Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 3 Episode 9

Warrior... Priestess... Tramp

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 1998 on



  • Trivia

    • This is the third version of the Joxer the Mighty song, sung mainly by the prostitutes in Meg's bar. The lyrics:
      Prostitutes: Joxer the Mighty / Master of virility / Every woman wants him / He's so sexy it's a sin / If you want a special tryst / He's the man you can't resist / By every measure he's a prize
      Joxer: Just check out my shoe size
      Prostitutes: Just check out his shoe size / He's Joxer... Joxer the Mighty!

      Prostitutes: Joxer the Mighty / Captain of debauchery / Never seems to get enough / Of our tantalizing stuff / If you need some company / With Joxer, there's a guarantee Joxer: Of the highest potency
      Prostitute: Heck, I'd even work for free!
      Leah: Take your filthy hands off me!
      Prostitutes: He's Joxer... Joxer the Mighty!