Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 3 Episode 9

Warrior... Priestess... Tramp

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 1998 on

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  • Yet another Xena look-alike, a pious Hestian Priestess called Leah, is in trouble when a villain wants to destroy the Hestian virgins. Can Xena and her other look-alike, the trampish Meg, help save the day? The weakest of the look-alike trilogy...

    Right after the rather lame 'The King of Assassins' comes another comedy, and another look-alike tale.

    This is the third Xena look-alike episode, following on from season one's 'Warrior... Princess' and the second season's 'Warrior... Princess... Tramp'.
    Although it does have some reasonable moments, it really feels like they're milking the idea now, and I personally rank it as the weakest of the three stories.

    The new Xena look-alike is Leah, a Hestian Priestess who cannot pronounce her 'r's. Returning from 'Warrior... Princess... Tramp' is the harlot Meg. The original Xena look-alike, Diana, is mentioned a couple of times but does not appear in this episode.

    The opening scene is quite good, as Gabrielle believes that Leah is Xena and putting her to some kind of test. In some ways, this was the sequence that I enjoyed most in the episode.

    As always, Lucy Lawless is great at playing the different characters, giving each of them their own little quirks and traits, and making them believable to be three different people.

    The plot itself is a real mish-mash – something not overly clear about the villain of the episode wanting to destroy the Hestian virgins – and mostly serves to hang various mix-ups of the different Xenas and lots of running around on.

    What is notable about this episode is some of the writing; the story is very bawdy in places. There are a several "did they really say that??" masturbation double entendres, and there's the memorable sequence of Leah in the tavern (well, brothel) as she opens the different doors and is greeted by various different dubious sounding noises (including whipping, and sheep baa-ing!).

    The episode is a definite step up from the rather weak 'King of Assassins', but it really feels as if they're stretching the idea now and milking it for all its worth.
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