Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 3 Episode 9

Warrior... Priestess... Tramp

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 1998 on

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  • Would the virgins please stand up!

    There is no doubt that this is a bizarre episode. The writers clearly wanted to extend the look-a-like franchise that one step further, but it really was one step too far. The idea of a priestess is cute, but this plot line is so confusing and ridiculous, that even the cuteness of the plot can't balance it out!

    Lucy really is an incredibly talented and versatile actress. I am really not a fan of the look-a-likes, but as I always say, I truly do appreciate the episodes for their ability to showcase Lucy's extensive talent. Leah is a cute character; combined with Meg and Xena, the trio are utterly ridiculous, but it works (to a degree).

    This episode gains bonus points from me because, despite the plot (or lack of!) there are some very funny and very clever scenes. Gabrielle's confusion in the opening, and her random attempts to work out who she is dealing with (Callisto, Princess Diana and finally, Meg) is very well done. Leah's clear horror at Xena and Gabrielle's less-than-virginal state is also well scripted and well acted.

    I find that the various switches get very tiresome as the episode goes along. Meg is incredibly annoying, and Leah wears very thin. The massive plot holes do nothing to move the episode forward.

    For probably the first (and last) time I have to say "Thank Hestia for Joxer!". His new version of 'Joxer The Mighty' is one of the funniest things I have seen in a while. The scene in Meg's brothel (what's THAT all about??) had me in stitches!

    Not a lot else needs to be said about this episode. I am glad that it marks the end of the look-a-likes, and episodes like this one really do make me appreciate the sheer brilliance of the truly great episodes, like "The Debt". As I always say, the worst episode of Xena is still miles ahead of the best episodes of most other things, so I appreciate this one for what it is: a bit of fun.
  • Yet another Xena look-alike, a pious Hestian Priestess called Leah, is in trouble when a villain wants to destroy the Hestian virgins. Can Xena and her other look-alike, the trampish Meg, help save the day? The weakest of the look-alike trilogy...

    Right after the rather lame 'The King of Assassins' comes another comedy, and another look-alike tale.

    This is the third Xena look-alike episode, following on from season one's 'Warrior... Princess' and the second season's 'Warrior... Princess... Tramp'.
    Although it does have some reasonable moments, it really feels like they're milking the idea now, and I personally rank it as the weakest of the three stories.

    The new Xena look-alike is Leah, a Hestian Priestess who cannot pronounce her 'r's. Returning from 'Warrior... Princess... Tramp' is the harlot Meg. The original Xena look-alike, Diana, is mentioned a couple of times but does not appear in this episode.

    The opening scene is quite good, as Gabrielle believes that Leah is Xena and putting her to some kind of test. In some ways, this was the sequence that I enjoyed most in the episode.

    As always, Lucy Lawless is great at playing the different characters, giving each of them their own little quirks and traits, and making them believable to be three different people.

    The plot itself is a real mish-mash – something not overly clear about the villain of the episode wanting to destroy the Hestian virgins – and mostly serves to hang various mix-ups of the different Xenas and lots of running around on.

    What is notable about this episode is some of the writing; the story is very bawdy in places. There are a several "did they really say that??" masturbation double entendres, and there's the memorable sequence of Leah in the tavern (well, brothel) as she opens the different doors and is greeted by various different dubious sounding noises (including whipping, and sheep baa-ing!).

    The episode is a definite step up from the rather weak 'King of Assassins', but it really feels as if they're stretching the idea now and milking it for all its worth.
  • 3 Look-a-likes, Some whores and Poison!!!

    Warrior...Preistess...Tramp-When Xena and Gabrielle meet yet another Xena look-alike, a virgin priestess named Leah, they have to figure out who\'s plotting against Leah and keep Meg and Joxer safe at the same time.

    In the final look-a-like episode, we are introduced to a 3rd look-a-like of Xena, Leah, Head preistess of the Hestian virgins!!! Lucy does it again, but giving the character her own voice and personilty that seperates herself from the other 2 look-a-likes. Meg returns, and she\'s as wild as ever. I love how both Meg and Xena interact with each other, it\'s really like their 2 different people! It\'s also funny watching Leah seeing all those women having sex and hearing all the noses, LOL!!! I love her reactions!!! Also this episode does it again by switching the identities of the 3 women, like when Leah is captured, but it turns out to be Xena!! All in All, this is a nice episode, and nice farwell to the look-a-like episodes!!!
  • Halarious. Lucy Lawless is a very capable and versatile actress, and in this last installemnt of the 'look-a-like' episodes, she does not dissappoint.

    I cannot decided which one of the episodes I liked best, or we're the funniest: all had their shining moments. But the last two definetely had my sides hurting from laughter.

    Lucy is works so well off of...well, herself! She plays not only Xena, but Meg again, and a new character Leah - all of whom you wont ever confuse or mistake with the other. I'll never get over how well she hides her Kiwi accent with Xena (or with any other character she plays, for that matter). We see her use her voice accordingly for each character, at one point play the characters pretending to be the other characters, and also play [a certain character] subtly (so that we are left guessing which one it is) with no flaw in sight.

    Lots of funny scenes, lines, and banter between Xena, Meg, Leah, Gabrielle and Joxer. Very enjoyable.