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  • Xenosaga the animation is a decent show, it is better than the game that is one the PS2.

    Xenosaga has made 3 games. Each one as boring as the next one. I have Netflix and thought i would rent Xenosaga the animation. I can tell you one thing. It is a decent show. It is alot better to watch the show than play the game. Main reason was because the show it self shows the good parts and not the boring ones. people that played the game should and sit down to watch the show. The few people tha like the game would love this show. If you never played the game or sean the show let me tell you its about a girl that end up making a robot girl that the goverment want to use as a tool to kill this things that only want to kill all humans. Oh and before i forget all this is in space. they save a planet, the end. not that great of a story but that is the main parts of the story.
  • Fully watched, and this is what I think...

    For being a show about an RPG game, it lacks of fighting scenes; I just recommend it for those who got really hocked with the game; but if you just are middly interested in it better leave it or you'll end thinking the same.

    Music/sound: 8/10
    The music score are fine, yet not excelent but it kinda helps.

    Scrypt/Story: 4/10
    It isnt well addapted plus most of times its just talk and stuff like that than just end it making it boring.

    Character desing: 8/10
    Everyone has a cool design, besides the mech that isnt any expectacular.

    Overall: 2.9/10
    No, it isnt just because I want; besides that lame battle scenes (except by the ep. 12 0:40 sec of a good battle scene) and just talk about an not so cool plot; the mixture just ends in failure.
  • Not very accurate as an adaptation of the game... but amusing nonetheless.

    By all rights, I should hate this anime. I mean, I love the game to pieces, it's by far my favorite game series. And the anime really screwed it over. And I mean screwed it over badly. My favorite scene was removed because they took out the whole "gnosis on the Elsa" scene, instead having Ziggy and MOMO on the Elsa already and having a fight with KOS-MOS, the Cathedral Ship was gone, Cherenkov died too early, Virgil survived too long, the Encephalon part was just crack...

    But still, it was amusing. Especially showing off the tech attacks in the Encephalon (hey, I never said crack was bad), although you did have to ignore half of episode 7 for episode 8 to make sense... And seeing bits from Episode 2 made a few things make more sense...

    So, as an anime, it was pretty good. As an adaptation of Xenosaga 1, it wasn't.