Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 6 Episode 19

Many Happy Returns


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While traveling to return the enchanted Helmet of Hermes to the King of Thebes, Xena and Gabrielle rescue Genia, a virgin who is about to be sacrificed willingly by religious zealots in exchange for protection from a warlord. Xena and Gabrielle think that introducing Genia to Aphrodite would convince her that throwing away her life for a God is a bad idea but it backfires on them when Genia becomes a disciple to Aphrodite, who casts a love spell on Genia, causing her to fall in love with the warlord's son. Now, Gabrielle, Xena, and Aphrodite must go to extensive measures to save the helmet from the warlord's greedy hands and save Genia from the zealots, who've teamed up with the warlord to stop Xena. Meanwhile, it's Gabrielle's birthday, which means a series of practical jokes and one-up-man-ship between Gabrielle and Xena.

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