shame that an episode that started off with a lot of potential and fun to it becomes blurred and unfocused.

    This episode is notable for being the first time that we see Xena and Gabrielle really argue, with Gabrielle feeling she is treated like a little girl and trying to prove herself. Thankfully, she would start to move on from her 'little girl' phase in just a few episodes.

    The special effects of the episode, of the titans towering over everything else, are reasonable, mostly with some clever camera trickery. One thing I did pick up on with the titans, and maybe it was just me, but I felt there was a slightly questionable and awkward relationship hinted at. With the older man and woman titan, and the younger one muscling in... it felt somehow creepy, almost giving me the hint of incest. Maybe it was just me over-reading into it!

    One particular point of note is the young man that Gabrielle starts to get *very* close to, to the point that, [spoiler] we think that she has lost her virginity to him, which ties into the climax (no pun intended) of the episode [END OF SPOILER]. Again, this could have been an interesting element if it had remained a Gabrielle-oriented episode, but as it is, later in the story the focus shifts off of her, and as a result we never really get to meet or care about this man and potential relationship as much as we probably should have done.

    Even after the episode loses its way from what it might have been, there are still some good moments. I particularly like the sequence as the head of the mercenaries thinks that he has delivered the captured Xena to the two remaining titans, only to find that she has escaped - the scene ends with the titan's fist crushing down over the man.

    So all in all, a watchable episode that mostly enjoyable, but to me has the overbearing feeling of not being a bad episode but one that loses its way and could have been so much more. It would have worked wonderfully as a gentle comedy based around Gabrielle, but loses points for becoming unfocused later on. The final result is a silly but fairly fun episode.moreless
  • You BIG Bullies!!!

    The Titans-Gabrielle fools around with an ancient scroll and releases three Titans from centuries of captivity. Once again, Xena must save a village from destruction. Gabrielle also finds time for love.

    Oh Gabrielle, always getting herself in trouble. Too bad this trouble is her releasing 2 Titans, and now they think she's some Goddess. The Titans were interesting characters, each of the 3 had their owwn personailty. Old one(Cruis) being kind and mature, The female one(Thea) being so sweet and the young male(Hyperion) being so arrogant and angry. I like how Xena walks into Gabrielle and that guy sleeping next to eaxh other. Xena and Gabrielle are always jealous of each other when they have love interests. This episode also show Gabrielle wanting to show Xena she's growing up, which is a nice little development for the character. This episode have a nice conclusion with the Titans being defeated. All in All, a good episode with some literally HUGE problems!!moreless

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    • Gabrielle: Xena! Phillius has something to tell you. (adoringly) He figured this out while we were working, he's so brilliant!
      Phillius: I couldn't have done this without you, Gabrielle...
      Gabrielle: ...Oh, don't be silly! I didn't help that much!
      Phillius: No! You supplied the inspiration!
      Xena: (interrupts) All right!

    • Hyperion: I believe Crius is still in love with you, Thea.
      Thea: He loves me as a friend should.
      Hyperion: (to Crius) Was that a friendly look you were giving her just now? (sarcastically) You never look at me that way.

    • Hesiot: Xena! Don't you ever give up?
      Xena: (sarcastically) On you, Hesiot? No! You're special to me!

    • Crius: Which one of you is the liberator of the Titans?
      Gabrielle: I... I... I ...
      Phyleus: This virgin.
      Crius: We honor you, Oh Sacred Goddess. Tell us your name so we may honor it as a holy word.
      Gabrielle: Gabrielle.
      Crius: We are your servants. Whatever you desire, we will fulfill. Give us your commands.
      Gabrielle: All right.

    • Gabrielle: I'm not a virgin anymore.
      Hyperion: Why you little harlot!

    • Xena: She's not going anywhere.
      Hyperion: Who are you?
      Xena: Let's just say, I'm the Sacred One's protector.

    • Gabrielle: (upon leaving Phillius' bedroom) What's the matter?
      Xena: Nothing. I just...
      Gabrielle: Thought I did something without thinking?
      Xena: Well, if you did, it's none of my business.
      Gabrielle: That's right, it isn't.

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