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  • Season 6 Episode 16: Send in the Clones

  • Edwin B. Stalter, the animal enthusiast on the news is the name of the post production coordinator (seen right before credit to the Action Pack, or the disclaimer)

  • Goof: An image reversal occurs during the junkyard scenes: the license plate on Alti's car appears reversed.

  • Goof: In the episode promo, when the clones are being rotated upright, that film piece must have been reversed. Our gals pop up on the right side of the screen in the promo, while the episode shows them appearing on the left side.

  • Nitpick: Series (aka Season in North American English) 2, episode 11, as aired, is "Here She Comes, Miss Amphipolis" (which has no campfire scene at all). However, according to production order, episode 11 was "Intimate Stranger" (which did have a campfire scene during the teaser). Series 4, episode 7 as aired is "Locked Up and Tied Down" (also campfire scene-less), and by production order is "Adventures in the Sin Trade, part 1" (in which Gabrielle does not even appear).

  • Goof: When Xena does that thing of pointing at Gabrielle's chest and hitting her in the nose, the first angle shows Xena pointing with her left hand. But the second angle shows her right hand come up and hit Gabrielle's nose.

  • Footage of episode #130 is seen in this episode and it aired 2 weeks later.

  • Season 6 Episode 15: To Helicon and Back

  • This episode marks the last appearance of Varia on the series. There is still some lingering ambiguity regarding her destiny and place within Amazon society, however.

  • For anyone who is confused about the status of the many Amazon Queens in "To Helicon and Back", all the women who were in the tribal council in "Path of Vengeance" were Queens of their own individual tribes, but when Varia calls them to join her she becomes the High Queen. In "Path of Vengeance" Queen Kanae says, "We up hold Amazon law....Varia is our Queen". Later, during "To Helicon and Back" when Varia is kidnapped, the Amazons needed a commander in battle who knew the terrain of Greece. Any of the Queens could have qualified to lead the Amazons in battle, but as they were less familiar with the terrain, it made more sense to elect Gabrielle. When Varia returns, Gabrielle defers to her as High Queen. But when Varia betrays her, the power which had been freely given to her by her fellow Queens was rescinded, and leadership once again devolved upon Gabrielle.

  • Nitpick: When Xena and the Amazons are swimming with Gwyn-Teir's pallet, it's very obvious that they are only in about 5 ft of water. While they worry about the shark circling then, Xena is a good three inches beneath her armpits above the waterline, and her arms aren't even moving to help her stay afloat. She could be scissoring with her legs to stay above water, but it's unlikely she could stay that high above water for the length of the entire scene without visible effort.

  • During the funeral pyre scene, we hear Ephiny's song from "Maternal Instincts".

  • Nitpick: This episode has some serious, major problems with catapult physics. Catapults are not precision weapons, and cannot be used to pick off individual people. And they take a few minutes to reload. Early in the fight, fireballs fall one after another, meaning there must be several catapults being used. However, when Xena takes one out with her chakram, or when they pause to reload after firing at the sacrificed volunteer, all firing stops. Both of those scenes seem to imply that there is only one catapult.

  • Nitpick: Artemis, in Greek mythology, was one of the virgin Goddesses, so how can she be Bellerophon's mother?

  • Goof: When Xena stops Varia from killing Gabrielle, Gabrielle's sword handle is coming out from behind her right shoulder. But then, as the bombs fall and Gabrielle runs to safety, the sword handle is coming out from behind her left shoulder. The sword holder strap also switches sides on Gabrielle's body

  • Goof: Xena squeezes Gabrielle's shoulder, then walks straight behind Gab to Argo, with one of the Queens on Gab's right. When we switch to the long shot from above, the row of Queens stand to Gabrielle's left, and Xena is way over on the other side of them.

  • Season 6 Episode 14: Path of Vengeance

  • This is the last appearance of Adrienne Wilkinson as Eve on the series. Eve sets off to spread Eli's teachings in the East. There was discussion of having Eve appear in "A Friend in Need", but it was decided that it would be too clunky.

  • After Xena tells Varia to kill her first if she truly wants vengeance, Varia uses Livia's move to throw Xena to the ground. Perhaps this is what made her realise that Xena was right about her path turning her into the same monster Livia was.

  • Xena mentions Gabrielle's Amazon Queen initiation ritual (howling at the moon) from "Kindred Spirits".

  • It's odd that Gabrielle cites the Amazon system in telling Xena that she cannot fight in her place since it was Gabrielle who made the royal challenge. Xena did exactly that in Season 1's "Hooves and Harlots". Of course, back then Gabrielle didn't know how to fight, and the challenge would not have been fair if she had had to fight Melosa herself. This time, there was no such excuse for passing this duty to Xena.

  • Goof: When Eve kills Varia's sister, there is a reflection of Eve in her victim's eyes. But the image of Eve is the same as the attack, when it should be a mirror opposite reflection.

  • Season 6 Episode 13: You Are There

  • This episode marks the final on-camera appearance of Michael Hurst, and his first Xena episode since season two's "The Quest".

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