Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 6 Episode 13

You Are There

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2001 on



  • Quotes

    • Gabrielle: So what's the plan?
      Xena: I'm going after Odin!
      Gabrielle: There's got to be more to it than that.
      Xena: Why do you do that?
      Gabrielle: Do what?
      Xena: Ask me to spell out the plan! You think after all these years you could maybe join the dots yourself.
      Gabrielle: Well, why do I have to drag it out of you? You know, I wish you would show me the pinch that would force you to share your 'little plan' with me.
      Xena: No, no, no, you can take the pinch off, but you're not allowed to put the pinch on!
      Gabrielle: Oh, I'm not allowed? Oh that's right, I'm the sidekick. You go ahead, Xena, I'll walk ten paces behind you and your horse!
      Xena: You can walk beside my horse!
      Gabrielle: That's really big of you, Xena!
      Xena: Wait, Gabrielle, stop! What's going on? This isn't us!
      Gabrielle: We're saying things that people who love each other would never say.
      Xena: We gotta get love back into the world, Gabrielle, and fast!
      Gabrielle: Right. So what's the plan? (grins)

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